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7 Best Emergency Kits for RV Camping

RV camping comes with its fair share of emergencies on the road. Be prepared for them all with the best emergency kits for RV camping below!

 Best Emergency Kits for RV Campers

RV camping is always a fun and adventurous experience. However, things can often take a left turn on the road. Whether it is your own injury, accident, sickness, or a stranger’s, you should be prepared with your RV camping safety gear. Having the appropriate medical tools, training, and emergency supplies can help save a life.

That is why RV campers should always pack emergency kits for their journey. While you can always customize your kit and pack items yourself, ready-made emergency kits are great if you are packing in a hurry and don’t want to miss anything important out. If you are short on time to look for the best emergency kits, don’t fret - we have you covered. The list below covers the best emergency kits for RV camping, including everything from medical, food, and weather supplies.

Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Series

The Adventure Medical Kit is a one-stop emergency kit that can cater to anything from a minor scrape to significant trauma or animal attacks. It can accommodate up to ten people for two weeks, so you are in good hands even if you are traveling with a large group. It is a well-organized, user-friendly, and high-quality emergency kit. Apart from its ample tools, one of its best features is the detachable trauma kit. So even if you are heading out for a hike or exploring the area, you can just bring along the trauma pouch and leave the rest of the heavy kit at your base camp.

Price: $133.99

 AOKIWO Emergency Survival Kit

US veterans have handpicked this emergency survival kit. It consists of first aid supplies like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and wound pads, a knife, a whistle, a carabiner, a blanket, fishing tools, a fire starter, a raincoat, a compass, a torch, and a wire saw. That’s why it is used by RV campers and the police, firefighters, EMTs, and first responders, among others. All that, and in an affordable, compact kit - it’s a winner!

Price: $49.99

Protect Life First Aid Kit

If you are heading to a relaxing getaway with few outdoor adventures on the itinerary, chances are you might not need a heavy-duty emergency kit. The Protect Life First Aid Kit is a great option that strikes the right balance between size, price, weight, and quality of supplies. It is well-designed by doctors, EMTs, and CPR instructors, containing first aid supplies, an emergency blanket, bandages, medical scissors, a CPR mask, and a few other items. Whether you want to keep it in your RV or bring it along when backpacking, the size and portability feature makes the Protect Life kit incredibly convenient.

Price: $14.95 - $29.95

YIDERBO Emergency Kit

This kit is fully-packed and best for RV campers and outdoor sportsmen. The compact size allows it to fit easily in small spaces, and you don’t have to carry extra weight in your RV. The YIDERBO kit has high-quality first-aid items, alcohol wipes, sanitizing pads, fabric bandages, an ice pack, an emergency blanket, burn dressings, tweezers, safety pins, and more. It is multi-purpose and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about being caught unaware by bad weather and ruining the kit.

Price: $18.99 - $29.99

Thrive First Aid Kit

Talk about a first aid kit that is just the right size with the right tools to help you anywhere! Whether you are camping in the middle of a forest, taking a boat ride, or scaling peaks in Yosemite, the Thrive First Aid Kit will truly help you thrive. It is packed with 66 valuable first-aid items, including bandages of two sizes, scissors, gloves, alcohol pads, safety pins, cotton buds, a hard case, and a first-aid booklet. While it can be used at home, its heavy-duty zippers, waterproof materials, hospital-grade contents, and organizational pockets make it easy to bring along and use on more extreme excursions too.

Price: $16.95 - $35.95

Contractor’s First Aid Kit

The Contractor's First Aid Kit is one of the bulkiest, most functional, and most useful first aid kits. It was designed to be used at construction sites, so it is heavy-duty, easy to transport, and has a durable metal case. The kit contains adhesive fabric, burn cream packets, plastic bandages, antiseptic towelettes, antibiotic ointments, gauze rolls and pads, tweezers, gloves, and scissors. It is spacious, features easy-to-release latches for quick and convenient retrieval, and is well-stocked to be used for up to 25 people.

Price: $51

Adventure Medical Kits

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and mountaineer, the AMK Mountain Series Medical Kit was made for you! The kit is made of nylon and is water-resistant, with secure organizational pockets and a find-it-fast design. It has a good supply of painkillers, bandages, and first-aid tools for blisters, scrapes, sprains, and wounds. The supplies are sterile and sealed, so they are safe and hygienic for use. Top it off with a wilderness medicine book in the kit to learn more about your trip and add it to your camping book collection!

Price: $28


Emergency kits are an essential part of RV camping safety. Whether you are a safe camper or mountain warrior, emergency kits are useful and can be needed at any time. Choose your RV camping emergency kit, knowing your needs and RV lifestyle, so that every item is for your use. Safe camping!


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