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7 Best Apps for Planning Your Next RV Trip

If you are looking for the best RV driving maps, you have come to the right place. The best sources for RV driving maps include directions to campgrounds and driving maps. Are you ready to plan your dream RV trip but unsure of where to stay? Is there safe places to fit under overpasses on a scenic byway? Figuring out a safe RV route is more difficult than a typical car road trip, but there are plenty of apps to help you along. To make planning your next RV trip easy, we cover the best RV GPS and overnight stay apps.

Full time travel in the digital age means we have a lot of mobile apps to choose from. We've used our fair share of mobile apps for travels over the years. If you're looking for free dispersed camping options, a place to dump your RV tanks campground reviews, connect with other travelers, plan your route or check the weather, there's a mobile app or two to help you do that. Here is 10 different apps that will take the stress out of your journey.

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Plugging your destination into Google Maps can usually get you to where you're going, but you might miss out on some great sights along the way if you follow a direct route.

If you don't have cellular coverage the whole way, you can download maps for offline access and even export the route to for easy navigation during the drive.

RV trip planners let you know in advance where you want to stop to enjoy new adventures and experiences and can alert you to any upcoming issues based on the size of your rig.

It's important to have a good weather app when you're traveling. AccuWeather is the most reliable weather app that we have used for many years. Severe weather updates can be found in the app, as well as air quality information. The app can show the data that's most relevant to you.

Users will be shown every gas station that will be on a trip with their prices.

One might consider Hipcamp the Airbnb of RV park apps. You won't see this feature with other RV park apps that focus more on finding campgrounds and nearby landmarks. You can read their advice to decide if a certain RV park is right for you.

If you've got a lot of ground to cover, having to stop at an RV park or campground for the night can be a pain (checking in, hooking up, and undoing it all the next morning) and unnecessarily expensive if you just need a safe place to park for the night to get some sleep.

Pro tip: Most national parks release campsites six months in advance. The reviews section covers national parks, state parks, KOA, Thousand Trails and more. Access tools and resources to chart the course for your next getaway or dream vacation, manage your trip details, and enter for the chance to attend special events and excursions that ensure you get the most out of your experience.


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