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10 Best RV Roof Coating and Sealants

Updated: Mar 6

Go on RV trips worry-free by treating your RV roof with these amazing coating and sealants that keep the moisture out and mold away.

Best rv roof coating and sealants

Your RV is your home on the road, and a very important part of your home is the roof. An RV’s roof is exposed to the harshest elements on the road - be it rain, hail, snow, or even strong winds. It can be vulnerable to the forces of nature; therefore, when not maintained properly or even otherwise, the roof can be a silent killer to your RV.

A leaky RV roof means that moisture would seep into the roof and under the wooden boards. Once it gets in, it will only leave havoc in its wake on your cabinets, closets, and walls. Suffice to say, we don’t want that. That is why we bring you the 10 best RV roof sealants so you can travel without worrying about living in a vehicle that is slowly disintegrating. Read on to choose your warrior!

Types of RV Roof Sealants and Coatings


Liquid coatings and sealants are akin to paint. They require surface prepping before application, and the roof will also need to be cleaned and primed beforehand. This is because liquid sealants can take a while to set in fully. The low viscosity of the liquid sealant also requires that it is left alone for a couple of weeks before you paint the surface. The best type of liquid coating and sealant is silicone-based.

Sealing tape:

If you do not want to wait a few weeks for the liquid sealant to dry and require a quick job, then sealing tape is the option for you. It requires no prior prepping and only needs to be applied to the damaged area. The tape has elasticity and adhesive that effectively bonds the area and expands and contracts in sync with the weather. Sealing tapes that are of good quality can last years before needing renewal.

10 Best RV Roof Coating and Sealants

types of RV roof sealants and coatings

If you want a strong seal along your RV’s roof edges, then you need to check out the Dicor Lap Sealant. It is adept at creating a secure secondary seal along your roof’s edges, your RV air vents, vent pipes, and screw heads. It can adhere firmly to several surfaces, including mortar, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, and wood. Just apply the Dicor Sealant generously to the leaks, let it self-level, and watch the cracks vanish!

Price: $13

Here to offer you a quick fix to your leaky RV roof is the Ziollo repair tape. It is around 50 feet long, comes with an adhesive butyl sealant, and is resistant to UV light damage. The tape works well on metal, rubber, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces, just not silicone. These qualities make Ziollo’s repair tape one of the best and most convenient on the market.

Price: $45

This KST coating offers impressive protection against dew, humidity, soaps, and algae. It is a resin coating that becomes rubber-like once it fully hardens. The Sun is the first and hottest thing to hit your roof, but this coating can resist up to 90% UV rays and stay flexible even during extreme temperatures. Because of its thin coating, it is recommended to do a double coat.

Price: $39

This liquid rubber multi-purpose protective coating can be used on all roofs, not just RV roofs. The coating has insulating ceramic properties, can resist a range of extreme temperatures and moisture, and retain its flexibility and elasticity. You can coat it easily with a roller or a towel and watch it turn from a liquid rubber sealant into a sturdy acrylic coating. It can also spread on a large surface area and decrease heat penetration into the RV.


This repair tape is popular for many reasons. It is a strong sealant that adheres firmly to almost all surfaces except for silicone. Its sturdiness and elasticity make it so that it can withstand any weather condition, and so is very handy for quick fixes and repairs. It can seal roof tears, skylights, flashings, copings, seams, and more. It is incredibly easy to use - all you have to do is roll it out and apply!

Price: $75

The Geocel sealant is a transparent adhesive for all kinds of surfaces. It can resist dirt pick-up and has excellent expansion and contraction properties to withstand bumpy RV journeys. It bonds firmly to several materials, including damp, oily, or frozen surfaces. It is also resealable so you can apply it over the previous coat for a fresh, renewed one.

Price: $25

Brace yourselves for a superstar RV roof coating! The Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating is a best-seller. It is a flexible roof coating that is solar reflective, UV resistant, and UV stable, which means that it stops the Sun from slowly degrading the product. With no solvents and a water base, it is also environmentally friendly and can be used indoors too harmlessly. The coat application is easy as can be. You can apply by brush, roller, or spray, just like paint!

Price: $85

This oil-based RV sealant can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. It can be applied to roofs, gutters, ductwork, concrete, and more. The rubber coating is flexible and can be topped with latex or paint. The best part is that it dries to the touch in one hour and seals the cracks instantly!

Price: $16.30

This sealing tape is a special savior because not all cracks and leaks are easily accessible. The Butyl Seal Tape is ideal for sealing uniquely shaped joints and along unusual patterns or cracks. It is incredibly easy to apply - all you have to do is to roll it along the area you want to seal. Trim vs molding, this seal tape can be used to repair and seal all kinds of trims and moldings.

Price: $14.30

This lap sealant is great for the flat, horizontal surfaces of your RV, like the rooftop. It prevents water, moisture, and air from seeping into your RV interior and withstands the rigor of RV travel. It is also available in several colors, so you don’t have to compromise your RV’s aesthetic at all!

Price: $10


Your living space should be clean, safe, and hygienic. RVs are hybrid creations that provide you with both comfort and mobility, but they require proper maintenance too. A leak or crack in your roof could have disastrous long-term outcomes, so nip it in the bud now with any of these ten great RV coatings and sealants for the RV companionship of a lifetime!


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jennifer leonardo
jennifer leonardo
Aug 24, 2022

Ours is not listed our repair shop has always used rv roof magic for our rv roof sealant projects. We have never had a callback from any of our customers and we also have used it on some of the units that we sell on our lot. It is a solvent based product so much better than any water coating like elastomers.

The have a bunch of videos on their site


Martha Meeks
Martha Meeks
Aug 17, 2022

Hey this is awesome! We are roofing industry service provider, and have recently looked at your article. Great information, and I am very glad I bumped into this! Thanks!


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