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The lifetime warranty applies to all physical products purchased directly from LATCH.IT brand. Our lifetime warranty covers damages during transit, missing items, manufacturer defects, and other potential defects on all LATCH.IT products. During any active warranty, LATCH.IT will replace products or parts of a product that prove defective because of improper material, workmanship under normal use/maintenance, and broken components under normal use. LATCH.IT will repair or replace broken parts with new or replacement parts.

Used, pre-owned or refurbished products do not qualify for warranty. The warranty will not cover damage of a product resulting from negligence, damage of a product resulting unauthorized modification of the product, damage caused by natural disaster, theft, or loss of the product.

Items no longer available or discontinued will no longer be covered under warranty. You will be provided with store credit or discount on next purchase.

Note: Customers will be responsible for shipping fees on all warranty replacements.

*WARRANTY VOID. Warranty shall be void and of no effect if: 1) Buyer alters, modifies or repairs the products; 2) Buyer uses the products in a manner not intended by Seller or in a manner not disclosed by Buyer; or 3) the breach resulted from the actions or omissions by another party or misuse of the products. 4) Returned defective item is deemed not defective upon return and inspection after 3 consecutive replacements.

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