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Best Motorhome Seat Covers

Protect your motorhome seats with the best RV seat covers. Here is a list of the top motorhome seat covers in the market and maintenance tips.

Motorhome seat covers

Are you looking to jazz up your motorhome interior? Or protect the seats of your RV from inevitable spills and pet hair? Let's talk about a crucial but underrated accessory for your beloved motorhome – seat covers. Sure, they might not be as flashy as a new sound system or as exciting as planning your next route, but when it comes to comfort and longevity, they're absolute game-changers.

If you’re thinking about where to start looking, don’t worry at all! We’ve done the deep dive for you. Find out all you need to know about motorhome seat covers, what you should look for, and how you can keep them in top shape. So buckle up, because we're about to find you the right seat covers for your motorhome that will make all the difference in your comfort and style during your adventures on the open road.

The Importance of Seat Covers for Motorhomes

Seat covers for motorhomes may seem like a minor detail, but you would be surprised how useful they would be. Your RV is your home on wheels and you’ll have to take good care of its furniture like you would at home. That’s where seat covers come in! They act as a protective barrier, shielding your original upholstery from wear and tear caused by daily use, UV rays, spills, and stains. RV seat covers provide an extra layer of defense, preserving the integrity of your furniture and keeping up the look of your RV.

Seat covers for RVs also add to the aesthetics and ambiance of your motorhome interior. You can personalize the look and feel of your space, transforming a generic seating area into a cozy retreat that reflects your style and personality. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs, rustic charm, or vibrant patterns, there's a RV seat cover out there to match your taste. Plus, with the variety of materials available—from durable fabrics to luxurious leather—you can enhance both the comfort and visual appeal of your seating while adding a touch of individuality to your mobile abode.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Motorhome Seat Covers

When choosing seat covers for your class A and class C motorhomes, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your needs are met and quality isn’t compromised. Check out our list of factors below that you can tick off! 

Material Durability: 

When assessing material durability, consider factors such as the thickness of the fabric and its resistance to abrasion. Heavy-duty fabrics like canvas or nylon are excellent choices for rugged use, as they can withstand rough handling and are less prone to tears or punctures. For motorhome owners who frequently navigate off-road terrain or engage in outdoor activities, prioritize materials known for their resilience and long-lasting performance.

Ease of Cleaning: 

Convenience is a top priority in the RV lifestyle, and so you have to consider the ease of cleaning is paramount. This is especially important for RVers who travel as a family or those who aren’t afraid of messy recreational activities. You can check out RV seat cushion covers that are machine washable or feature stain-resistant coatings, as these options make maintenance easier and reduce the time and effort required for cleaning. Also consider materials that repel moisture and liquids, such as treated polyester or vinyl, to prevent stains from penetrating the fabric and causing lasting damage.

Compatibility and Fit: 

A perfect fit is important for a good look. That’s why you should look at seat covers specifically designed for your motorhome's make and model. Custom-fit covers are tailored to the exact dimensions of your RV seats, providing a seamless appearance and preventing shifting or bunching during use. Adjustable features like elastic edges or hook-and-loop fasteners further increase compatibility by allowing you to fine-tune the fit for a snug and secure hold. Before making a purchase, verify that the seat covers are compatible with any built-in features such as armrests, seat belts, or airbag deployment systems to maintain functionality and safety.

Comfort and Breathability: 

Comfort is crucial, especially during extended periods of travel. Look for seat covers with sufficient padding or foam inserts to provide cushioning and support to help reduce fatigue and discomfort during long drives. A good tip would be to prioritize breathable materials like mesh or perforated fabrics that promote airflow and ventilation, preventing heat buildup and perspiration. 

Style and Aesthetic Appeal: 

Adding the little touches is all it takes to turn your RV into your home. Even something as standard as seat covers can add to your space, so have a good look at what styles are in the market. Consider the color palette, patterns, and textures that complement your existing decor and enhance the visual appeal of your living space. You can also explore customizable options such as embroidered logos or monogrammed accents to add a personalized touch and make your seating area truly your own.

UV Protection: 

Preserve the appearance of your seats by choosing seat covers with built-in UV protection. UV-resistant materials like neoprene, polyester, or vinyl help shield your seats from the harmful effects of sunlight, including fading, discoloration, and deterioration. By selecting seat covers with UV-resistant properties, you can prolong the lifespan of your upholstery and maintain its vibrant color and texture for years to come. Whether you're parked in direct sunlight or traveling through sunny climates, UV protection ensures that your seats remain in top condition and retain their original beauty.

7 Best Motorhome Seat Covers

There are many seat covers in the market, but we’ve done some homework to bring you the customer favorites. Have a look at the best choices of motorhome seat covers and cushions below that cater to different needs and sizes and see what you’d like!

The Ford Transit Motorhome Seat Covers are the perfect upgrade for your motorhome interior. Tailor-made to fit Ford Transit motorhomes, this set includes RV cushion covers and front seat covers designed to elevate both style and comfort. Crafted from high-quality materials and made to order, these seat covers offer a perfect fit and seamless integration with your vehicle's interior. The New Marble Grey color adds a touch of sophistication to any motorhome, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting protection for your seats. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, the Ford Transit Motorhome Seat Cover Set provides the perfect combination of style and functionality.

The Cordura Nylon Seat Covers are crafted from 1000 Denier Nylon, as they are designed to withstand the rigors of travel, providing unparalleled durability and long-lasting performance. Engineered to be waterproof and spill-proof, they offer excellent protection against stains, spills, and pet messes, making them ideal for pet owners and outdoor enthusiasts alike. These seat covers are precision-cut and made to fit your vehicle's specifications, ensuring a perfect fit without obstructing seat controls.  They come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty on workmanship for some added peace of mind. Also featuring map pockets in the rear, these seat covers provide convenient storage and compatibility with heated seats, making them functional and resilient.

The Classic Accessories RV Captain Seat Cover is a must-have accessory to safeguard and enhance the comfort of your motorhome's captain chair seats. Crafted to accommodate seats up to 23.5 inches wide and backs up to 23.5 inches high, this cover boasts a semi-custom fit for a tailored appearance. Its elasticized hem ensures a snug and effortless installation, while integrated stabilizer tubes keep the cover securely in place, even during bumpy rides. These seat covers for class A motorhome captain chairs also come complete with armrest covers for comprehensive protection, and also feature a convenient access hole for the seat adjustment lever, allowing for seamless functionality without compromising on coverage. Backed by a one-year limited warranty, you can trust in the quality and durability of this cover to safeguard your RV investment.

The Neoprene Seat Covers are the ultimate motorhome innovation: they are engineered with a Warp Knit D3 spacer fabric base, providing unparalleled cushioning for breathability, insulation, compression resistance, and long-lasting durability. The form-fitting stretch border, reminiscent of neoprene but breathable, ensures a snug and tailored fit. With a Coolmax fabric panel integrated into the design, these seat covers ensure that you stay cool and dry even during the longest journeys. The deal also comes with armrest covers and two adjustable straps on the backside, offering both convenience and customization.

RV Designer’s motorhome seat covers are versatile and durable, designed to elevate both style and functionality in your RV interior. Crafted from a blend of vinyl, cloth, leatherette, and polyester faux leather polyvinyl chloride, these seat covers offer a luxurious yet practical solution for center or front seats. With its GripFit+ design, it effortlessly expands or contracts to fit most seats, ensuring a snug and secure hold. They are perfect for pet owners or messy children as well since cleaning is a breeze with just a damp cloth. Equipped with side pockets for convenient storage and featuring 100% PVC face leatherette cloth, polyester foam padding, and back panel construction, these seat covers deliver unparalleled comfort and durability for all your adventures on the road.

Hudson Comfort provides you with the ultimate solution for upgrading your RV dinette cushion covers. Crafted from soft microfiber, these covers offer a luxurious and gentle touch, ensuring maximum comfort for you and your passengers. Designed to be super stretchy, Hudson Comfort’s seat covers provide a snug fit on a wide variety of seats for RVs. With maintenance made easy through machine washing in cold water, these breathable slipcovers are a breeze to keep clean, while their elastic bands ensure they stay securely in place without constant adjustment. These seat covers are essential for your motorhome's dinette seating as they provide a touch of comfort and style on every journey.

These Faux Leather Dinette Cushions Covers for RVs are the ultimate choice for protecting and enhancing the comfort of your motorhome’s sofa set covering needs. Designed to fit snugly and securely, these covers provide a perfect fit for your RV's sofa seat, thanks to their stretchable material that molds to your furniture like a glove. Crafted from high-quality PU leather, they offer waterproof and long-lasting protection for your RV cushions, ensuring durability and peace of mind. With a versatile design, these covers are not only suitable for RV dinette cushions but can also be used to cover other RV seat cushions, adding functionality to your RV furniture collection. Cleaning is a breeze with these easy-to-maintain covers—simply wipe off any spills or stains with a damp cloth, and they'll be as good as new, keeping your RV looking fresh and inviting.


Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Motorhome Seat Covers New

Proper maintenance is key to preserving the longevity and appearance of your motorhome seat covers. The best way to do this is to establish a regular cleaning routine to prevent dirt, spills, and stains from accumulating. Depending on the material of your seat covers, vacuuming or brushing them regularly can help remove surface debris and prevent it from embedding into the fabric.

For more stubborn stains, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for spot cleaning, using gentle detergents or upholstery cleaners as needed. Always test any cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure they won't cause discoloration or damage.

You can also consider investing in protective treatments or sprays designed specifically for your seat cover material. These products can provide an extra layer of defense against spills, UV rays, and other environmental factors, helping to prolong the life of your Class A RV seat covers.

When not in use, consider covering your motorhome seats with breathable, moisture-resistant covers to prevent dust buildup and protect them from sunlight when parked for extended periods. It’s also important to address any damage or wear promptly to prevent it from worsening.

Repair small tears or loose stitching as soon as they appear to prevent them from becoming larger issues that require more extensive repairs or replacement. By incorporating these maintenance tips into your routine, you can keep your motorhome seat covers looking and feeling like new for years to come.



They might seem insignificant, but you can’t go wrong with motorhome seat covers. Something to keep your RV clean, liven up the interior, and protect your seats? Sign us up! Just make sure you’ve got your seat sizes figured out and your design cap on, and you’ll make the right choice. Good luck and happy RV shopping! 


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