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How To Get Mail While Living in an RV

You are ready to take on a new journey and there is nothing holding you back! Then you think, oh know! How am I going to receive my mail or packages? This can be tricky especially if you are frequently on the move, but there is always a way! We live in an era where convenience is a must and there are constantly new ideas and ways out there to make daily tasks easier. Check out the options below that will work best for you.

Using a different option not mentioned below? Subscribe and comment how you receive your mail and how it works for you!

Go Paperless

This is a great way to eliminate certain pieces of mail that do not need to be tangible. Most, if not all bank statements, bills, or any other documents can be sent via email. Simply log into your online bank or billing accounts and change them to paperless. Not only are we going to save trees, but you do not have to worry about being late on any bills or bank statuses because it will go straight through to your email. Any documents that need signatures now a days can be requested over the internet, ie: I receive documents that need to be signed on docusign. This is also a good resource if you are requesting a signature for your business, taxes, etc. This will cut out you having to send mail on your end too. Whether I am on the road or at home on the off season, I personally do not like paper piling up and have pretty much everything set to be sent to my email.

So if you really think about it, all mail can be sent via electronically with the exception of tangible items or packages that you may order.

Family & Friends

In a previous blog we discussed establishing residency. Whether that is through your current home or if you no longer have a stand alone home using an address from family/friends. You can check this out HERE! Side note: this is related to healthcare, but establishing residency carries over into many things like your mail, voting, etc.

Of course, after asking you can have mail forwarded or sent to the address you have set for your residency. You can have family/friends set aside mail until you can retrieve it.

Amazon Hub/Lockers

A lot of people order from amazon whether it's for food, basic needs, and of course things we may want. Amazon hubs are spread out worldwide. This includes lockers or counters. If you are ordering from amazon you can have the package sent to your nearest counter/locker, so that it can be picked up. This goes the same for any returns you have, if applicable.

Other business are starting to partner with Amazon to utilize their lockers/counters, which means other sites you order from may be sent to an Amazon hub for you to pick up if it is offered.

For more information you can check out details on Amazon.

My RV Mail

MyRVMail is a forwarding service that helps all RVers manage their mail. If you are looking for someone to take care of all your mail coming into a residency address you are not at they will send it to your current location.

My RV Mail offers the following services and plans are as little as $9 per month plus any postage you use:

  • Physical street address in FL to receive packages and FL state benefits.

  • Request a scan, download a scanned image of your letter.

  • View and forward your mail online option.

  • Shred all requested unwanted mail.

  • Unlimited weekly mailings.

  • Custom mail sorting.

  • Hold mail up to six months.

  • Go over mail via telephone - open mail if requested.

  • FREE Fax Services Available

  • FREE email address at with your Mail Forwarding Service.

  • Select the frequency of shipments to your location.

  • Choose what mail items you want us to forward, scan, trash or hold.

  • You choose where and how your mail forwarding is done (First Class, Priority, USPS, FedEx)

PO Box & Other Mailboxes

PO Boxes are basically mail boxes you can rent through the post office. Even though this is not an established residency, a PO box or mail boxes such as rentals from UPS (which serve the same purpose) can receive your mail/packages.

To sign up for a PO Box, you can go to the Post Office or use the Post Office’s website. The cost will vary throughout the nation, so check with your post office, but they can usually be rented for as low as $25 per six month period.Once you have a PO Box, you can sign up for mail forwarding. This is a process in which the Postal Service will forward your mail for free to your new address. This will be the same for other mailbox services.

Things To Keep In Mind

For important documentation such as driver's license, insurance, registration, tax info it is best to have it forwarded to a trusted address that you know you will be able to receive it from. Again, in this day in age we look for convince so I have noticed especially this year, not only did a receive a copy of tax information in mail I received it electrically as well.

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