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Which Type of RV is Best for Long Term Camping?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Many people are embracing the RV lifestyle and rightly so. Not only does RV living offer a cheaper, hassle-free alternative to long-term travel, but it also gives you the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want. However, it is important to choose the right RV for you and your family, if you plan to spend your days on the road or in the great wilderness.

There are many different types of RVs and choosing one that best suits your needs can be a daunting task. Take a look at our list of the best types of RVs for long-term camping to make an educated buying (or renting) decision.

The Best RVs for Long Term Camping

While there are many varieties of RVs out there, not all of them are suited for long-term camping. The good news is that there is a perfect RV for everyone, so you're bound to find one that meets all your criteria.

Class A Motorhome

If what you're looking for is a luxurious, customizable camping experience, then you can't go wrong with Class A motorhomes. These are the largest motorhomes on the market, you can find ones that are 50 feet long. Each motorhome comes with a queen or king bed, one full-sized bathroom, seating area, kitchen, fold-out couches, TV consoles, and more.

There are some downsides to owning an RV this large and expensive. However, from a pure design point of view, class A motorhomes are probably the best for long-term camping. Their plethora of amenities makes you forget you're actually on the road and you don't feel crowded.


  • The large size can accommodate a larger family

  • Lots of space for additional RV accessories

  • Offers the most comfortable living experience


  • The initial cost, gas, and maintenance can be very expensive

  • The large size makes it difficult to maneuver, cannot be parked anywhere

  • It May be difficult for newbie RVers to manage in terms of driving and navigation

Class B Campervans

Class B campervans might not be as fancy as the larger motorhomes. But what they lack in size, they make up for in terms of their maneuverability and ease of driving. Typically built on a standard van chassis, Class B campervans house a queen-sized bed, a small kitchenette, some storage space, and a wet bath.

These campervans are great for couples and smaller families who like their long-term camping with a side of adventure.


  • The compact size means they can go and be parked almost anywhere

  • Perfect for newbie RVers, couples, and small families

  • Easy on the pocket


  • Do not come with a lot of amenities

  • The living quarters can get cramped for more than two adults

  • Offer limited storage

Class C Motorhome

Class C motorhomes combine the best features of both Class A and Class B motorhomes; they have enough amenities to offer comfortable living while still being not as large in size as the Class A motorhomes. They are usually built on a van or a truck chassis, these RVs range in size from 20 to 33 feet. They offer a lot more space than motor vans but may not be as luxurious as Class A mobile homes.

Class C motorhomes are actually less expensive than Class B motorvans. This is the reason why they are popular among first-time and more frugal RVers.


  • More affordable than Class As and some Class Bs

  • More living space than Class Bs with extra living area above the driver's cab

  • Offers all basic amenities and then some

  • Offer better maneuverability than Class As


  • The maintenance and fuel costs are more than those for Class Bs

  • Their bulk and size means they cannot be parked just anywhere

  • You might have to tow a car behind the RV for day trips and other adventures

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

As we venture into towable RVs, there isn't a better or more luxurious option than fifth-wheel trailers. They have all the amenities offered by motorized RVs and also offer extra space above the main level of the truck that can be utilized in multiple ways. You can tow the trailer behind a pickup and carry your mobile home with you wherever you go.

As far as long-term camping is concerned, fifth-wheel trailers are ideal for families of all sizes. Since it is illegal to ride in a towed RV while it is in motion, you can only take along the people who can fit into your truck. But this also means that other people can travel in a different car behind you. You can easily park the trailer on any camping ground and take your truck/s out for a day trip or excursion.


  • Less expensive than motorized RVs

  • Full of space and amenities

  • Can be easily parked independently of the motor vehicle


  • Can only be towed by a pickup truck

  • Only a limited number of people can travel in the truck

  • Can be difficult to maneuver for new RVers

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are hauler RVs that come in a variety of sizes. You can choose larger trailers to get all the amenities of a Class A motorhome but at a much lower price. Travel trailers can be hitched to different kinds of vehicles through a traditional trailer hitch. This means you can choose a vehicle that fits the number of people you want to take along on your adventures.

You can unhitch the trailer and park it anywhere you like, freeing your vehicle for errand runs, short trips, and more.


  • Available in different sizes and floor plans

  • Less expensive than motorhomes

  • Can be hitched to a variety of vehicles

  • Can be unhitched and parked anywhere


  • Maneuverability is an issue, especially for new and inexperienced drivers

  • Reversing these RVs is next to impossible

  • Smaller sizes are not fit for long term camping

Factors to Consider When Choosing an RV for Long Term Camping

The type of RV you choose will depend on a number of different factors. Keep the following things in mind when making your decision.


Take the size of your family into account when choosing your RV. While Class B, Class C, and travel trailers can easily house a couple or a small family of four, any more people than that would find the space cramped.


When choosing what amenities you want in your motorhome, consider your family situation, your pocket, and of course your heart's desire. For instance, choose an RV that offers ample storage space when traveling with kids.


Long-term camping means different things to different people. If you want to find a spot closer to nature, park your camper there long-term, a fifth-wheel or travel trailer is your best bet. If you want to take your motorhome along on all your adventures then a Class B or Class C RV will be more to your taste.


Your budget will dictate what type of RV you end up choosing. If you're looking for a luxury RV living experience but are on a budget, a fifth-wheel, travel trailer, or a Class C can give you just that.

RV Living Experience

Class A motorhomes, larger trailers, and even some Class C RVs aren't the easiest to maneuver. If you're new to RV living you are better off with a more maneuverable Class B or a smaller Class C RV.

The Last Word

Your choice of RV can make or break your long-term camping experience. The best RVs are the ones that fit your family comfortably and give you enough room to make upgrades like installing pop-up tents, upgrading to keyless door locks, adding in some more storage space, and more. So choose wisely and happy camping!

Best RVs for long-term camping


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