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Plan a Winter Glamping Trip on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Want to try glamping during the winter? Check out our best tips and tricks to pull off a winter glamping trip on a budget!

Winter RV Glamping Trip

Glamping is a cross between ‘camping’ and ‘glamorous.’ It is the perfect blend of comfort and camping for those who like to stay homely and away from the wilder side of camping. Glamping during the winter season is an entirely different experience. From the weather to the sights, campers will enjoy a whole new array of adventures.

While glamping is a fun experience, many RV campers prefer traveling on a budget. It can be hard to balance glamour and budget, but with the right planning, it is possible. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that will allow you to live out your winter RV glamping dreams on a budget in style!

Why Should You Consider Winter RV Glamping

Winter RV Glamping
  • Reduced Crowds

Summer is the favorite season for campers to hit the road, and many might find RV camping during the winter difficult. That is why there will be fewer campers and less campground traffic during the winter. That means cleaner facilities, a quieter campground, and no difficulty choosing your preferred RV site. What more could one want?

  • New Sights to See

Whether you visit during the spring, summer, or fall, views of nature stay mostly the same. Winter, however, brings its own colors and sights. If you go RV glamping during the colder season, prepare yourself to be blown away by your favorite lakes turned glacial, famous peaks, like Yosemite, being topped in white, bare trees, winter wildlife, and everything in between. Here is a list of top winter RV road trips for some inspiration!

  • Lower Rates

Visiting during the off-season? That could only mean one thing - reduced rates. Many campgrounds bump up prices for the peak season. But during winters, campgrounds and other RV accommodations will have fewer guests, which means lower rates for RV sites. This is a great way to save money. Add to this the fact that popular tourist spots that require tickets or a fee will also have off-season discounts, and you can save a nice amount.

  • No Pests

Any form of camping comes with its fair share of wilderness. That includes ants, spiders, mosquitos, and other creepy crawlies too. These insects are most active during warmer weather but become scarce when it gets colder. That means less disturbance and chances of an itchy time for you!

  • Enjoy Winter Activities

Summer activities are common and enjoyed throughout the year. From sailing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, RV campers enjoy these often. Winter camping brings with it its fair share of fun, lesser experienced activities. Whether you want to go hiking on white peaks, snowboarding, skiing, ice fishing, or visit a Christmas fair in a nearby town with the kids, you have several adventures to choose from!

Best Tips for Glamping on a Budget

Winter RV Glamping

Everyone deserves a little luxury. Here is your chance to enjoy a glam RV winter trip on a budget. Follow these tips to stay within your assigned limits!

1. Choose Your Glamping Location

Your RV will already provide you with the best conveniences and comfort of a home you can find on the road. That also means your cushy sleeping arrangements and toilet needs have been taken care of. However, you can also choose an RV glamping campground that offers other amenities you might need for free. These could include laundry facilities, free Wifi, proximity to attractions, and a heated pool or hot tub for a cozy unwinding. You can start by checking out the best RV campgrounds in the state you want to visit here and see what amenities they have that you would like.

2. Consider Food Options

Food is an important part of your camping experience, and you need just the kick to push your usual meal plan to a glamping fiesta. Try to cook your meals in your RV kitchen to save some money. Here is a starter’s list of what your RV kitchen should have to operate regularly. You can play up your usual recipes or follow a more festive theme with your meals. Add a little drama to mealtime with hot beverages, wines, meat, or cheese, and enjoy your food under the stars.

3. Bring What You Own

Glamping may sound like a bigger deal, but it can be enjoyed just as much without the extra spending. That means you don’t need to go shopping for a new set of clothes, decorations, and needs just for your glamping trip - your everyday things will do. In fact, you might even like seeing your favorite items accompanying you on the road. From winter clothing to camping gear to patio items like chairs, mats, decorative pillows, and plush comforters, you can bring everything from your home and set it up anew in your RV. For the things, you don’t have - why not ask friends and family for a little help? Also, it may be winter but don't forget RV accessories like sun awning, winter windshield cover, and motorhome stabilizer jacks.

4. Choose Where to Shop For New Items

Of course, if you are really in the mood for a little splurging, there are always economical alternatives. Visit thrift stores and garage sales, and check out discounted prices online for anything you need. Look for LED lights, festive decor for your RV, plants, vases, or small mirrors to enhance your space. Not every purchase has to be big - a lot of small, curated items could make all the difference in your RV.

The Glamping Packing Essentials

Winter RV Glamping

Although luxurious RV glamping will most likely have everything you need at the campground, it never hurts to make sure you have the necessities with you. When it comes to your closet, be sure to pack some warmer clothes for the colder nights. Sweatshirts, jackets, and shirts are good options. Pair those up with fleece tights, sweatpants, and your favorite winter pajamas to stay cozy by the campfire. Keep your comfy slippers, warm boots, and outdoor wear too that can battle the elements.

Remember to pack along your first aid kit in the RV, as well as some basic medicines, a flashlight, and sanitizer. Also, check to make sure your water heater control is in working water, you will need warm water wherever you decide to stay. Stock up on ingredients for your favorite recipes and some drinks for your RV cooler. Top it off with some warm blankets, music speakers, and games to enjoy with your road trip company at the end of the day!


RV glamping is a fun experience that blends the best of both luxury and camping. Pair the experience with the chance to see your favorite states, national parks, and attractions during the winter - and you really do not want to miss out! Use this guide to plan the best winter RV glamping trip on a budget because why should luxury only be expensive?



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