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5 Tips For RV Life In The Winter Months

Updated: Jul 3

It is one thing to be a seasonal RVer for the summer and another to be a full time nomad! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take on the winter months and what to expect as a full time RVer? Here are some tips for living through the winter comfortably.

Rving in the winter

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1. Insulate Insulate Insulate

Start by thinking about all areas of your RV that allow cold air to get though (Windows, Floor, & Skylights). Add thick linoleum and or carpeting to your floor to hold the warm in and cold out. Make sure windows are properly sealed and add thermal curtains to keep in extra warmth. For skylights use insulators to trap the warm air in and keep it from escaping through the ceiling. Check out Skylight Insulator to add to your bathroom skylight that keeps warm or cool air in year round.

2. Thermals

Keep heavy blankets on hand and add thermal sleeping bed to your sleep area to help you keep warm during the night. For those just in case moments it is best to purchase a sleeping bag for slightly colder weather and simply remove for ventilation if too warm. Better to be warmer and have to remove layers than be colder and not have enough layers.

3. Shake and Bake

Stay active while during the day to keep up your body temperature. Use your stove and oven often at home when cooking meals to add some heat. Eat foods higher in fats, your body takes longer to digest keeping you feeling warmer. Drink warm fluids to keep your core warmer.

4. RV Skirting

Skirting is the best way to keep your pipes from freezing. This seals of the underneath of your RV keeping the cooler air out to protect your pipes and also keep the inside warmer as well.

5. Prepare Pipes & Water Heater

Get your pipes ready for the winter months. Keep your fresh water tanks empty and bring water bottles to prevent from water in tank freezing. If you decide to use your tanks insulate the pipes prior to winter. Add antifreeze to grey and black tanks to prevent them from freezing.

6. Stay up to date

Make sure you are up to date on all maintenance and complete a through check of everything in RV before the cold starts to hit. Better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Now that you are ready for the winter months enjoy and stay warm!!



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