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10 Amazing Motorhome Interior Design Ideas

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

How to make your RV interior homey yet stylish? What is the best layout for a motorhome? and much more.

White RV interior

Much like a traditional brick-and-mortar home, your home on wheels also needs a warm touch when it comes to interior design. Whether you own a Class A motorhome or a camper van, you can create a living space that is trendy, spacious, and comfortable. The idea is to let your creativity soar and bring some personality into your space. Ask any full-time RVer and they'll tell you that something as simple as the right RV rug can really spruce up your rig while making it homey at the same time.

Read on for some useful tips on how to decorate the inside of your RV and make efficient use of limited living space.

Create Visual Space

Let's face it, even the largest motorhomes have limited living space. Living in an RV full-time means you need to come up with design ideas that makes the most of the space you have. You can create extra visual space by playing with colors and adding in some finishes that make the interior of your rig look larger than it really is. Choose lighter tones when it comes to the overall paint and finish of the walls and fittings. Contrast the light tones by adding in splashes of color by using colorful cushions, wall decor, and accents.

Inside a motorhome

A great way to open up the space inside your rig is to use vertical decor wisely. Switch out the usual curtains with grommet curtains, they don't just look amazing but add visual height to your camper as well. Lighter curtains can help bring in more light to your space, you can use RV door interior sunshades and RV skylight insulators to control the amount of light that enters your van.

Bring in the Light

Speaking of light, use it strategically to make your rig look spacious and homey. RV LED strip lights are a great way to add accent lighting to your rig. Add the strip lights along the perimeter of the roof to bring in even, diffused light to your camper interior. You can also use the strip lights to create an underglow effect. Use warm light to make your rig look comfier and homey. Color-changing fairy lights can also add a bit of personality to your camper interior.

RV dining area

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls and cabinets of your camper can create the kind of drastic change that really adds personality to a camper. Paint the walls and cabinets white for a classic and chic look or go with accent colors. For example, classic white walls with forest green cabinetry add a trendy touch to your motorhome interior. You can also use wallpapers to achieve the same effect. Wallpapers can also be used to section different areas of your camper and add visual height.

Painted RV cabinets

Dress Up the Bed

Who says camper beds need to be boring? Dress up your camper bed by investing in some trendy new sheets. Some colorful bed pillows and a throw can bring life to a drab bed. Play with headboard decor to glam up your camper beds. Add a faux headboard to the camper bed and play with materials and textures to create the perfect fit. Fabric headboards are easy to DIY. You can also paint your headboards or even add latticework or tapestry to them.

RV bed headboard

Fix the Floors

One of the easiest ways to dress up the interior of your rig is to fix the floors. Don't worry this doesn't require any kind of heavy lifting. You can easily find peel and stick floor tiles that can help you upgrade your motorhome floors in no time with little effort. Lighter floors can make your space look more open but they are also difficult to keep clean. You can play with different colors, textures, and designs to create a customized rig floor design that makes your camper stand out from the rest.

Black and White RV Decor

Multi-Tasking Decor

#RVlife is all about multitasking decor that looks amazing but also serves a purpose. Hanging planters, basket-woven bins, artsy peg-boards that double as mug and utensil holders, and woven fruit baskets are all examples of multitasking decor in your RV. Let your creative juices fly and come with functional yet artsy decor ideas. How about a magnetic backsplash for the kitchen that looks bomb but also protects the spice jars? Take a look at some other space-saving ideas for RV organization.

RV kitchenette

Create an Outdoor Living Space

RV decor isn't just about the indoor living space, it also encompasses how you use the outdoor area to create a wholesome living experience. Play with different awning fabrics and textures to keep with the theme you have chosen for RV indoor. A cute outdoor RV rug, RV step covers, trendy lawn furniture, and awning lights make all the difference to your outdoor living space. Add a portable fire pit and marshmallows to this mix and you are in for an amazing camping experience whenever you feel like it. An RV trim molding replacement can also help spruce up your camper. You can easily learn how to replace RV trim molding to take up the task yourself.

RV outdoor space

Double-Duty Furniture

Why should RV decor do all the heavy lifting when it comes to multitasking? RV furniture should also pitch in. An island bed that doubles as a work table or couch bed are great examples of multitasking, space-saving furniture. Stackable dining tables and chairs and hollow furniture that doubles as storage are RV staples that can help you make the most of your space.

RV bunk beds

Choose a Theme

Nothing says stylish more than a cohesive design. Visualize what you want your camper to look like and create a mood board/s first to organize your creative thoughts. Choosing a theme and sticking with it can help you upgrade your RV interior effectively and efficiently. It will also help you narrow down on what you need to customize your space, how much money it will take, and how much effort you'll need to put in.

Camper van interior


The good thing about camper interiors is that they allow you to play with different creative ideas without breaking the bank. A small footprint means there's limited furniture and other items you can store in the camper, which also means you can spend more on that one bespoke item that really reflects your personality. DIYing a lot of the decor gives you the freedom to go down any design avenue you want and make your camper really stand out from the rest.

Retro camper van

The Last Word

Instead of overwhelming yourself by looking at amazing RV interior decor ideas on Pinterest, try to narrow down your design goals into small, achievable, targets. If your main goal is to create more space then stick to lighter tones, minimalistic furniture, and recessed storage so your living space looks and feels more open. If you want to go edgy, choose bold colors and patterns and choose accent designs. Experiment with different ideas till you find one that sticks. Happy Decorating!


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