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RV Halloween Decorations; Get Your Camper Ready for Spooky Season

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Read on for spooky campsite Halloween decorating ideas, tips on making your rig Halloween-ready, and fun Halloween camping games.

halloween camper ideas

It is time for everyone's favorite holiday: Halloween. This is one time of the year when kids and adults alike can dress up in their spookiest costumes and have a ghoul-some time. Nothing says Halloween like a camping trip in the forest; it's dark, the trees are bare, you can hear the night creatures, and the campfire is casting ominous shadows. Scared yet?

If you're a full-time RVer or have decided to hit the road this time of the year, then this is the perfect time to plan a Halloween camping trip. While you can choose any campsite, take advantage of this holiday and boondock in the wilderness. Here are some RV Halloween decorating ideas.

Start With Your Rig: 5 RV Halloween Decorating Ideas

Set the right mood by getting the right Halloween decorations for RV. RV Halloween decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for decorating your RV for Halloween.

1. Window and Door Decals

Use spooky window decals to showcase your Halloween spirit. You can easily DIY the decals by taking a lighter paper, drawing something scary on it, and pasting it on your RV window. When you turn on the lights inside the RV the decal would light up. You can also create signs to hang on your door like 'Enter at Your Own Risk'. Another great idea is to decorate your RV cover; a scary face on the back of your RV will be a treat for anyone that comes by.

skeleton in window

2. Spooky Accent Pieces

Halloween decor doesn't have to be too in your face. You can still spook up the place by using accent pieces like scary cushions, carved pumpkin decoration pieces, printed rugs and mats, or even just skull-themed paper plates and cups.

Halloween cushions

3. Halloween Inflatables

Scare the bejesus out of your guests by placing inflatable Halloween statues around your rig. A scary ghost right by your rig door, a skeleton sitting on the sofa, or a witch hanging by the bed are all great ideas for using inflatable Halloween decor around the rig.

Halloween camper inflatable

4. Halloween Treats

Spooky cupcakes, a carved pumpkin drink cooler, and ghost-shaped cookies spruce up your Halloween decor. Camping food for Halloween adds just the right touch to all your spooky decorations; what's better than Halloween decor that looks good and tastes amazing.

Pumpkin drink cooler

5. Jack-O-Lanterns

Lighting plays a very important role in any kind of Halloween decor. Use Halloween-themed string lights to make your rig look spookier. You can get creative and DIY Halloween lights by cutting out spooky patterns like a spider for example, on paper and sticking it on top of your regular string lights. Of course, actual Jack-O-lanterns placed along the length of the rig will also look bomb.

Ghost string lights

Spread the Fear: 5 Halloween Campsite Decoration Ideas

Once you're done with decorating your rig, it's time to take your spooky decor ideas to the campsite. Here are some freaky Halloween campsite decoration ideas.

1. RV Graveyard

Buy or DIY tombstones and place them around your rig to create an RV graveyard. Add an inflatable grim reaper and some ghouls to really spook up the place. You can also hang mock spiders and cobwebs from the RV awning and use LED strip lights to create an eerie effect.

RV graveyard Halloween decor

2. Zombie Date Night

Setup a scary dinner date with your loved one by placing a 'bloody' tablecloth on your camping table and using zombie-themed decor to bring the theme to life. Skull-shaped goblets, a zombie head centerpiece, severed hand napkin holders, and a skeleton candelabra make for the creepiest dinner date ever.

Zombie halloween decoration

3. Creepy Campers

Just because you're dead and decomposed, doesn't mean you can't camp. Set up a creepy camper scene at your campsite by using your camping gear and a skeleton family. Your skeleton family can be hanging out on some camp chairs and an RV rug or having a picnic around a camping table.

Halloween campsite decoration

4. Enter the Woods

If you're camping out in a forest, use the eerie natural setup to your advantage. Hang spiders and cobwebs by the trees, place lit-up inflatable witches around the woods, wrap spooky string lights around tree trunks, and hang jack-o-lanterns on tree branches.

halloween camping trip

5. Halloween Dance Party

Ghouls just wanna have fun! Throw a spooky dance party for the entire campsite. A dress-up dance party means your campsite would be full of people dressed up as ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, and all kinds of scary beings already. Just bring them all to the dance floor and you have a monster ball ready.

Halloween dance party

Game Time: 5 Fun Halloween Camping Activities

Halloween is all about having fun with family and friends. Here is a list of fun and simple Halloween camping activities for everyone.

1. Halloween Camping Games

Plan party games with a Halloween twist. Play witch ring toss by placing a witch hat on the ground and throwing cobweb-covered rings to toss around the hat. Play hot potato by passing a pumpkin around a circle of people on music, when the music stops the person with the pumpkin gets eliminated. Arrange a spooky treasure hunt by hiding small Halloween-themed items around the campsite and drawing a map for people to follow. The person or team who finds the most items wins.

Halloween games

2. Spooky Night Hike

Nothing says spooky like a forest at night time. Take advantage of all that ghostliness by planning a night hike through the forest. You can also plan a scary scavenger hunt through the forest or make the hike interesting by turning it into a race. The team that finishes a run of the forest first, wins.

Night hike in forest

3. Trick or Treat

It really isn't Halloween without trick or treating. Go around the campsite to collect candy and look at how the other campers have decorated their rig and camping space. Pre-plan your camping trip with some other families and discuss food allergies in advance so that there are no unpleasant surprises. This is the perfect activity for RV families with kids.

trick or treat camping

4. Pumpkin Carving

Get your carving knives ready! Pumpkin carving is a fun activity that makes Halloween even more special. Arrange a pumpkin carving contest at your campsite. The person who can carve the scariest pumpkin wins. This is also a fun activity for families of all shapes and sizes.

scary pumpkin carving

5. Scary Campfire Stories

A cozy campfire and scary stories all around? Sounds fang-tastic! Go back to the basics and enjoy a round of scary stories around the campfire. A warm cup of hot chocolate and some roasted marshmallows might make you feel safe and cozy but the scary stories will keep you on the edge.

scary campfire stories

Happy Halloween

Halloween may be the scariest holiday of the year but it is still a great way to bring people closer. The whimsy of getting dressed and playing scary games helps you bond with your family and meet new people at the campsite. Make the most of this holiday by decorating your rig and campsite and getting your spook on. Creep it real!


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