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Space Saving Ideas for RV Organization

Learn how to maximize your RV space and add storage to your camper.

Rv interior

How do I maximize my RV space? Every RV owner has asked that question at least once since starting their #riglife. Whether you own a class B camper or a Class A motorhome, you'll always find RV storage lacking, especially if you're traveling with kids. But a truncated footprint shouldn't stop you from living your best RV life. Read on for some useful tips and tricks you can use to maximize the storage space in your RV, without breaking the bank.

Go Vertical

RVs usually don't have a lot of floor space but they have the height. Take advantage of all that extra space by choosing storage items that can be stacked vertically. Stacked drawers are a good idea for extra kitchen storage. You can place them on countertops or inside cabinets to use the space wisely. Hanging things off of walls and the ceiling will also help you use your space in the best possible way.

Rv kitchen

Suction cup hooks (or metal hooks), hanging hammocks, wall-mounted shower caddies, and S-hooks are all great for using the vertical space in your RV effectively.

Multi-Use Items are Your Friend

When living in an RV, less is always more. A great RV storage hack is to pack items that can be used in a number of different ways. A mason jar, for example, can be used for storing leftover food, preparing overnight oats and sundaes, and drinking water (and other drinks). The right cutting board can be used for both cutting and serving food. You can find many multi-use kitchen utensils through a simple Google search. 3-in-1 soaps can save up lots of space inside your RV shower and coconut oil used for cooking can double up as a body moisturizer.

The idea is to carry as few items as possible but get the most use out of them. You can use the same philosophy for personal items like clothes and shoes as well. For example, shoe organizers can be used to store literally anything; tools, RV maintenance items, keys or key fobs for keyless door locks, sunglasses, torches, and more.

Use Stackable Dishware

Stackable dishware isn't just a space-saver but also keeps your dishware safe from breaking. Nesting pots and pans help you carry a number of different cooking-ware for the storage space of one. Collapsible food storage containers, bowls, cups, colanders, dish racks, and more take a lot less space to store. Nesting measuring cups and spoons can be easily hung on suction hooks or peg-boards.

stacked pans

Don't just stop with dishware, you can extend the same philosophy to other areas of storage as well. For example, pop-up laundry hampers can be used to store clothes, vacuum bags can help you store less used clothing items, bedding, linen, and other household items.

DIY Customized Cabinet and Drawer Storage

A little bit of creativity can help you maximize your RV cabinet storage. Wire shelving is a great way to utilize the height in overhead cabinets. By breaking up the cabinet area you can store a lot of smaller items inside the cabinet. You can also use dish cradles to hold your dishes vertically, using the high cabinets to your benefit. Drawer organizers are a good way to keep your silverware organized and safe.

Rv cabinet organization

You can also use cabinet doors to maximize storage space. You can use cabinet door overhead bins and door-mounted spice storage. You can use the cabinet roof and velcro strips to store longer tools, utensils, and more.

Get Creative With Closet Organization

Utilize the limited closet space in your RV efficiently by getting a little creative. Use vertically stacked wire baskets to use the height of the closet effectively. Hang shoe racks on the door of the closet so all your essentials are in one place. Hanging a caddy on the back wall of the closet is a great place to store your socks, scarves, hats, and other accessories.

RV closet organization

Hanging closet organizers give you a lot of space inside your closet. They are also great for separating storage areas for different members of the family.

Try Wall-Mounted Magnets

Magnets are a great way to maximize the storage space inside your RV. Magnetic spice racks and knife boards are not only a space-saving hack but also help keep these items in place when your RV is moving. Adding a magnet to smaller, more fragile items is a great way of keeping them safe on long trips. All you have to do is attach a magnetic strip in your camper's kitchen and you can easily attach magnetized items to it.

RV magnetic spice rack

In keeping with the same principle, you can also use pegboards. They don't only look good but are also a great place to hang pots and pans that can't be stored anywhere else.

Use Under RV Storage Wisely

Larger motorhomes usually have extra storage compartments under the RV for storing big-ticket items like camping gear, patio furniture, and more. But that's not all they can hold. You can use plastic under-bed storage containers to store less used or seasonal items in the under RV storage compartment. If you're going to store the containers deeper into the compartment, opt for containers with wheels so they are easy to roll out whenever you need to access them.

Under RV storage

The under RV storage is also a great place to store road safety equipment and accessories like LED flares. You can also store awning lights, decorative items, adventure gear, and much more inside the compartment.

The Last Word

Limited space is always an issue when it comes to RV living. In addition to using creative ways to maximize your storage space, you also need to embrace the minimalistic lifestyle. Take with you only what you absolutely need, get rid of anything you don't use anymore, and do a seasonal purge of everything you own. One way to make sure you only take with you the absolute essentials is to assign a place for everything you need in your RV, anything that doesn't fit has to go.


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