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How to Pick the Right RV Rental: Tips on Renting An RV

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Picking the right RV rental can be a daunting task. Use these tips and tricks to pick the right rental RV every time.

RV rental

Whether you are a seasonal RVer or looking to take to the road full time, renting an RV can help you find the right motorhome for you and your family. But since there are so many different types of RVs available for rent, choosing the right one can be difficult, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Read on to find everything you need to know about renting an RV plus a downloadable guide on choosing the right RV rental.

Choosing the Right RV

It all starts with choosing the right RV for your needs. Once you know which motorhome you're looking for, the renting process becomes more straightforward. There are many different types of RVs in the market (and new ones keep popping up as well, have you heard of Super Class C motorhomes?) but there are basically four different kinds of motorhomes you will find in the market. If you're not already familiar with them here is a quick rundown of what to expect from each type of RV.

Different kinds of RVs

To decide which RV is best for you answer the following questions.

What size of RV do you need?

Are you a family of four or a solo traveler? A larger family will need more space, hence a larger motorhome will be needed while solo travelers or a couple can easily fit in a campervan. Apart from the number of people who will be traveling, also decide what amenities you need in your motorhome. Do you want a built-in bathroom and kitchen? Are you traveling with pets? Do you need space to store your camping toys? The answers to these questions will decide what size of RV will be right for you.

Where do you want to camp?

What kind of RV camping trip are you planning? Class A motorhomes and trailers are a great option for long-term camping in RV parks and campgrounds but they aren't the most feasible option for dry camping in the wild. A small camper can be parked anywhere but it doesn't offer a lot in terms of amenities. If you're looking for a quick seasonal camping trip a Class C motorhome can get you there and back quickly and efficiently, but travel trailers take time to pack up and hit the road.

What is your budget?

Class A motorhome and some travel trailers like fifth-wheels can be really expensive to rent. The more luxurious the motorhome, the more it will cost to rent. Campervans and Class C motorhomes are less expensive but they also have less space. Having a set budget for your trip can help you decide which RV to rent. If you're looking for a luxury RV experience then get a Class A motorhome, a campervan is great for a quick boondocking trip, while a Class C can help you do a little bit of both.

Guide to Picking the Right RV Rental

Choosing the Right RV Rental
Download PDF • 115KB

Where to Rent an RV

There are many places you can rent an RV. You can find RV rentals near the area you live or you can use websites like RVshare, Cruise America, and Outdoorsy. Cruise America offers Class C RVs in different sizes with varied amenities. You can choose larger models with bells and whistles and smaller models stripped down to the basic amenities. RVshare and Outdoorsy are peer-to-peer rental agencies where you can find all kinds of RVs. Sizes, types, and amenities are varied since you are going to rent RVs directly from owners.

Tips on Renting an RV for the First Time

Do Your Homework

It's easier to select the right rental RV when you have an idea of what size and kind of RV you need. Do your research before reaching out to an RV rental company so you don't get baffled by the sheer variety of RVs available for rent. Also, make a list of all the amenities you need and any special requirements for example traveling with pets and/or kids.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you reach out to an RV rental company be prepared to ask the right questions about the vehicle you'll be renting as well as company policies. Some questions you should ask include:

What is the RV rental insurance Policy?

How does Roadside Assistance work?

Will I get charged extra for mileage?

Is there a cancellation policy?

Does the RV come with GPS and parking assistance?

Does the rental come fully packed (linens, plates, silverware, and pillows)?

How many miles per gallon should you expect?

Does the rig have an air conditioner and/or heater?

Always Inspect the RV

If you're booking a rental from a website you will be shown pictures of the RV along with details about it. However, we recommend checking out the motorhome in person before making any kind of commitment. You can arrange a meet-up with the RV owner and take a look at the RV yourself to make sure it is just as advertised.

Plan Your Trip

Once you've decided on which RV to rent, plan your trip in as much detail as you can. This is especially important for first-time renters and new RVers. Map the route you will take, book parking spots, check the weather beforehand, and make a complete RV packing list. This way your trip will go more smoothly and there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Hit the Road

Renting an RV is a great way to enjoy a taste of the #riglife without fully committing to it. Make lists, plan ahead, and do your homework but don't forget to relax and have fun as well. Once you've chosen the right RV to rent, pack it up, and get ready to hit the road!

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