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Are RV Rentals Pet Friendly

This marks part 3 of our RV pets saga! We covered how to RV with your dog and share a space with your cat, but maybe you do not own an RV but are looking to rent one. The question for todays agenda is, can I find an RV rental that is pet friendly? And the answer is ( drum roll in queue) YES!

We are curious to know if you travel with any other pets outside of cat or dog. Maybe its your bird or fish. Subscribe and comment below what other pet friends you RV with!

RVing With Pets

First thing’s first. You want to find an RV that will be a second home for your pet. How do you accomplish this? Obviously, your RV rental won’t be as large as your house. That being said, your pet will feel quite limited as to where they can run, play, and lounge about.

Since you are renting an RV I am assuming your pet has probably not been introduced to one. If they have, you are one step closer to taking on the road. Pets may have an easy time or a hard time acclimating to the new space. Just like us, everyone is different. Consider renting the RV an extra day or two, to allow your pet to get use to the new space in your driveway or close by. You can see how they do and determine if bringing them is a good decision or not so good decision.

Once you have determined your pet will be happy on the road you can start to prepare. Check out our last pet posts for how to prepare, what to bring and how travel with your CAT or DOG.

What Type of RV is Best for Dogs and Cats?

Since RVs come in many sizes and styles and offer different amenities, it can be tough to pick the best rig for you, your family, and your pet. There are several different types of RVs, all with positives and negatives, to consider when traveling with dogs.

  • Class A: These motorhomes are usually bigger, more luxurious, campers that can be as long as 45 feet. These provide the most interior room for your animals to play but also can come with the more expensive furniture and flooring. If you are already considering a camper this large and your dog is well behaved and prefers the indoors, this may be the best option for you.

  • Class B: This style of RV is often called a campervan. This class tends to include smaller vehicles that still provide modest luxury to both humans and dogs. While the campervans themselves aren’t that large, there is still enough room for most dogs to move around inside, but not much. One of the biggest positives is that this type of camper is easier to drive and maneuver, so if you’re looking to get to a remote spot (where dogs are allowed, of course!) to roam with your pup, this might be the camper for you.

  • Class C: A traditional looking RV that is anywhere from 20 to 33 feet, big enough to fit the family and fido comfortably and still rent within a reasonable budget. These RVs often have the same amenities as a Class A camper, but usually without the upscale interior, therefore lowering your risk of returning a damaged or dirty RV. This camper is an excellent option for most families and all sizes of dogs for their traveling needs.

  • 5th Wheel and Travel Trailers: These types of RVs are towed behind your vehicle, therefore having entirely separate driving and living quarters for you and your family. Many of these types of campers have enough space for a larger family as well as a pup and are often less expensive to rent.

If you are renting a popup camper with canvas walls, you need to be careful to make sure your dog’s nails don’t accidentally tear a hole in the canvas. Another thing to note is that you should never let your dog ride in a towable RV while being towed. They are part of the family and they should always travel in the vehicle with you to keep them safe and happy.

How To Find Pet Friendly RV Rental

Finding an RV for you and your family can be hard, but adding your pet to the mix can make it harder. You no longer have to call around or make guesses on how and where to find a rental RV that will suit you. Here are some platforms that offer to find pet friendly RV rentals for you:

  1. RV Share: Website filters available RV rentals for those that are pet friendly

  2. Outdoorsy: Website filters available RV rentals for those that are pet friendly

  3. Cruise America: offers pet friendly RV rentals at 132 locations in the United States, Canada, and Alaska. There are no restrictions on the size or number of pets in the motorhome, and no additional deposits are required for traveling with a pet. In fact, as long as the RV is returned as clean as you received it, you won’t incur any additional charges for taking your pet along! If the RV does require cleaning, a $250 fee is charged.

There are so many others to choose from depending on your location!

Pet Friendly Parks

Stay tuned for part 4, where I will cover pet friendly RV parks, national parks, and things that you can do outdoors.



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