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10 Smart RV Pantry Storage Ideas

Good organization is the key to a functional pantry. Here are some tips and tricks to organize your RV pantry efficiently.

RV pantry organization

Embarking on an RV adventure offers a unique blend of freedom and exploration, allowing you to take your home wherever the road leads. But those who have spent time living life on wheels know that RV living comes with its own set of challenges, one of the most prominent being the lack of space. That’s why when it comes to setting up spaces in your RV - say, your RV pantry - most RVers are baffled. Where do all the bottles, utensils and condiments go?

In the compact confines of an RV, space optimization is essential, and that's where the magic of clever pantry storage ideas and accessories comes into play. Check out our unique, useful, and convenient RV pantry organization ideas to learn how you can make the most of limited cabinet spaces. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

How Do I Layout My RV Pantry?

Designing an efficient RV pantry layout is essential for optimizing storage and ensuring that everything stays organized while you're on the road. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to lay out an RV pantry:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Before you begin designing your RV pantry, assess your storage needs. Consider the types of food items, cookware, utensils, and other items you'll need to store.

  2. Empty and Clean: Remove all items from your pantry to start with a clean slate. This also gives you a chance to declutter and discard expired or unused items.

  3. Measure the Space: Measure the dimensions of your pantry space, including its width, height, and depth. These measurements will guide your shelving and storage solutions.

  4. Shelf Height Consideration: When designing your pantry shelves, keep in mind the height of the items you'll be storing. Reserve taller spaces for items like cereal boxes or cooking oil, while shorter shelves can accommodate canned goods or spices.

  5. Utilize Vertical Space: Install vertical dividers or separators to make the most of the height in your pantry. This allows you to stack items and use the entire pantry space efficiently.

RV Pantry Storage Ideas

Here are 10 smart ways to organize your RV pantry the right way.

Go For Adjustable Shelves

adjustable shelf

Have you ever struggled to fit those oddly shaped jars or big cereal boxes into your RV pantry? It's like trying to solve a puzzle that doesn't quite fit. That's where adjustable shelving swoops in to save the day. These nifty shelves let you customize the spacing to accommodate all shapes and sizes. From tall olive oil bottles to tiny spice jars, adjustable shelving makes sure that your pantry is no longer a conundrum; it's a versatile haven for your culinary adventures.

Use Pull-Out Drawers and Baskets

pull out drawers

With some pull-out drawers and wire baskets, never again will you be rooting around your pantry, desperately hunting for ingredients at the back of the shelf. These RV pantry organizers are a clever addition that help you to transform your pantry into an organized wonderland that brings everything in your cupboards well within reach with a simple tug. Simply slide them out, grab what you need, and slide them back in. No more playing hide and seek with your pantry items.

Cabinet Door Organizers Are Your Secret Weapon


The inside of your cabinet doors is often wasted space, with much potential, that can be utilized when you desperately need more room in the pantry on your long-haul trips. This is where cabinet door organizers come into play. They're like the secret agents of pantry storage; stick on some spice racks, use adhesive hooks for kitchen cloths or put up magnetic organizers to store utensils, and watch your pantry's hidden potential unfold. Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to more room in your pantry.

Lazy Susans FTW

lazy susan

A Lazy Susan is an ingenious solution for RV pantry storage, offering easy access to items at the back of shelves without the need to unload everything. Its rotating design maximizes limited space, making it an efficient choice for organizing condiments, spices, canned goods, and other pantry essentials in your RV. Installation is straightforward, typically involving attachment to a shelf, and they come in various materials and styles to suit your RV's interior.

Ditch Packaging for Containers


When traveling, your RV pantry can become a muddled space of half-empty, crumpled packages, making cooking a challenge every time. But you can transform your pantry with a simple trick – ditching packaging for containers. This strategy is like giving your pantry a makeover. By transferring the pantry staples from their original, space-hogging packaging into clear, airtight containers, you're simplifying your pantry life. You no longer have to rummage through torn bags or worry about pests infiltrating your supplies.

Hang up Fruit and Vegetable Baskets


Fresh produce is a must for healthy meals on the road, but it can monopolize your limited counter and table space with hefty baskets. Enter the hanging fruit and vegetable basket—a brilliant space-saving solution. These baskets hang from the ceiling or inside your pantry door, allowing you to store fruits and veggies in a way that frees up precious countertop real estate. This allows you to not only remember to use them up before they rot but also keeps your kitchen looking tidy and well-organized.

Use Tension Rod Dividers

tension rod dividers

RV pantries, especially while in transit, can quickly become disarrayed with items shifting and jumbling around, causing frustration and potential spillage while on the road. Tension rod dividers then become your ultimate pantry problem-solvers. These versatile rods, when strategically placed, create partitions within your pantry shelves, acting as sturdy barriers preventing items like cutting boards, baking sheets, and pot lids from sliding and colliding, maintaining order and minimizing chaos. Easy to install, adjustable, and remarkably effective.

Drawer Organizers Are Your New Best Friends

drawer organizer

Having to find your utensils and cutlery in the RV pantry drawers is always a battle against time when you have food on the stove or it’s waiting for you on the table, especially when they seem to have waged war on each other inside the drawers. Making or buying dividers and organizers is a sure-shot way of making sense of and separating the silverware as they make peace between all your crockery. Now each fork and knife has its designated spot within the separators so there’s no more clattering battles every time you open a drawer.

Label Everything


After you’ve categorized items or transferred them into containers, the next issue is the labels. If you’ve bought yourself see-through units, you’ve made your life easy, but with opaque boxes, it’s always a hit-and-miss when looking for specific items. Thus, a labeling system for your pantry containers, shelves, and drawers brings clarity to the chaos in your kitchen. You'll navigate your pantry like a seasoned explorer with a treasure map, and your pantry will be a beacon of organization!

Use Compact Appliances

rv appliances

Often buying bulky kitchen appliances can dominate your RV kitchen counter and pantry space, but with newer models of certain brands, that’s not an issue anymore. Plus compact alternatives are all the rage nowadays. A smaller microwave or a combo microwave-convection oven can work culinary magic in tight spaces, giving you more room to breathe and cook up a storm all while on the move.

Best RV Pantry Storage Accessories

Here are our top recommendations for RV pantry storage accessories that will not only help you save space but also transform your pantry into a well-organized and efficient space. Time to revamp your RV pantry and there’s no better accessories to use than these!

These nifty containers are like magic for your pantry. They collapse down to a fraction of their size when empty, saving you precious space in your RV. When it's time to store leftovers or dry goods, simply expand them to their full capacity. They're lightweight, airtight, and perfect for keeping your pantry organized and your food fresh on the road.

Price: $34.98

Spice organization can be a real challenge in an RV, but these magnetic spice tins are here to rescue your taste buds. They come with a magnetic backing, allowing you to stick them to the inside of your cabinet door or to a magnetic board. This means no more rummaging through a jumble of spice jars to find the one you need. They keep your spices organized, accessible, and add a touch of culinary flair to your pantry.

Price: $25.29

Vertical space optimization is key in an RV pantry, and pull-out pantry shelves are your secret weapon. These shelves slide out smoothly, allowing you to access items at the back of your cabinets with ease. No more dismantling your pantry just to find that elusive can of soup. They help you keep everything in order and make the most of your cabinet space. You may also check out this slim slide-out shelf that can help you utilize those tight spots, like the gap between your counter and refrigerator, effectively maximizing every inch of your RV pantry’s available space.

Price: $58.99

The back of your pantry door is an often-overlooked space, but it can be a game-changer with the right organizer. An over-the-door organizer comes with pockets or shelves, giving you extra storage real estate for spices, snacks, or even kitchen tools. It's like having a mini-pantry right within your pantry, making it easy to access frequently used items. Of course, the fact that your scooped up bottles are on full display for easy picking is an added bonus!

Price: $27.50

Making the most of your kitchen's corner spaces is a smart strategy to ensure no space goes underutilized. A corner counter shelf is a clever device designed to optimize these areas by offering multiple layers of shelving, effectively transforming these typically overlooked corners into valuable storage real estate. Whether placed on your countertop or tucked inside a cabinet, it provides a tidy arrangement for spices, condiments, and even kitchenware. Think of it as a dedicated personal assistant for your kitchen, that ensures that no inch of space goes unused.

Price: $15.99

Upgrade your RV kitchen organization with these cool magnetic spice jars that are the perfect solution for maximizing your limited pantry space while keeping your spices within easy reach. Designed with RV enthusiasts in mind, these sleek and space-saving spice jars are a must-have addition to your mobile kitchen. Each spice jar is equipped with a strong magnetic base that adheres securely to any metal surface, making it incredibly versatile. Attach them to the inside of your pantry door, the refrigerator, or any other magnetic surface in your RV for efficient space utilization.

Price: $34.99

If you’re one of those RVers who like to pack plenty of canned food items or beer cans, this product is a must-buy for you! Crafted from sturdy metal with a chrome finish, this can rack is built to withstand the demands of RV travel. It's both durable and easy to clean, making it a reliable addition to your mobile kitchen. It’s also designed to accommodate a variety of can sizes, as seen in its adjustable dividers that can be customized to fit different types of canned goods. From soups to vegetables to pet food, it can hold them all. The angled shelves also make it easy to see and access your canned goods, so you can quickly locate the item you need without rummaging through your pantry.

Price: $20.47


Every day you live in an RV is a game of space-saving and organization. It’s time to change how you look at RV space and start optimizing it to your best ability and creativity. Use our tried and tested tips and products to get the RV pantry of your dreams. Check out the RV pantry storage accessories and give your space a makeover. Happy RV re-organizing!


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