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How To Tow A Car Behind An RV

We all love the convenience and comfort of traveling in an RV. It is a great way to explore any areas without loosing the luxury of a place to call home. The driving/finding a RV park is the easy part of panning, but what about once you are at your destination? With every upside there can be downside. Maneuvering and driving an RV on small urban streets, a simple run to the grocery store, parking and many more things. But do not get discouraged there is a solution, tow your car! Do take note that if this a rental RV check with the company or person that it is okay to tow behind. Many RVers tow a smaller vehicle behind their RV for the convenience that an extra set of wheels provide. Interested in learning more about RV towing? Here are some important tips and tricks.

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Can I Tow Any Kind of Car

All cars are different, be sure to research the model of your car, if it needs to be towed a certain way and weight of the car prior to towing. Also how much weight your RV is capable of towing will be one of the determining factors. There are 3 different ways to tow a car, for example flat towing does not work for all vehicles, more information will be provided below. My point being that not all cars can be towed the same way. With that being said, in my personal experience I see almost all RVs towing a Jeep. Jeeps are one of the few vehicles that are actually designed to be flat towed. Which is one of the key reasons you see them being towed behind RVs and trucks all over the country. Flat towing a Jeep is easy but there are a few things to do to make sure you do not damage your rig. So if you have a Jeep you are ready to go!

Types of Towing

1. Flat towing

Flat towing a car behind an RV is a method that leaves all four wheels on the ground. While this is the type of towing people are most familiar with, it won't work for all vehicles. This is because not all transmissions can safely accommodate flat towing. The main issue that people find with this method is that many vehicle transmissions do not allow for this option.Be sure to check if your vehicle is able to be flat towed prior to travel.

2. Dolly Towing

A dolly tows a vehicle behind your RV by placing two of its wheels on the road and the front wheels on the dolly. This is perfect for those who don't want to invest in an enclosed or flatbed trailer but can't tow their vehicle with a tow bar. Some tow dollies come with surge or electric brakes; some even come with lights, so you don't need a supplemental system to let other drivers know if you turn or brake. As with the other methods for towing a car behind your RV, a tow dolly may not accommodate the weight of chassis of the vehicle you're towing.

3. Trailer towing

Trailer towing your vehicle behind an RV is by using a car hauler such as a flatbed or an enclosed trailer. Many 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles require this method of towing to prevent damage. To use a car hauler, you'll need a ramp and ratchet straps. If your trailer has electric brakes, you'll also need a brake controller. The downsides of using a car hauler to tow your car behind your RV are similar to those of the tow dolly, especially added weight. But with a car hauler, the added weight can be substantially more significant. Before going this route, ensure that your RV is up to the task.

Towing your RV

Trailer towing in reverse! If you have a travel trailer you will need your vehicle to tow it. Meaning you will have a vehicle to explore already with you.

Find What Suits You Best

Any way you look at it, bringing your car along can be a great plan! No one relishes the thought of unhooking water and electricity at the campsite just to run some errands or take a side trip in the area.


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