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How To Boondock In An RV & What To Prepare For

Now that you have some mileage under your belt and you're familiar with the odds and ends of RV Parks, who is up for the ultimate getaway? Have you ever been boondocking? Lets take a random dirt road into an enchanted oasis to disconnect from the world. Take advantage of the fact that you have a home on wheels with all your needs at your finger tips. Here is what it looks like and what you need to keep in mind along the way.

If you are headed out on a getaway where are you going? Been boondocking before, if so where did you go? Subscribe and comment below, we love to hear about others adventures.

What Is Boondocking

Boondocking with your RV is taking the opportunity to camp off grid for days or weeks depending on your plans. There are many advantages to taking your rig off grid and that includes taking the comfort of home to the wilderness. There is no specific definition to what it is, but most see it as a way to disconnect from the wold, no electric, water, hookups, and cell reception. Just you, your family or travel companions, everything in your RV and a whole lot of nature.

Picking The Destination

Keep in mind that you can not just park anywhere, factors that may inhibit your destination includes the size of your rig, weather conditions, being able to back track without getting your rig stuck, wild animals and private property. If you have areas you are familiar with, you have done research on specific areas, or you have used a camping website to choose your destination be sure to check the rules and regulations of where you are headed to. CAMPENDIUM takes the headache out of running into issues and includes off the grid locations along with ratings from other boondockers.

What To Bring

Come prepared with enough food & water for the duration of your stay plus a little extra just in case. Pack enough toiletries and medications you may need during your stay. You are going to need enough power to get you through to the end of your stay, consider solar power or a generator to keep appliances and necessities up and running.

Depending on your rig you can hook up to a portable solar panel. If you don’t want to mess with solar, you’ll need a generator. What you want to run will determine what size you’ll need. If you just want to keep your batteries up and run a coffee maker or a blow dryer, a 2000 watt generator would be good. If you’re a city slicker and need your air conditioner or microwave, you’ll have to get a 3500 watt or bigger. Need more help, for more information on how to keep power to your rig click here.

To save on water, you can bathe in nearby water. Bring wipes to wash up and clean hands. Use paper plates and plastic ware to avoid washing dishes. Unplug all of your unneeded electronics, no need to dry your hair while out in the wild. Just a few things to keep in mind and think out of the box to save on energy you may need for something else.

Safety & Etiquette

For your safety camp on durable surface so you do not get stuck. Stick to existing roads that you have entered and exited on. Check how the weather plans to be during your stay. Be aware of wildlife in the area, do not leave out food or anything consumable to animals. Keep an eye out on pets that you bring along. If you do not already have a safety kit, be sure that it is stocked and HERE is a good place to find a kit with everything you need!

Out in the middle of no where you are responsible for yourself and your belongings. It is up to you to keep the environment clean to ensure the safety of wild life and privileges of future boondockers. "Leave no trace" behind when you leave, it should be as if you were never there. "Take nothing but memories and leave behind nothing but foot prints" If you are staying in a national park or an established campsite always check with a nearby ranger for news, rules, and additional updates. Check out the National Park Service for updates as well if you are staying in a national park.

Enjoy Your Stay

Now it is time to enjoy the magic of boondocking. Soak up the outdoors all around you, spend quality time with you boondock buddies, and clear your mind from the outside world.


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