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Where to Park Your RV for Long-Term Camping?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Can you live in an RV park year-round? Learn where you can park your RV legally for long-term camping.

Parked RV

Is it possible to live in an RV long-term? That is one of the first questions that pop into the mind of a new RV enthusiast. Other than mulling over the drastic lifestyle change, there is also the question of where you will be parking your RV if you decide to move in one permanently. Most RV parks only allow RVs to park for as long as a few months at a time, in fact, most RV campgrounds close during off-peak season.

So, is it impossible to find a parking place for your RV that you can use for longer than a few months? Certainly not. Here are a few places where you can park your RV for long-term camping.

Long Term RV Parks (State and National)

There are some state and national parks that allow year-round RV parking. You can basically find one or two of these parks in almost every state but parking spaces are limited so advance reservations need to be made if you plan on parking your rig for long. The upside to long-term RV parking in state parks is that you can get discounted rates for your spot. You can also look into workamping opportunities that come with added benefits like fa ree parking spot and discounted amenities.

Legally-Owned Land

If you're looking to downsize your lifestyle by living in an RV and travel whenever you want, parking your trailer on your own legally-owned land is a great option. But can you legally live in an RV on your own land? Many states allow you to live in a rig on your own land as long as you apply for the right permits. Getting all the permits needed to park legally on your own land can get tricky, however, as long as you have suitable septic or well and access to public utilities you shouldn't have any problem.

Privately Owned RV Parks

Privately owned RV parks are a great place to park your RV for long-term camping. For one, you get access to premium facilities like pools, gyms, saunas, free wifi, and more. For another, finding a good parking space isn't as difficult as finding one in a national or state RV park. However, bear in mind that this option will be a more expensive one since private parks charge a premium parking rate. But just like with state parks, private RV parks also offer discounts to full-time RVers who want to park their rig for more than a month.

KOA Parks

Kampgrounds of America is a system of privately owned campgrounds, one of the most extensive in America. The parks range from simple ones that provide all the basic necessities to resort-style RV parks. A lot of KOAs offer long-term camping options to seasonal RVers, snowbirds, and other campers. They also offer discounted rates for long-term RV parking. As with other privately owned parks, you have to call ahead and make a reservation at KOA parks as well, spots fill up fast.

Rented RV Parking Spaces

If you don't want to invest in your own land, you can also rent out the land from other owners and park your rig there for long-term camping. Websites like can help you look for RV lots for rent around the US. Rented parking spaces can vary in terms of expenses but they are the next best thing to parking your RV on your own land.

Long-Term Camping Membership Parks

There are many RV memberships and clubs that offer special discounts and designated parking spots for members. Discount clubs are popular because they help you subsidize the cost of long-term RV camping. For example, offers fuel discounts, campground coupons, camping discounts, and much more to its members.

Tips for Long-Term RV Camping

Long-term RV camping may not be for everyone, but if you've chosen the lifestyle, here are a few tips to help you along.

Couple sitting outside RV

Revamp your Camper for Comfort and Style

Since you'll be living in your camper full-time, it needs to meet all your needs. Make comfort and space a priority, especially if you're a big RV family. It is always a good idea to designate a place for everything and then keep it there. RV accessories like keyless door locks, window sunshades, windshield covers, and more are great additions to make your rig ready for long-term camping. Here are some amazing motorhome interior design ideas to inspire you.

Invest in the Right Gear

Since space is always an issue when living the #riglife, you need to invest in just the right gear for your camper. Skip the traditional lighting fixtures like lamps and invest in more compact LED lighting strips. If you plan to live off-the-grid invest in solar panels for recharging your rig batteries. If you plan on cooking for yourself, invest in portable hotpots and air fryers.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

It isn't possible to spend all your time inside the RV. Create an outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy the sun and fresh air. A stylish outdoor RV rug, some garden furniture or camping chairs, and some throw pillows can create an outdoor space that is comfortable and stylish. Use LED awning light strips to create the right ambiance for evening BBQs and dinners.

Make Friends

The RV community is growing bigger by the day as more and more people embrace the RV lifestyle. Parking long-term in RV parks allows you to meet new people who share the same passion for RV living as you do. Share stories, exchange RV tips, and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Where to park your Rv for long term camping

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