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7 Best Apps for Finding Free Boondocking Sites

Looking for the best free boondocking sites in the US? Here is a list of 7 apps (and websites) that can help you find the right campsite.

off the grid RV camping

Boondocking or dry camping is when you plan to camp away from the crowds at campgrounds and RV parks. Most boondocking campsites are located close to nature but you can also find campsites in unusual places like Walmarts.

Planning your first boondocking trip can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to camp. Here is a list of apps that can help you find free boondocking sites in the US.

Table of Contents

​Boondocking App






  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Loads of Reviews​

  • ​The app is not Ad-free






  • Easy to Use

  • Offline Access

  • ​Not available on Android

  • Not many site photos



​$1.99 to $9.99

​The Dyrt App

  • ​Lots of User Reviews and Photos

  • Offline Access

  • ​Geared towards paid campsites

  • Paid Offline access




Free with a paid Pro version


  • ​Made for Boondockers

  • Social Component

  • ​Trip planning feature is tricky to use






  • ​Easy to Use

  • Comprehensive Search Options

  • ​Geared towards vanlifers and car campers

  • Can't save places for future use





Boondocking App

  • ​Friendly User-Interface

  • Offline Access

  • ​Limited coverage

  • No Android access



  • ​Free to Use by All

  • Community-Driven

  • Information may not be up to date

  • A little difficult to navigate



Campendium is available both as a website and an app and it helps you find amazing free boondocking sites in any area. You can find boondocking locations by state, zip code, city, state park, or campground name and filter your results to search for 'free' parking sites. Campendium is absolutely free, is regularly updated, and features pictures of the site and surrounding areas. You can find both tent campsites and RV campsites through the app and filter them by details like amenities, site length/size, number of sites, whether pets are allowed, cell coverage in the area, and more. You can also fill out a short form and submit a review of the boondocking site you visit. For a small fee of $20, you can use the app Ad-free.

campendium logo

AllStays is another boondocking app that also has a website. In fact, you can find various iOs apps under the AllStays banner that help you find everything from boondocking sites, camping sites, to dump stations. AllStays apps are paid apps but anyone can use the website (however, you have to pay for a premium membership). The app comes with a map filter that lets you view all the campgrounds in any given US state. You can then filter your results by amenities, park type, and more. Each campsite has detailed reviews that help you make an educated decision.

allstays logo

The Dyrt App was hailed as the best camping app of 2020 and with good reason. The user-friendly app lets you find campgrounds and boondocking sites at public lands, private RV parks, national parks, state parks, military parks, county parks, and more. The app has both a free and a paid version and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. You can find all kinds of information about different campsites including reviews, photos, weather, elevation, and everything else you need to know before planning your trip. The paid version allows you to search offline, plan trips, download maps, and even get camping discounts.

the dyrt app logo

FreeRoam is an app that is designed specifically for boondockers. You can find boondocking sites based on campground type, price (choose $0 for free boondocking sites), cell signal, amenities, rig length, and more. The app also has a trip planning feature that lets you plan the route you want to take, find RV-safe routes, and visualize your next stop by choosing how long you want to travel in a day. Detailed reviews, photos of the site, and a social sharing feature allow you to choose the best boondocking site with FreeRoam.

freeroam logo

If you need an app that can find you anything you will need on your camping trip, then iOverlander is the answer to your prayers. This free app doesn't just help you find the right boondocking site but you can also use it to find campsites, hostels, dump stations, fuel stations, water, propane, hotels, mechanics, short-term parking, Wi-Fi, showers, and anything else you can think of. Detailed reviews and photos help you decide where to park your rig for long-term camping. You can also leave reviews on the app to help fellow RVers.

iOverlander logo

The Boodocking App is an iOS app that features free boondocking sites across all states of the US. It is a paid app but has the amazing feature of offline browsing. This is really helpful if you want to boondock off-the-grid. You can get all pertinent information for each boondocking site including reviews, photos, driving distance, elevation, local weather, amenities, and more.

boondocking app logo

This last app is technically not an app. is a community-driven boondocking app that helps you find the best free boondocking sites in the US. The interface is really simple to use, all you have to do is enter the area you want to camp in and the site shows you all available free campsites in the area. You can also get information like reviews, photos, cell service, and more. The website focuses mainly on public land but you can also find free parking options like Walmart parking and more. logo

Tips for Using Boondocking Apps

Boodocking apps can really make your camping trip a success. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of using these apps.

  • Use Multiple Apps: When planning your boondocking trip make sure you use multiple apps to get all the information you need for your trip. A single app may not give you the complete picture and you may be able to find some good deals or hidden gems when using multiple apps.

  • Pay Attention to User Reviews: User reviews are a great way to judge a campsite. Do a deep dive into the reviews to see all the pros and cons of a boondocking site. This is where having multiple apps can help you get a good idea of what fellow boondockers thought of a particular site.

  • Download Offline Maps: Boondocking sites usually have poor cell coverage which means you need to download offline maps so you don't get lost. In addition to your route and destination also download locations such as dumpsites, nearest supermarket, pharmacy, and more.

  • Trip Planning Features are a Good Add-on: Make sure at least one of the boondocking apps you download has a trip planning feature. This can help you plan out your entire trip and help you keep on track. It is also a great way to keep track of boondocking essentials you will need for your trip.

The Last Word

Boodocking or dry camping is a great way to get away from the crowds and enjoy some time off the grid. Make all your boondocking trips a success by downloading the right apps. Happy camping!



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