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The big question being asked..... Is RV Life For Me?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Millions are taking to the nomad life and are loving every second of it. Take to the mountains, beach, desert or all of the above! You get to choose what your back yard is going to look like and can change it as often as you like. Many are a part of the ditching "stick and bricks" movement and embracing life of travel, minimalist life, and working when they want. Lets find out if RV life is for you!

Currently enjoying the RV Life, comment below your favorite part and place!!

Pros & Cons

Questions and outside views aside you have to make the choice that will make your life happiest. Weigh out your pros and cons. Still not convinced or unsure, try it out first, rent an RV and take it cross country solo or with family to get a small taste of the nomad life.


  1. Owning an RV is cheaper than owning a home.

  2. More time out in nature.

  3. Seeing and finding new places.

  4. Experiencing personal growth.

  5. Meet new people.

  6. Freedom to pick up and go.

  7. Minimalist lifestyle, less things, less worry.

  8. Flexible work options.


  1. Not a lot of space

  2. Your home can suffer wear and tear easily during drive time.

  3. Big rig means fewer places to park.

  4. Climate control can be difficult in extreme weather conditions.

  5. Finding work suitable for travel.

  6. Not having the same community.

  7. Drain your own sewage.

RV life is challenging, fun, unpredictable and adds spice to life.

Responsibilities & What to expect

Like anything else there are responsibilities to living full time on a RV. Prior to purchasing research which RV is going to best suit you. Are you going solo, bringing the family, taking fur babies? Things to keep in mind. Check out the different "RV Motorhome Classes Explained." Again renting first is always a great way to find that out what works best for you or you and your family.

Living in an RV isn't expensive and can be cheaper than your current living space. Of course it depends on lifestyle, but having what you need including all other expenses can have a tremendous difference. In an online poll, full time RVers shared all their monthly expenses including payments, utilities, gas, parking, groceries and more that averaged out to be just over $2,000 a month across all expenses. This can be the cost of someones rent alone!

Becoming your own handy man, learn as much about the mechanics of your RV as you can. Get ready to become your own plumber and electrician. Think of becoming a well rounded individual and the jack of all trades. This is important especially if in remote areas. To get a better idea check out "How Everything Works"

Focusing on maintaining your rig, just like you would keep up with oil changes and fluid checks on your car and cleaning your home regularly. This will help to keep your RV in tip top shape.

Planning an RV road trip is all about balancing spontaneity and security. For finding and booking campsites, if you’re not sure where to start looking when it comes to securing an affordable and attractive campground, you can start by running a quick Google search for “camping near me” or “camping and your destination’s zip code."

Lastly finding work while on the go. You can find many remote or online jobs without having to be in a physical location. Start your own business or work on campsites you are staying in. There are endless opportunities while on the go and without being tied down.

Now get out there and see if this is the life for you!



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