How To Keep Your RV Cool In the Summer

With the summer months ahead of us we are super excited for the warm weather! But when it is time to get out of the heat we want to cozy up into a cool space. Keeping an RV cool continuous while saving on energy can be a challenge. there are several ways to keep your RV cooler and maintain a temperature that is comfortable for you and your family. Let us check out some tips, tricks, and products that will make a great addition to your camper with the summer approaching.

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Start off by planning where you are going to park within your destination. Choosing a shady spot is no-brainer, but if you only have partial shade, try to park your RV so the refrigerator vents and the A/C unit are covered. Also, try to park your RV so the largest windows receive the least amount of full sun.

Covers, Insulators and Sunshades

Do your best to cover your widows and keep areas where light can get in shaded. Utilize your awning and blinds during the day. Keep windows closed during the day. Some products that you may want to consider are windshield cover, door/window shades, skylight insulators and vent covers. These are all items that are going to seal and block out areas that sun gets in and cool air may seep out.

Things You Can Do

Keep your A/C filters clean to allow for proper airflow. Don’t constantly heat your RV by cooking all of your meals inside. Instead, plan a few meals that you can grill or otherwise cook outside. Outdoor cooking will keep your RV cooler, but it’s also a great way to enjoy nature while you eat. Swap out regular light bulbs for LED lightbulbs that stay cooler and use less energy.

Happy future travels to you and stay cool!!

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