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Upgrading your RV: 7 RV Remodeling Ideas

Upgrade your RV and bring it back to life by using these seven amazing and easy remodeling ideas that don't break the bank.

RV remodeling ideas

RV lifestyle is on the rise like never before. With growing remote opportunities and greater traveling ease, people are choosing a life on the road in motorhomes away from the bustling cities. An RV is more than a house on wheels - it is your home. And what better way to make your house a home than to customize its interior to your liking?

The traditional RV setup can be bland and outdated. Your motorhome deserves a remodeling to match your taste and the trends. With unlimited renovation possibilities, it can get a bit difficult to decide on how to start your remodeling journey. Luckily for you, we have handpicked the top 7 remodeling ideas to add life to your RV.

Paint Where It Ain’t

Painting is the easiest and most affordable way to change up the feel of a room. The interior colors of your RV can define spaces. Darker colors can make spaces look smaller and cozier, while lighter shades bring about an open and airy feel. If you are an RV-er who is on the road most of the year, you would want your space to feel open and nice, something to fit every mood and season. That is why the paint choices for your RV are quite important.

painted RV

You first have to decide what all you will paint. The walls are the obvious choice, but what else? Do the dining chairs need a little re-coloring? Could the cabinets use some retouching? When you pick out your artistic targets, it’s time to choose the color. White is a popular favorite because of its clean, minimal look. Pastel shades of yellow, blue, and green are also great alternatives to provide the same feel but with some color. Choose your colors and invest in high-quality paint that’s also washable. The last but very important thing you need to remember is sanding. Without sanding your walls or RV cabinets, the paint job won’t last nicely.

It’s All In The Furniture

Your RV is your home on wheels. That’s why it can sometimes be tricky to fit all your necessities in such limited space. Every inch counts, and so the choice of your furniture is incredibly crucial. What’s the secret to having a refreshing, contemporary interior of your RV without compromising on your furnishing dreams?

RV furniture

New furniture is always a great and simple idea to remodel your space. Replace the traditional couches with trendy futons that can serve the dual purpose of a sofa and bed. Swap out your heavy, space-consuming recliners for modern poang chairs. Bench cushions will add a nice, cozy kick to your RV living room and can also serve as a reading corner for the children or a winter morning breakfast nook. Stick to single-color furniture and avoid large, patterned pieces to give a tidier look. Ikea is a great option for lightweight, simplistic, and modern furniture for your RV. Lastly, be sure to measure all your furniture twice before buying it to make sure it fits!

Wallpaper Is The Way To Go

As a camper, you may be out and about exploring the world beyond the four walls of your RV. However, they are still the walls of your home and should inspire a calming and relaxing space for you to return to after a busy day. If you are a lover of color or a fan of art, wallpapers are a great option to liven up and remodel your RV. They are also easy to remove and replace, so you can definitely change up the vibe whenever you feel like it.

wallpaper in camper

The best part about using wallpaper on the walls is you can customize the print however you like, and on however many walls - even if it’s just one. A short surf on Pinterest or Etsy could give you unlimited ideas on how to style your walls. Soft, pastel art in the dining nook could look elegant, and a pop of color in your workspace could be spunky. Pro-tip to remember: opt for easy-to-install, peel-and-stick wallpaper. It's got strong adhesive to stick, but it’s still easy enough for you to update whenever inspiration strikes!

Light It Up

The choice of lighting can make or break the outlook of a living space. Too dull and it can feel gloomy, too bright and it can look garish. Good lighting can redefine your RV’s interior and give it a new feel. The only restriction is that light fixtures in your RV have to be low voltage. Other than that, choose anything that matches your taste!

RV awning led lights

Rope light strands under your cabinets can create a warm and contemporary ambiance. A rustic hanging lamp over your dining nook or kitchen can give the space an intimate feel. Sconces in your sitting area can make it cozy and bright. LED lights can be used to light up both the inside and outside of your motorhome. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to choose wisely between warm and bright light regarding the vibe you want to create!

As Above, So Below

The flooring and countertops of RV may seem like side characters, but they are just as important when it comes to the interior. They are the silent impressionists that you can’t really put your finger on when the interior design of your motorhome feels off.

RV countertops

Kitchen countertops are often overlooked, yet their dull design makes the space look drab. A nice remodeling can make them fresh, uplifting the overall look of the room. The best part is, it’s fairly easy to do so! A nice coat of paint can gloss up the appearance while updating cabinet handles can give them a contemporary makeover. As for the flooring, you can explore the choices of vinyl, carpet, or linoleum. The latter two are budget-friendly options and look great as well. The final cost of a flooring remodel job will depend on the type of material and per square footage that needs to be covered.

The Right Window Dressing

RV life is all about enjoying the view day and night, so it’s time to pay attention to the windows. We’ve all seen the valance of RV windows billowing in the wind in the movies. Times are such that no longer are valances in fashion, and your RV’s window dressing game deserves the best. With valances out of the question, what other options do we have to up our window game?

RV window sunshade

First, you’ll have to choose what kind of windows you want. Plastic windows mean that there may be scratches on the surface that require replacement in the long run. On the other hand, glass windows are susceptible to stains and grime. Both will require the occasional wipe-down and cleaning. As for the dressing, consider RV window sunshades if you have a hard time sleeping in the light, or if you want to keep your RV cool in hotter destinations. Curtains are another choice, and they are great for a cozy and intimate feel. You can match your curtains to your furniture print or paint job to really give the room an uplift.

It’s All In The Details

Your RV is your home, and so it will need more than the touch of a designer to make it so. Be generous when you decorate it with snippets from your life, your travels, and your interests. Decorating your RV can really add that personal touch to your space and kick up the interior design.

RV bedroom

RV walls don’t mind if you hang on pieces of your personality up there. Sticker collections, picture frames, travel maps, movie posters, art pieces - they’re all good. Just be sure to steer clear of heavy items like wood or glass frames, oil canvases, antique clocks, or anything that’s weighty. Other than that, decor and DIY ideas are endless. You can add mirrors and wallhanging, maybe a cute rug in your living space. House plants or vines over your spaces will bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and give a refreshing splash of green. After all, plants are always a good idea!


Remodeling sounds like a costly and time-consuming job, but not if you know where to start and what you want. Your RV is your home and deserves to be a happy, cozy, and comfortable place for you to return to after a day of exploring. This list will help you start your remodeling journey, so dust off your gloves and get working!


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