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Full-Time Stationary RV Living: All You Need to Know

How to prepare for full-time stationary RV living? Stationary RV living cost and pros and cons of living in a stationary RV full-time.

Full Time Stationary RV Living

For most of us, RV living equates to living on the road and constantly traveling. However, that's not what RV living is all about. A lot of RVers actually prefer living in their RV full-time while it remains parked in one place. This is called full-time stationary RV living. Stationary RVers enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to RV living; they enjoy the benefits of a stationary home while still having the option to hit the road whenever they feel like it. Some of the reasons why people choose stationary full-time RV living include:

  • Adopt a cheaper more minimalistic alternative to living in a house or apartment

  • Get full-time office jobs and public school access

  • Satisfy snow-bird tendencies

  • Minimize travel

  • or to simply adopt a more grounded lifestyle

No matter what the reason, stationary RV living can be a really good choice for certain types of people. Let's take a look at how you can prepare for full-time stationary RV living and much more.

Preparing for Full-Time Stationary RV Living

Stationary RV living can be a lot of fun if done right. Here are some tips and tricks on preparing yourself for the lifestyle.

Stationary RV living must Haves

Get the Right RV

Living in an RV full-time can be a hassle if you don't have enough personal space. This is especially true if you are an RV family with kids or you have pets on board or both. Choose an RV that can easily accommodate the needs of all the members of your family. Generally, stationary RVers prefer larger Class A motorhomes and travel trailers as they offer the most space. Comfort and versatility are also important factors when choosing an RV for long-term stationary living. A rig with slides and proper sleeping areas, a bathroom, and a kitchen is your best bet.

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Find the Right Parking Spot

Once you've chosen the right rig, now it is time to find the right parking spot for stationary RV living. This is a very important decision, you have to choose a parking space that is economical, comes with at least some basic amenities, and is accessible. RV parks and campgrounds should be your first priority since you can find many with amazing amenities and you can park there long-term easily. Most RV campgrounds have discounted rates for long-term parking spots which means they can be really economical.

You can also park your rig on a piece of land you own or in someone's backyard. However, the permissions for this vary from state to state so make sure to check if RV parking on personal land is allowed in the state before making a commitment.

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Ditch the Tow Vehicle

Large rigs require heavier tow vehicles that can be really expensive. But if you're planning to live in a stationary RV, you don't need the tow vehicle full-time. If you want to move your rig somewhere else it is much cheaper to rent a tow vehicle than to pay for keeping one on hand at all times. Instead of a heavier tow vehicle, you can instead invest in a second car that you can use to get around.

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Invest in Connectivity

Most RV parks and campgrounds have internet and wi-fi access. However, the speed and connectivity of these internet connections can be spotty and vary based on how far you are parked from the modem. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a good internet connection provider. This is especially important for RVers that work from home or are homeschooling their kids.

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Cook Your Own Meals

Stationary RV living is similar to living in a small house or apartment when it comes to cooking and eating out. Ordering food regularly will rack up the bills and eat up your budget. Therefore, it is a good idea to run your own kitchen and cook your own meals. RV kitchens can be equipped with modern appliances that can help you whip up all kinds of amazing dishes. You can also opt for an outdoor kitchen and set up a grilling station for backyard BBQs.

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Set Up an Outdoor Space

Speaking of BBQ, set up an outdoor space outside your motorhome to truly enjoy the perks of stationary RV living. Perk up the space outside your RV by laying down an RV-friendly outdoor rug, setting up some camping furniture, and adding some LED lights to the RV awning. Enjoy summer picnics outside the RV by using RV awning screens to keep the sun out. An outdoor grill can make campfire picnics all the more fun. You can also use season decorations to make the outdoor space your own.

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Maintain Your Motorhome

Just like a small house, your motorhome also needs regular maintenance and top-ups. Regularly check your RV's engine, electrical system, holding tank system, and other moving parts to make sure everything is in working order. Clean and disinfect your RV regularly to maintain a healthy living standard. Keep the rodents and other insects at bay by locating and covering all cracks, nooks, and crannies. Since you'll be living in your RV year-round, it is also important to insulate your RV according to the weather.

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Go Solar

The cost of electricity and other amenities may be included in the rent you pay for your parking spot or you may have to pay according to your usage. In any case, electric hookups can be expensive. Solar energy is a cost-efficient alternative especially if you're parked in an area that gets a lot of sun. Setting up a solar system for your RV may require some upfront investment but it will all be worth it in the end.

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Stationary RV Living at its Best

Full-time stationary RV living might not be for everyone but for people who don't want to live a nomadic life, it is a happy alternative. Before you make the commitment to parking at one place for long, do your research to choose just the right parking spot. Also, prep your rig for the new lifestyle and enjoy stationary living.

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