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Best RV Weather Apps for Year-Round Traveling

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Foul weather can ruin a good RV camping trip. Make sure that doesn't happen to you by installing these 5 RV weather apps.

Best weather app for RV

A good RV camping trip requires the right kind of planning, and the right mobile apps make that planning easy and hassle-free. RV weather apps help you get a good picture of what the weather is going to look like on your travels and destination. You can avoid potentially dangerous routes or plan your trip on the days when the weather is just right. But with the plethora of weather apps out there, which ones will give you the information that you need when you need it? We've sorted through the masses and picked the 5 best RV weather apps that every type of RVer should have in their trip planning arsenal.

But before we dive in, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All Apps Need Reliable Connectivity: All the weather apps on our list provide real-time weather forecasts and information and they need a reliable internet connection to get that data for you. So if you're planning to boondock in the wilderness, be prepared for unforeseen weather.

  • Quality of Data Matters: The most accurate weather data is the one you get from weather radars like those operated by NOAA. Make sure you check where the app is getting its information from before you install it.

  • Forecasting is not Perfect: Weather forecasting is basically a prediction, while it is highly likely that all info you get will be accurate, weather is unpredictable. Always plan for emergencies.

Best Overall Weather App: AccuWeather

Let's start with a weather app we've all heard of (and might even have already installed on our cell phones), AccuWeather. The app gives you an accurate reading of the weather every 15 minutes. You can check the weather of the route you will be taking as well the destination. Just type in the zip code (or location) of where you're heading and the app will give you the weather forecast both current and hours ahead. You can also check precipitation details including the type and duration of precipitation. View weather forecasts in both Fahrenheit or Celsius and 12 or 24-hour increments.

Best Radar App: Radarscope

Radarscope is a weather app made for professionals. It is used by pilots, truckers, search and rescue teams, and more. It uses NEXRAD or TDWR radar in the U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico to get you the most accurate and detailed weather data. You can view side-by-side panels of radar layers, and map layers such as dual-polarization, reflective, accumulation numbers, and you can replay and export any images you have chosen.

Best Severe Weather Forecasting App: Storm Shield

If you're planning an RV camping trip to a place that sees a lot of hurricanes, floods, or storms then you can really use an app like Storm Shield. The app will send you an alert when there is a severe storm or hurricane in or near your area. You can also track specific storms and hurricanes and see where they are moving. This is a good app to have handy when going winter camping.

Best Wind Speed and Direction Tracking App: Windy

Wind can really harm your RV; RV slides and awning can get damaged and the roof of the RV may also see some disfigurement. Therefore, it is really important that you stay abreast of wind changes and directions. Windy is a great app for that, it gives you real-time information about wind speed and direction and makes predictions as well so you can prepare your rig.

BONUS- Best App for Tracking Allergens: My Pollen Forecast

If you suffer from seasonal allergies then the My Pollen Forecast app can help you avoid areas where your allergies may flare-up. The app gives you information about pollen and mold in any given area. You can also use the diary the app provides to keep track of your allergies.

Travel Safe!

An RV camping trip can get really difficult and even dangerous if you're not mindful of the weather conditions of where you will be traveling to. Use information from the apps above to plan the right route for your trip. Don't forget to carry road safety gear, your RV cover, as well as emergency kits and tire changing equipment with you whenever you travel. Happy trails!



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