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All You Need to Know About RV Toilets: 6 Best RV Toilets

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

On the road in your RV or spending a few days camping at a site? An accessible RV toilet is a necessity for you! Here are 6 of the best RV Toilets on the market.

RV toilet

The toilet may not be the most exciting thing about your motorhome. But, it is one of the crucial features to look at. An RV toilet that is well-equipped, functional, and comfortable makes any journey easier. Those making plans to camp in their motorhome must consider a reliable RV toilet essential. It’s important to note that an RV toilet functions and installs differently than a traditional one.

For starters, these toilets have to be installed in a relatively smaller space. A motorhome is also limited in terms of waste management capabilities. The water supply provided to the RV is also obtained in other ways. These factors and more also mean that RV toilets are maintained differently too. Before we get into the best RV toilets available, It is important to know how they work first.

How An RV Toilet Works

For starters, a motorhome cannot dispose of waste in a sewage system. RV Toilets combat this by utilizing a Black Water Tank to store waste. The black water tank is located at the bottom of the motorhome and holds solid and liquid waste. This waste is stored behind an airtight seal and needs to be emptied yourself. Make sure the seal works properly or you will be in a world of trouble.

For any toilet to work properly, a consistent freshwater supply is needed. Those camping may be able to access water similarly to traditional homes via campground water sites. Although, this method depends on the campsite and is not always available. Most motorhomes come fitted with a water supply tank for this particular reason. This water supply tank needs refilling every 5-8 days depending on the size.

How To Maintain An RV Toilet

Since RV toilets have more variables than traditional ones, regular maintenance is needed. Here is a checklist for regular maintenance checkups.

  • Conduct frequent checks for cracks or dry components

  • Keep an eye on the water levels and refill the water tank timely

  • Make sure the airtight seal is lubricated and not damaged in any way

  • Empty waste from the black water tank regularly

Maintenance may be carried out differently depending on the type of toilet installed in your motorhome.

Different Types Of RV And Camper Toilets

There are different types of RV toilets available in the market. These types may differ in waste management, water supply usage, and installation. Here are a few RV toilet types to choose from.

types of RV toilets

1: Composting Toilet

A Composting toilet for RVs does not require any water to function. The waste is separated with solids entering the compost pile at the bottom of the toilet. These toilets are more suited for those on a budget or looking for eco-friendly options. A composting toilet saves water yet requires regular waste management to function properly.

2: Macerating Flush Toilet

The macerating flush operates normally with the addition of blades under the toilet. These blades are powered by a motor and are there to thin out the waste. The waste disposed of in the black tank is hence softened by the blades allowing for more space. You can also invest in aftermarket Macerators pumps to use with a traditional RV toilet.

3: Vacuum Flush Toilet

A vacuum flush is also capable of softening waste albeit differently than a macerating flush. This toilet is fitted with a vacuum unit that is capable of breaking down waste. This unit is much more accessible than a macerating flush. This makes the vacuum flush easier to install in more than one spot in your motorhome.

4: Gravity Flush Toilet

The Gravity Flush toilet is most similar to a traditional household unit. This is because of the lack of water storage inside the toilet. This makes this type affordable however requires an outside water source to function. Those camping may benefit most as they can use the campground water sites.

5: Portable Toilet

The portable toilet unit is the most barebones type available in the market. This type is readily available and relatively easy to install. Not much needs to be connected to the motorhome which makes this toilet portable. What this unit lacks is a waste management system. The waste is not separated and can often be smelled. You will frequently need to dispose of waste with a Portable Toilet unit.

What To Consider When Purchasing An RV Toilet

No matter what type of RV Toilet you choose, there are a set amount of features to check. You will want a toilet that is comfortable, easy to install, and reliable. Below are a few aspects to look at when in the market for a new RV toilet.

1: What It’s Made Of

The material the RV toilet is made of is directly linked to its durability. Wood is known for being strong however is more susceptible to wear and tear. Plastic is the most common material used to build toilets because of its versatility and lightweight. Porcelain RV toilets are known to be long-lasting and durable.

The stronger the material, the more expensive the toilet will be. Those making the shift to full-time RV living will want to invest in a more reliable RV toilet. High-end RV toilets are expensive but more suited to long-term living.

2: Waste Management

A toilet with a powerful flush and waste management system is highly recommended. Sanitation is the name of the game and there are a few things to look at. Toilets with a Macerating Flush or a Vacuum Unit will require less frequent disposal of waste. However, these units will have loads of connection points to the motorhome. It is important to make sure these points are connected properly and sealed.

Another thing to look at is the valve system and whether a water storage unit is installed. The valves need to be durable or else there may be leaks in the unit. The pipes should typically be made of a material that is leakproof too. The goal is to avoid water from leaking through into your motorhome.

Best RV Toilets

Purchasing a new RV toilet can prove to be overwhelming at times. This is because there are several options to choose from each with its pros and cons. Not to worry though as we have scoured the market and weighed the options for you. Below are details on 6 of the best RV toilets that you should get.

Dometic 320 Series

Dometic 320 Series Low Profile Toilet

Size: 22x20x15

Flush System: Gravity

Material: Wood/Vitreous Ceramic

Weight: 37.5lbs

Dometic RV toilets are best known for their comfortability and premium-grade build quality. This particular RV toilet features a simple design that resembles most traditional toilets. The toilet seat is made out of wood which helps maintain warmth for a longer time. The other dominant material is a vitreous ceramic bowl which is sturdier than plastic. The Dometic 320 works via a Gravity Flush system which is known for cutting down waste. There is a Foot Pedal located at the base of the toilet for spot cleaning too. Pressing down on the pedal allows for the Gravity Flush to activate.


  • Wood-Based Seat

  • Efficient Flush System

  • Foot Pedal System


  • Relatively Heavier

  • Expensive

Thetford Aqua Magic V

Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V Hand Flush RV Toilet

Size: 18.5x17x15

Material: Plastic

Flush Type: Gravity

Weight: 9.5lbs

Thetford has produced an extremely lightweight toilet that is both easy to install and accessible. The Aqua-Magic V features an all-plastic design and weighs only 9.5lbs. This makes it one of the most lightweight RV toilets on the market today. The Aqua-Magic V has a Gravity Flush system that is powerful despite the toilet’s small size. The overall design of the toilet seat is elevated to allow for easier access to older people. The toilet seat is made of plastic which is nowhere near wood or porcelain in terms of quality. A hand sprayer can be fixed by the toilet which if used properly may decrease water consumption. The small toilet size means you won't have to organize your bathroom too much to fit this in.


  • Extremely Lightweight And Compact

  • Affordable

  • Powerful Flush For Its Size


  • Toilet Seat Is Not Too Comfortable

  • Plastic Is More Prone To Wear And Tear

  • Small Toilet Bowl

Thetford Aqua Magic Bravura

Thetford 31100 Bravura White High Profile Toilet with Water Saver Hand Spray

Size: 20.5x18x17

Material: Plastic

Flush Type: Gravity

Weight: 18lbs

Minimalism and easy installation are the defining characteristics of the Aqua Magic Bravura. This RV toilet is made out of plastic and features a Gravity Flush system. It weighs a respectable 18lbs which is still on the lighter side when compared to others. What sets this RV toilet apart from the others is the Flush system. The Aqua Magic Bravura features a dual pedal flushing system. Pressing halfway releases liquid while holding the pedal down activates the Gravity Flush system. Another great thing about this RV toilet is that most of its front is removable. This means cleaning and maintenance will become less of a chore.


  • Dual Pedal Flush System

  • Removable Front

  • Easy Installation


  • Plastic Is More Prone To Wear And Tear

  • Large Toilet Design

Camco 41544 Portable

Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet

Size: 17x16x16

Material: ABS Plastic/Resin

Flush Type: Pumpaction System

Weight: 14lbs

The Camco Portable is most known for its affordability and value for money in terms of features. It has a sizeable water holding and flush tank that add up to a total of 8 gallons. Leakage risks are kept at a minimum due to properly fitted valves in the toilet. ABS Resin may not be the strongest material however it holds up well considering the price. Keep in mind this is a portable toilet and can be transported easily around the motorhome or outside. The Pumpaction flush also proves to be adequate and gets the job done.


  • Affordable

  • Portable

  • Lightweight


  • Frequent Waste Disposal

  • Can Get Smelly

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Size: 22x22x20.5

Material: Plastic/ Stainless Steel

Flush Type: Compost

Weight: 28lbs

Composting toilets aims to save as much water as possible. In this particular unit, the water use is kept to a minimum. The solid waste and the liquid waste are separated into different compartments. Composting toilets are generally harder to operate than other types. However, most reviews rate this unit as being simple to use. This unit is made for those who are on the road frequently and lead a sustainable life on the road. The mix of stainless steel and plastic makes for a durable design that also prevents leakages. The overall package is a composting, mediumweight, and durable RV toilet.


  • Eco-Friendly Operation

  • Durable

  • Efficient Water Use


  • Frequent Cleaning Needed

  • Composting Toilets Are Relatively Expensive

Thetford Aria Deluxe

Thetford Aria Deluxe Toilet

Size: 24x20x15

Material: Porcelain

Flush Type: Electric System

Weight: 66lbs

The Thetford Aria Deluxe is one of the most luxurious toilets available on the market. It sets a high standard for quality and convenience. This toilet is built out of Porcelain all over. Porcelain is a stronger material than plastic and resembles the quality of home-based toilets. The flush installed in the Aria Deluxe is electric and efficient. This powerful flush saves significantly more water than others in the market. With so many features installed, it is no surprise that the Aria Deluxe is gigantic. The heavyweight means that this RV toilet is more suitable for camping or stationary living.


  • Efficient Flush System

  • Huge Size Adds To Comfortability

  • Porcelain Build Is Stronger


  • Extremely Heavy Build

  • Needs To Be Powered By Electricity

What is a Macerator Pump RV?

An RV macerator pump is a device used to break down and pump waste from the RV's holding tanks, making the disposal process more efficient and convenient. It pulverizes waste into a liquid slurry, allowing it to be easily transferred through a smaller hose, often reducing the need for a traditional gravity-based dump station. This can be especially beneficial when camping in locations without easy access to dump facilities. Permanent RV macerator pumps are a popular accessory for RVs, enhancing sanitation and providing flexibility for waste disposal.

Check out our Macerator Pump for RV that comes with a 12 V DC noiseless motor and helps you pump 12-15 gallons of waste in under one minute!

Macerator pumps offer a more convenient and efficient way of managing your RV's waste. Here are some pros and cons of using macerator pumps for RV.

RV Macerator Pump Pros and Cons


1. Convenience: Macerator pumps make waste disposal more convenient by allowing you to pump waste directly into a toilet or sewer hookup, eliminating the need to move your RV to a dump station.

2. Flexibility: These pumps enable dumping waste at various locations, even when traditional dump stations are not available nearby.

3. Hose Length: A macerator pump can help pump waste over longer distances, making it feasible to reach a sewer hookup that's farther away. RV macerator pump distance depends on the pump's power and pumping capacity.

4. Reduced Clogs: The macerator's grinding action reduces the risk of clogs in sewer lines by breaking down waste particles.

5. Cleaner Process: Macerator pumps create more liquefied waste, leading to less mess during disposal. RV sewer macerator dump system allows you to dump waste more efficiently.


1. Cost: Macerator pumps can be more expensive to purchase and install compared to traditional gravity dumping systems.

2. Maintenance: While they require less maintenance than traditional systems, macerator hoses for RVsÅZcsvfr4 still need occasional cleaning and upkeep.

3. Noise and Vibration: Some pumps can be noisy and cause vibrations, which might be bothersome during operation (unlike the Macerator Pumps that provide a noiseless operation)

4. Limited Solids: Certain types of macerator pumps might struggle with larger solid waste items, necessitating more careful waste management.

5. Power Dependency: Macerator pumps require electricity to operate, which can be a limitation when camping without access to power. Some pumps may require macerator RV adaptors to work.


The RV toilet market is getting saturated day by day. While more competition is good for the consumer, it also increases the options to choose from. The good news is that we have done all the heavy lifting and research beforehand. We’ve made sure to include choices from all budgets and comfort levels. Whether you’re purchasing a new one or replacing an old RV toilet, check the six options above. Happy Shopping!


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Ok, we love our composting toilets! We have been using them for 6 weeks and the process is so simple it seems absurd to us to ever have to mess with a black tank, etc. Ok, what are the keys to the composting toilet: first, zero odor, even without a vent (note that the vent is really meant to provide a drying effect of the compost material {we use coconut coir}, not to dissipate odor); incredibly convenient (we haven’t even replaced our existing toilets yet {we have the composting toilets sitting in the corner of our toy hauler garage}). We bought our first RV, a big 5th wheel, with the intention of being full-timers. We did super amount of research…

May 23, 2022
Replying to

Hello Mike! Composting toilets are so convenient and not having to mess with a black tank makes life so much easier! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone!


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