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Personalized RV Gifts: 40 Gifts for RV Owners that Everyone Will Love

Updated: Apr 21

Every RVer loves fun RV camping gifts. Here is a curated list of top gifts for RV owners, there is something for everyone.

RV gifts

Looking for gift ideas for RV owners? You've come to the right place. Whether it's a birthday, a special holiday, or the season of giving, you can never go wrong with an RV gift for an RV enthusiast. But what are the best gifts for an RV owner and where do you get them? Here is a gift guide to help you buy the best RV gifts for RV campers.

Gifts for New RV Owners

New RVers can use RV camping gifts that are not just functional but also help them ease their way into the RV lifestyle.

instant pot rv gift

Every RV needs an instant pot. This versatile cooking tool acts as a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, and much much more. A must-have for every RV kitchen.

signal booster for RV

Living on the road doesn't mean being disconnected from the rest of the world (unless that is what you're looking for). A cell signal booster helps you stay connected even when you're parked at unusual places or boondocking. Perfect gift for new RV campers.

latchit RV awning led light strip

Outdoor LED lights can make your RVing experience all the more fun and comfortable. New RVers will appreciate a set of outdoor LED string lights that they can use to decorate their camper.

latchit outdoor RV rug

Long-term camping is all about experiencing the great outdoors. An outdoor RV rug is one of the best gifts for RV travelers. It can help you set up an outdoor space where you can lounge, camp, have meals, and more. Perfect new RV owner gift.

telescopic ladder for RV

Just as a ladder is a handy item to have around the house, your motorhome can use one as well. A telescopic extension ladder can help new RVers keep an eye on their RV roof and put up and take down RV decor. Plus it doesn't take much storage space.

RV Gifts for Dads

The perfect gifts for RV dad are ones that he would love and might not buy for himself.

portable propane grill for rv

A portable outdoor grill is a perfect gift for an RV enthusiast dad. No RV camping trip is complete without a great BBQ and now your dad can whip one up easily.

camping chair for RV

Give your dad the gift of relaxation by getting him a portable camping chair. You can also swap the chair for an inflatable air sofa, the more comfortable the better.

portable camera for RV

A waterproof digital action camera, like the Go Pro series, can help your dad keep a record of all his camping adventures. Small, lightweight, and easy to carry, a portable digital camera makes for a great gift for RV enthusiasts.

national park pass for rv

National parks are a great place to park your RV and take in all the nature. A National Park Pass is one of the best gift cards for RV travelers. It's a gift for the whole family.

weather station for rv

A portable weather station can help your dad keep track of weather changes on your camping route and be prepared for any sudden changes. A great RV gift for Dad.

Gifts for RV Campers

When brainstorming RV gifts ideas look for things that are both functional and gift-worthy. Space is always an issue when it comes to #riglife so make sure you are gifting them something they can use.

multi utensil set

In an RV everything has to double as something else. A multi-utensil set helps you save space while still having all your required kitchen utensils handy. A great gift idea for RV campers.

latchit RV step covers

RV steps can get hot during the summer and cold during the winter. RV step covers are great for temperature control and for keeping dirt out of the motorhome. Perfect RV gift for RV families with pets.

collapsible kitchenware

Organizing an RV kitchen doesn't have to be a nightmare. Collapsible kitchenware is a great gift for RV enthusiasts as it takes less space and is versatile.

marcala led road flares

When it comes to RV road trips, it is better to always be prepared. Emergency road flares are a must-have in any RV road emergency kit. Gift these to a loved one so they can travel safely.

best books for RVers

Give the gift of inspiration to your friends and family by getting them a classic RV book they will cherish forever. From RV resort directories to RV hacks and stories from fellow RVers, there are so many great titles to choose from.

RV Gifts for Mom

RV gift ideas for moms need to be thoughtful and useful. Choose RV gifts that will bring a smile to an RV mom's face.

shatterproof wine tumbler

Portable wine tumblers are a great gift idea for mom. She can relax with a cup of wine and won't have to worry about the cup accidentally falling and breaking (or cleaning the mess afterward).


A premium E-read like Amazon Kindle is a wonderful gift for an RV mom. She can have all her favorite books stored in a compact device that mimics the look and feel of a book and doesn't damage the eyes. An e-reader is one of those unique gifts for RV owners that everyone will appreciate.

camp pillow for RV

Portable, lightweight, and comfortable, a camp pillow is just what an RV mom needs to relax and unwind. The pillow is easy to store and carry along on camping trips.

yoga blocks

Soft, supportive, featherweight yoga blocks are easy to carry and store and are a must-have for yoga-loving RV moms. This personalized gift is perfect for RV moms who like to stay in shape.

RV camping gift card

An Amazon gift card is one of the best RV camping gift cards. You can choose Amazon gift cards that come in premium packaging to make this a gift worth giving.

RV Christmas Gifts

The most wonderful time of the year needs to be celebrated specially. Here is a list of the best Christmas gifts for RV owners.

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for any RVer. Plus you can find a good waterproof speaker at every price point. This is a Christmas gift that everyone will love.

portable hammock for RV camping

Nothing says camping like a portable hammock swaying under the trees. Adventure-loving RVers would love to get a portable hammock this season. Choose a weatherproof one with a stand for versatility.

portable vacuum cleaner for RV

RVs get dirty. A portable car vacuum is a great way to keep your motorhome clean and tidy. Plus it takes very little space to store and a cordless one can be easily charged and used. The perfect holiday gift for RV lovers.

coffee maker for RV

A premium portable coffee maker is a gift that every coffee-loving RVer would love. Splurge on a bougie single-serve coffee brewer or a manual espresso machine and give your fellow RVer the gift of premium caffeine.

portable RV projector

An outdoor mini-projector is just what you need to make your camping trip all the more fun. It also makes for a perfect gift around this season when the whole family can get together and enjoy a Christmas movie marathon under the stars.

Funny RV Gifts

RV gag gifts are a great way to cheer up a fellow RVer while still gifting them something they can use.

personalized camping sign

Turn your fellow RVers' funny habits or quirks into personalized camping signs that they can hang inside or outside their RV. There is nothing better than the gift of a well-done pun.

funny camping shirt

Who says RV apparel has to be boring. Personalized funny t-shirts make a great gag gift. Get creative with your ideas and make your friends laugh out loud.

RV gag gift

Do your friends like to birdwatch and drink liquor? This fun binocular set is designed to hold two different types of liquor. Did someone say day drinking without the judgment?

funny rv gift

This fishing pole themed campfire roaster is the perfect gift for RVers who love to camp and fish. Gag gift done right.

fun RV gift

Funny yet functional, the I Just Shit in the Woods Sanitizer is the perfect gag RV gift. It will help campers keep their personal hygiene in check when camping in the woods.

RV Gifts for Couples

Here is a list of unique RV gifts for couples to make their time on the road all the more fun.

adventure journal

A beautifully crafted RV adventure journal is a perfect gift for couples who love documenting their travels. With space for notes, photos, and memorable moments, it becomes a cherished keepsake.

board game

If you're looking for cool gifts for RV owners then look no further. Compact board games suitable for two players are perfect for cozy nights inside or outside the RV.


Add a touch of nostalgia to their outdoor experience with a set of enamel camping mugs. Durable and stylish, these mugs are perfect for sipping hot beverages by the campfire.

sleeping bag

Keep them warm during chilly nights with a spacious dual sleeping bag designed for couples. It's a practical and cozy gift for their outdoor adventures.

water bottles

Keep hydration stylish with personalized insulated water bottles. Choose durable, eco-friendly materials with their names or a special message engraved. It's a practical and thoughtful accessory for their hiking trips.

Luxury RV Gifts

Here is a list of RV gifts that are not light on the pocket but speak luxury and sophistication.

smart system RV

Upgrade their RV experience with a state-of-the-art smart control system. These systems allow users to manage lighting, climate control, security, and more through a smartphone app. Look for systems that integrate seamlessly with various RV models.

hot tub

Nothing says luxury than soaking in hot water under the stars right outside your RV. While a portable hot tub can be an investment you really can't put a price on the spa-like experience.

bed set

Provide a touch of personalization and luxury with custom bedding and linens designed specifically for RV beds. Look for high-thread-count sheets, plush comforters, and customized designs to match the RV's interior.

wine fridge

A specialized wine or beverage cooler designed for RVs adds a touch of sophistication. These coolers are compact, energy-efficient, and often designed to withstand the vibrations and movements associated with travel.

rv entertainment system

Upgrade their outdoor entertainment experience with a top-of-the-line RV-specific entertainment system. This could include a high-resolution outdoor TV, weather-resistant speakers, and a user-friendly sound system. This addition turns their RV patio into a luxurious entertainment hub for movie nights or watching the big game under the stars.

The Best Gifts Come From the Heart

There you have it, the perfect gift guide for giving gifts to RVers and RV enthusiasts. Remember, a personalized gift can add just the right touch to an otherwise okay gift. What's on your RV gift wishlist?


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