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Motorhome Furniture Buying Guide: Where to Buy the Best RV Furniture

Updated: Apr 11

Where to buy RV furniture? How to replace RV furniture? and How to get furniture through RV door? Read on to learn more.

How to replace RV furniture

Does your camper or RV require a facelift? Or are you looking to upgrade a used RV you just purchased? Either way, replacing and upgrading RV furniture is a great way to bring life back to your RV. RV furniture replacement can be as simple as buying a new recliner, but it can also get really complicated if you don't know where to look and what to find.

Here is a guide to help you find the best RV furniture deals for your remodel. We look at different RV furniture manufacturers, used RV furniture market, and tips on choosing the right furniture for your rig. You also get a bonus RV furniture measurement guide to help you along the way.

Types of RV Furniture

RV furniture comes in many shapes and forms depending on the type of RV or camper you have, the floor plan of your motorhome, and of course your personal preference. However, most motorhomes come equipped with some standard RV furniture which includes the following.

RV replacement furniture

RV Beds

No motorhome is complete without a dedicated sleeping area. RV beds range from small queen-sized beds that can support an RV mattress and bunk beds to smaller adjustable beds or sofa-come-beds that double as a seating area when not in use. No matter which size RV you own, you need to have a comfortable sleeping area (dedicated or not) to fully enjoy the perks of #riglife.

RV Dinette Furniture

The second most important kind of furniture in your motorhome is RV dinette furniture. This can include a separate dining table and chairs, a dining booth, or simply a folding table with camping chairs. No matter what you're dinette situation is, you need some kind of dedicated furniture to be able to eat (and sometimes even cook) your meals in peace.

RV Recliners

Comfort is the number 1 priority when it comes to RV furniture. The long trips on the road can get tiring which is why RV recliners are so important. You would normally find them installed in the RV cabin, especially in bigger Class A motorhomes as Captain's chairs. But you can also buy a recliner for your RV and place it wherever you want to inside your motorhome.

RV Sofas

Every motorhome needs a living area where you can sit back and relax. This is especially important for RV families with kids. RV sofas are just like regular sofas just more compact and multipurpose. For example, a lot of RV sofas have storage compartments underneath or they can be extended to make a sleeper.

How to Choose the Right RV Furniture

Choosing the right RV furniture boils down to a number of factors.

RV dinette furniture

Space Inside Your RV

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the right furniture for your motorhome is the size and floor plan of your RV. A large sofa will simply not fit inside a pop-up camper, installing a bunk bed system in an Airstream trailer might not be structurally possible, and preassembled furniture might not fit through your RV door. The point is, to measure the space inside your RV carefully and choose furniture pieces that will fit in the space. Don't forget to measure the height and width of your RV door as well. (Stay Tuned for an RV Furniture Measurement Guide below)

Size and Shape

The second most important consideration when buying RV furniture is the shape and size of the actual furniture pieces. Make sure you carefully measure all furniture items already in your motorhome before replacing them so you know the exact measurements for the new furniture. Also, pay attention to the shape of the furniture you are buying, a round dining table might be a better fit inside a cabin dinette than one with sharp corners. A two-position recliner may be a better fit for a Class C motorhome than one that reclines all the way.


All RVs have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that tells you the total weight of the vehicle plus the total amount of cargo weight it can safely carry. You can usually find this info in the RV's user manual. Make sure the furniture you choose doesn't exceed the maximum weight limit your RV can safely carry. It is important to weigh every single item and then combine those weights to see if you are under the limit. As a rule of thumb, choose lighter furniture pieces that are multifunctional.


When updating your RV furniture, consider the overall design and aesthetic you want for your motorhome first. This will help you choose the right type of furniture, one that goes with the theme. For example, a light marble-top dining table would go well if you were going for a modern chic aesthetic. Leather recliners would complement a rustic theme.


Space is always an issue when it comes to the RV interior. Choose furniture pieces that are multifunctional to save space inside your RV. For example, a smart lift-top ottoman can double as a storage space for your RV essentials. Add a wooden tray on top and you can also use it as a dinette or coffee table. A futon chair that doubles as a sleeper can be a real space saver also a great idea if you don't have enough space for a recliner in your RV.


Your budget will guide what kind and type of RV furniture you can buy. We recommend splurging on items that are used most frequently like RV beds and mattresses. A good sofa-come-bed with memory foam can last you ages and is a good investment. Don't forget to look for preloved or used furniture pieces especially when it comes to items like dining tables and chairs. You can find some really amazing deals.


When it comes to RV furniture, you want to invest in items that will stand the test of time and wear. RV furniture has to be sturdier than the furniture at your home since it has to survive a life on the road. You don't want to buy furniture that starts creaking after a few weeks of use. This is the reason why a lot of RVers prefer buying their furniture from RV furniture outlets and stores to get furniture pieces made specifically for motorhomes.

Where to Buy RV Furniture: Best RV Furniture Stores

While you can buy furniture items for your RV from just about any furniture store (as long as they are the right size, shape, and weight for your RV) here is a list of the best RV furniture stores and outlets.

Allure RV furniture

Bradd and Hall specialize in making custom-built, real wood dining tables, desks, folding coffee tables, and wooden dinette booths. But that's not all, they also house Flexsteel RV furniture, including Captain’s chairs and mattresses plus Villa RV furniture, Fjord RV furniture, and Lafer RV furniture pieces. You can order via their website, showroom, or authorized dealers.

RV Furniture Center has a showroom in Idaho where they provide comprehensive installation services including the installation of new furniture, carpet, flooring, window coverings, and dinettes. They also offer queen-sized memory foam mattresses for your RV that are the ideal replacement for standard RV bed mattresses. You will also find a huge collection of Thomas Payne RV furniture on their website. You can order online from their website and get your items delivered to you.

Glastop is a Florida-based RV furniture manufacturer and supplier that houses a huge variety of furniture pieces including recliners, sofas, dinettes, sectionals, ottomans, and wooden tables. They also house separate sections for Captain’s chairs for both Class A and Class C motorhomes and carry Lambright RV furniture pieces. Glastop RV furniture can be ordered via their website.

Coach Supply Direct provides RV furniture at wholesale prices. Apart from custom RV furniture pieces, you can also find Lambright, Villa, and Flexsteel furniture lines on their website. You cannot place an order online but will need to call or email them. They will get all your details and ship the furniture items to you.

Countryside Interiors is an Oregon-based RV cabinet and furniture maker. You can get custom fittings done at their showroom or order online from their vast collection of RV furniture pieces. They also offer upholstery services and will even provide you with the raw materials if you want to DIY them.


Bespoke RV furniture manufacturers are great but don't discount Amazon RV furniture and Ikea RV furniture pieces. You can find some amazing pieces on these websites at even amazing prices. eBay is also a great resource for finding furniture items like dining tables, chairs, sofas, and other RV accessories.

How to Find Used RV Furniture for Sale

RV furniture can be really expensive, to limit your expenses you can look for preloved, refurbished, or used RV furniture. There is a huge market for RV surplus furniture where you can find great furniture pieces at discount rates.

RV Parts Nation is a great place to find surplus RV furniture. You can find everything from sofas and recliners to Rv dinette furniture.

Colaw offers a large selection of discount RV furniture. You can new and used RVs and RV parts at their showroom.

Discount RV furniture houses customized aftermarket RV furniture. You can find furniture for larger motorhomes as well as campers, trucks, and trailers.

Rverscorner provides you with a list of RV salvage dealers in every state in the US as well as Canada. You can find a good salvage dealer near you and look at the furniture options they have.

How to Replace RV Furniture

Replacing RV furniture requires forethought, time, effort, and money. It isn't a decision you should take lightly. Here are some tips to help you on your journey.

RV furniture ideas

Make a Plan

Rome wasn't built in a day! Your RV interior won't be remodeled in one either. Take some time to think about what you want your new motorhome to look like. Decide a theme, pick out a color scheme, and list down all the items of furniture you want to replace or buy new. Set a budget for your remodel and allocate funds based on either individual furniture pieces or sections of your motorhome. A plan will help you choose the right RV furniture at the right price.

Consider Upgrading

Replacing an old furniture item isn't the only way you can update the look and comfort of your RV. Sometimes a little reupholstering can be just what you need to bring life to an old piece of furniture. Many RV furniture manufacturers also offer upholstering services or you can DIY this project.


If you do decide to buy new furniture, make sure you measure everything from the dimensions of the actual furniture piece to the length, width, and height of your motorhome plus the size of the RV door. You don't want to buy the perfect RV furniture piece only to find you can't fit it through the door.

Note: Refer to the RV furniture guide attached below to learn how to get the dimensions right.

Don't Limit Your Options

You may be tempted to buy a ready-made furniture item from a branded RV furniture manufacturer, but don't limit your options. You can also find many assemble-yourself pieces like the ones you can find in Ikea that may cost less. You can also get creative and buy creative little pieces to add personality to your motorhome. Don't discount thrift stores and aftermarket furniture providers, you can find some amazing pieces there.

Browse the Market

Once you find what you're looking for, browse the market to see if you can get a better price for it. It is a good idea to survey different RV furniture manufacturers to see if they have the same or a similar item listed at a lower price. Also, keep an eye out for discounts and special prices.

Check Reviews

Whether you are buying in-store or browsing online, make sure to check the reviews to see if the RV furniture piece is worth it. Product reviews can help you gauge the quality and durability of the furniture item and give you an idea of what the retailer is like as well.

Try to See the Pieces In Person

This might be a bit tricky if you're ordering online, but try to see the furniture piece in person to make sure it is the right size, shape, color, and quality. RV furniture pieces don't come cheap, so make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Bonus: RV Furniture Measurement Guide

Latchit RV Furniture Measurement Guide
Download PDF • 311KB


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