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10 Must-Have RV Cleaning Supplies for RV Maintenance

A clean RV is a happy RV! Keep your motorhome squeaky clean by investing in these must-have RV cleaning supplies for RV maintenance.

RV cleaning supplies

Whether you're a full-time RV family or a seasonal RVer, you need some essential RV cleaning supplies handy to make sure your motorhome is safe and tidy. The amount and type of cleaning products you will need for your RV will depend on the size and type of RV you have, the number of people you're traveling with and personal preference. However, here is a list of the 10 must-have RV cleaning supplies that you should have handy in any case.

RV Cleaning Products for RV Interior Maintenance

Let's start with all the cleaning products you need to make sure the interior of your RV remains clean and tidy.

Compact Vaccum

RV vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are great for keeping dust and debris at bay. Opt for smaller, more compact models that don't take up much storage space and can be easily maneuvered inside the RV. Standing vacuum cleaners are the best because they don't take up much space and can get into hard-to-clean nooks and crannies easily. We recommend getting a cordless vacuum cleaner as that will be the most convenient to use around the motorhome. The best RV vacuum cleaner is the one that comes with multiple brush heads and maybe even a hand-held option.

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner + Upholstery Cleaner

RV and Marine All-purpose surface cleaner

When it comes to choosing the right surface cleaner for your RV, you need to remember that your motorhome is a small enclosed space. This means all the chemicals you use inside the RV take a long time to dissipate and using multiple products can be dangerous. An all-purpose surface cleaner can help you clean all the main areas of your RV without the over-use of chemicals. Choose a spray bottle cleaner that you can keep under the sink in your RV kitchen for easy access. Add a fabric or upholstery cleaner to your list of RV cleaning supplies as well. This will help you keep your RV furniture clean and fresh.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Wipes

Anti bacterial wipes for RV

In keeping with the theme of using fewer chemicals in your motorhome, anti-bacterial cleaning wipes are a must-have. They are super handy and have proven to kill nearly all bacteria and remove allergens from different surfaces. Disinfecting wipes can be used to clean small spills on the kitchen counter, disinfect toilet sinks, and clean RV door handles. We always keep a box of these wipes handy whenever we plan an RV trip.

Micro-Fiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths for RV

Micro-fiber cloths are one of the most essential cleaning items that should be on your RV cleaning products list. They are super absorbent and don't scratch the surface you are cleaning. A set of micro-fiber cloths can be used to clean any surface both inside and outside the RV. They are also great for applying polish and other waxy materials to different surfaces in and on your motorhome. Just make sure you keep two separate sets of cloths for inside and outside the RV.

RV Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

RV toilet bowl cleaner

RV bathrooms require their own set of cleaning supplies that can be easily stored inside the bathroom. You need a good RV toilet bowl cleaner, RV drain cleaner, a small RV cleaning brush, and an air freshener. When buying toilet bowl and surface cleaners make sure you are purchasing RV safe cleaning products. You don't want to buy regular bleach and other cleaners with strong chemicals in them.

RV Cleaning Products for RV Exterior Maintenance

Cleaning your RV exterior isn't just a job for RV cleaning service providers. Here are some basic RV cleaning supplies you need to keep the exterior of your motorhome clean.

Holding Tank Treatment

RV holding tank treatment

It is very important to regularly clean your RV's holding tanks, especially the grey and blackwater tanks as they are hot beds for bacteria as well as bad odors. A good holding tank treatment can keep the odor away and break down waste in your RV septic system. You can find RV holding tank cleaner as concentrated liquids that you can mix in water to use or as pre-mixed concoctions that are super easy to use.

Disposable Gloves

disposable gloves for RV cleaning

When cleaning the outside of your RV, gloves are an essential. Keep a box of disposable gloves handy when washing your RV, cleaning the RV roof, and especially when cleaning your RV holding tanks. Reusable gloves are also an option but you need to keep them clean and wash them everytime you take them off and store them. This can be a hassle so biodegradable disposable gloves are the way to go.

Biodegradable RV Wash and Wax

Biodegradable RV Wash and Wax

Biodegrabale RV wash products are safe for you and the environment. Choose a good quality RV wash like STAR BRITE RV Wash to help wash RV exterior. This non-toxic, highly concentrated soap can be easily mixed with water to produce suds for scrubbing and rinses well with a fresh scent. After washing the exterior, apply a coat of carnauba-based wax to protect the RV from UV damage and make the colors pop. You can also use hybrid products like Camco RV Wash and Wax that can be used as an RV roof cleaner and conditioner as well.

Adjustable Wash Brush

Adjustable Wash Brush for RV

A good adjustable wash brush can help you clean your RV more thoroughly by reaching all hard-to-reach spots on your motorhome. For example, this Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush can extend from 47″ up to 72″ long and has a built-in on/off button to adjust the water flow while you’re washing your RV. This brush is great for Class A motorhomes and trailers but can also be used for cleaning smaller RVs.

Wheel Cleaner

RV Wheel Cleaner

A good wheel cleaner can add years to your tire health and help prevent dirt build-up. A spray wheel cleaner like CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner can be easily applied to the wheels to clean away brake dust, grime, and corrosive salt from the winter roads. All you have to do is spray the tires, use a small brush to scrub away the dirt, and then wash the tires with water.

Happy Cleaning!

While this isn't an exhaustive list of all the cleaning supplies you need to keep your RV in top shape, it is a good starting place for all essential RV cleaning supplies. You can add more items as per your need and kind of RV adventure. Just make sure to choose lightweight, easy to store, RV-safe cleaning supplies.

Must-have RV cleaning supplies


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