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Class B vs Class C Motorhome 

Larger motorhome or smaller van? Learn all about Class B and Class C motorhomes, what makes them different and which to choose.

Class B vs Class C Motorhome

Are you torn between the sleek maneuverability of a Class B and the spacious comfort of a Class C motorhome? Well, you're not alone! Choosing the perfect rig for your road-tripping adventures can feel a bit like picking your favorite flavor of ice cream—each option offers its unique blend of perks and quirks.

In this blog, we're diving headfirst into the debate of Class B vs Class C motorhomes. From compact convenience to roomy road warriors, let's unpack the pros and cons of these two iconic RV styles. So buckle up, fellow nomads, and let's embark on this thrilling journey together!


An Overview of Class B & C Motorhomes

Before we delve into the nitty gritty of the two classes of RVs. Let’s first understand the general difference between a Class B and a Class C motorhome.

What are Class B Motorhomes?

Class B motorhomes, also called Class B RV vans, are the nimble adventurers of the RV world. Compact and versatile, these pint-sized marvels offer a cozy yet efficient living space, perfect for solo travelers or couples seeking the freedom to roam wherever the road may lead. Despite Class B’s being some of the shortest motorhomes, they pack a punch with their maneuverability, allowing drivers to navigate narrow streets and squeeze into tight camping spots with ease.

You'll also find cleverly designed interior layouts in the Class B RVs, that make the most of every inch, typically featuring a small kitchenette, a snug sleeping area, and sometimes these tiny Class B motorhomes may even have a compact bathroom.

What are Class C Motorhomes?

In contrast, Class C motorhomes are the spacious giants of the open road. Built on a truck or van chassis with an extended cab section over the driver's compartment, these motorhomes offer a roomy living space that can comfortably accommodate larger families or travel groups. With their distinct over-cab sleeping area, Class C motorhomes maximize interior space, providing separate sleeping quarters, a full kitchen, a bathroom with more amenities, and sometimes even slide-out sections to expand the living area when parked.

While they may lack the agility of their Class B counterparts, Class C motorhomes compensate with their generous amenities and creature comforts, making them a popular choice for those who prioritize space and convenience on their RV adventures.


What is the difference between Class B & Class C Motorhomes?

Now that you know what Class C & Class B motorhomes consist of, let’s draw a comparison between their features. Here is a comprehensive comparison between Class C RVs and Class B RVs that would provide much-needed guidance when choosing between the two.


Class B motorhomes, which often resemble large vans, offer compactness ideal for solo travelers or couples. These rigs prioritize mobility without sacrificing comfort, making them versatile for various adventures. In contrast, Class C motorhomes, with their larger and more spacious design, resemble trucks or vans with extended cab sections. This increased size provides ample interior space, catering to larger families or travel groups seeking comfort on the road.


Since class B motorhomes have a smaller size and fewer amenities they offer a more budget-friendly option for RV enthusiasts. These rigs provide practicality without compromising on quality, making them accessible to those with modest budgets. Conversely, Class C motorhomes come with a higher price tag, reflecting their larger size, expanded amenities, and additional living space. This increased cost caters to travelers who prioritize comfort and convenience during their adventures.

Floor Plans

Class B motorhomes feature streamlined floor plans, typically comprising a single open living area that maximizes functionality within a compact space. These layouts prioritize efficiency and versatility, making them suitable for solo travelers or couples. In contrast, Class C motorhomes boast a diverse range of floor plans, offering separate sleeping areas, dinettes, and occasionally slide-out sections to expand living space when parked. This variety caters to travelers seeking customizable accommodations to fit their specific needs and preferences.


Class B motorhomes provide essential amenities in a compact package, featuring a small kitchenette, compact bathroom, and sleeping area to meet basic needs on the road. While modest in comparison, these amenities offer convenience and comfort for travelers prioritizing mobility and simplicity. In contrast, Class C motorhomes offer a broader range of amenities, including larger kitchens, more spacious bathrooms, separate sleeping areas, and sometimes entertainment systems or slide-out sections. These enhanced features cater to travelers seeking a more luxurious and comfortable RVing experience during their adventures. 


Class B motorhomes excel in maneuverability, offering a nimble driving experience ideal for navigating narrow roads and squeezing into tight camping spots with ease. Their compact size and van-like handling make them a popular choice for adventurers seeking flexibility on diverse terrains. On the other hand, Class C motorhomes, while less maneuverable than Class B, still provide decent drivability suitable for most roads. However, travelers may need to exercise more caution in tight spaces and parking situations due to their larger size and extended cab sections.


Top Five Class B & Class C Motorhomes

Now to the best part - choosing a motorhome! There are plenty of choices in the market for both Class B & Class C motorhomes and we have rounded up the top picks. Consider their features and price points to see if they fit your needs, and you’re good to go!


The Thor Class B motorhome stands out with its sleek and modern design that boasts a high-quality interior finish which exudes indulgence on the road. This luxury class B motorhome is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, and it not only offers excellent fuel efficiency but also provides remarkable ease of maneuverability. Its compact size makes it particularly well-suited for urban exploration and spontaneous weekend getaways, appealing to those seeking adventure without the hassle of a larger RV.

However, it's important to note that Thor Class B RV does have limited interior space compared to larger Class C motorhomes, which may pose challenges for larger families or groups. The sleeping arrangements, while cozy, may feel tight for some travelers but some recent Thor Motorhomes are also being fitted with twin beds that sleep 4 in the RV. Overall, the Thor Motor Coach Sequence is best suited for weekend warriors and urban adventurers looking for a stylish and nimble RV for short trips and city escapes. 


The Coachmen Beyond stands out for its spacious and versatile interior, providing ample storage, a full kitchen, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and even a compact bathroom, making it a Class B plus motorhome than just a Class B. Additionally, this Dodge Class B motorhome is built on a Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis, which ensures a smooth ride and easy maneuverability, catering to both urban streets and off-grid adventures.

Its modern features and stylish design elevate the travel experience, making it an ideal choice for extended journeys. However, the Coachmen Class B RV’s higher price point compared to other camper vans might deter budget-conscious travelers, and this large Class B motorhome may pose a challenge when parking in tight spaces, requiring more strategic planning during stops.

MB Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter stands as a beacon of reliability, fuel efficiency, and luxury within the realm of camper vans. Renowned for its durable build and advanced safety features, this Mercedes Class B RV promises a secure and comfortable driving experience ideal for long-distance journeys. Its versatility shines through with multiple configurations available, ranging from passenger and cargo vans to RV conversions, catering to diverse travel needs, also putting it with other motorhomes in the Class B+ category.

However, its initial cost may present a barrier for budget-conscious travelers, and its larger size might pose challenges when maneuvering through narrow or congested areas, requiring careful navigation in urban settings.

Four winds

The Four Winds Class C motorhome epitomizes spaciousness and comfort, making it an ideal choice for families or travel groups seeking ample living quarters on the road. Equipped with multiple slide-out sections, it maximizes interior space, offering separate sleeping areas, a full kitchen, bathroom, and entertainment systems for added convenience. Built on a sturdy Ford or Chevy chassis, it ensures reliable performance and towing capabilities, catering to both road trips and camping adventures.

However, its larger size may pose challenges when maneuvering in tight spaces, requiring extra caution during navigation. Additionally, its higher fuel consumption compared to smaller campervans may impact long-term travel budgets.


The Gulf Stream Conquest, a Class C motorhome, stands out for its versatility and affordability, offering a range of floor plans that include slide-out sections for increased living space, catering to various travel preferences. With its budget-friendly price point, the Conquest provides an accessible option for those seeking the comforts of RV living without breaking the bank. Additionally, it's well-insulated for all-season camping, ensuring comfort in any weather condition.

However, some travelers may find that the interior finishes are more basic compared to higher-end models. Despite this, the Gulf Stream Conquest remains a popular choice for budget-conscious adventurers looking for a reliable and comfortable RV for their travels.



Whether you're drawn to the compact charm of a Class B or the spacious living of a Class C, there's no wrong choice when it comes to hitting the road in style. Be sure to do your own market research and know about your RV needs before making the final decision. Happy travels!


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