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10 Best Motorhome Brands

Updated: Jul 10

Not all motorhomes are created equal. Here is our roundup of the top RV brands of the year to help you make an informed decision.

Best RV Brands of 2022

RV traveling is a world of its own. The lifestyle has gained plenty of popularity over the years, and that means a growth of the RV industry as well. Choosing the best RV brand can be difficult for new RVers or those looking to upgrade to a newer model. Some look for luxury RVs, while other RVers may have an eye for models that are easier on the pocket.

With so many RV brands in the market, it can be tricky to choose a brand that is reputable, reliable, and delivers quality. But fret not - because we have done the groundwork for you! We have narrowed down the best RV brands in the market. Read through our guide and find the RV you are looking for!

What To Look For When Buying An RV

  • RV reviews:

RV reviews are a great insight into a user’s experience with their motorhome. If you surf through the right sites and apps, you can find a lot of information about what RVers love about their vehicles and what issues they come with. While it’s smart to take reviews with a grain of salt, the average scores and ratings can give you a good general idea of what to expect from the RV brand.

  • RV build quality:

An RV might have all the right utilities, technology, and features you could want, but that does not mean that all those utilities would work well and reliably. That is why RVers should look into an RV company’s manufacturing, testing, and inspection processes. Running into issues in your RV is a given, but it is still better to choose an RV brand that has a reputation and name for good quality products.

  • Dealerships:

Having a good dealer makes your RV life easier. RVers purchase their motorhomes from the dealership, and this relationship stays for the duration of your motorhome’s life. RV dealers can refuse to repair or entertain RVs that were not bought from their dealership, and they can just as well give their own RVs a fast track to repairs. Please have a good look at RV dealerships when RV shopping, particularly about how they treat RVers before and after sales.

  • In-person inspection:

It is easy to like the fancy, bright, and shiny pictures of RVs you may see on brand websites. But nothing compares to seeing the RV in reality. You can see the floor plan, its measurements, the space available, and the bathrooms properly and see if they match your expectations. If you are a serious buyer, you can even ask for a test drive of the vehicle to get a better feel of it and the build quality. RVs are a substantial investment, so don’t balk at inspecting your product first!

10 Best RV Brands

Looking for the most reliable RV brands in the market? Look no further, here is our list of the most popular RV brands this year.


Airstream is one of the most famous RV companies out there. Its motor vehicles come in a timeless design - bullet-shaped aluminum travel trailers - and in many sizes too. The best-selling models are the Flying Cloud and Classic trailers, and the Interstate Class B line. It has a high rating on RV sites and is known to have fewer vehicular issues than other RV brands because of its quality build. The only cons are that it is slightly expensive and requires extra care for the exterior.


  • Durability: Airstreams are known for their durable aluminum construction, ensuring longevity.

  • Aerodynamic Design: The aerodynamic shape contributes to fuel efficiency and a timeless aesthetic.

  • Interior Style: Airstream interiors often blend modern and classic design elements.


  • Price: Airstreams generally come with a higher price tag compared to some other brands.

  • Interior Space: Some models might have limited interior space in comparison to larger RVs.

Grand Design RV

This RV brand has a stellar reputation for fantastic RV build quality and great customer service. The brand has its manufacturing in Indiana and rolls out an RV line that includes trailers, medium-duty trucks, toy haulers, and fifth wheels. These RVs are popular among RV veterans as well as new RVers. What sets Grand Design apart is its rigorous and minute RV quality assurance process that delivers reliable results. It has positive reviews within the RV community and good after-sales service. However, the only downside is that it only makes towable.


  • Quality Construction: Grand Design is known for its commitment to quality construction and materials.

  • Extended Warranties: The brand often provides extended warranties, showcasing confidence in its products.


  • Price: Higher-end models may come with a steeper price tag.

Oliver Travel Trailers

The Oliver family produces unique, high-quality travel trailers with double-shelled fiberglass and a composite hull. Their construction method gives the RVs an aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic structure. More practically, the design offers insulation, strength, durability, and easy maintenance to RVers. Oliver’s products are well-trusted with their high quality, construction, and longevity, so it is a smart investment. The only con to keep in mind is that most of its tows can only fit up to three people, which will be a dealbreaker for larger RV families.


  • Fiberglass Construction: Oliver's trailers are built with fiberglass, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Off-Grid Capability: Many models come equipped for off-grid adventures, with solar options and energy-efficient systems.


  • Price: The quality and features come with a relatively higher price point compared to some competitors.

  • Limited Variety: Oliver specializes in travel trailers, so options for different types of RVs are limited.


The Newmar line operates for RVers looking for luxurious motorhomes. It offers premium Class A and Super C motorhomes with high-end features and homely comforts. These include smart appliances, tiled floors, polished countertops, and bay windows for morning coffee with a view! Predictably, the brand has a high-tier budget, but the vehicle quality is good and the paint finish is durable and attractive.


  • Handcrafted Quality: Newmar is celebrated for its handcrafted approach, ensuring attention to detail and quality.

  • Innovative Features: The brand incorporates cutting-edge technology and features into its luxury models.


  • Price: As expected with luxury, Newmar's models are among the higher-priced in the market.

  • Limited Entry-Level Options: Newmar's primary focus is on luxury, so entry-level options might be limited.

Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin is another luxury RV brand. Unlike Newmar, it only manufactures Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Tiffin RVs have great quality control, rigorous performance testing, spacious ceilings and floor plans, and access to parts shipping. Of course, its range is quite expensive, but you can personalize your RV the way you like!


  • Luxurious Interiors: Tiffin is known for its opulent interiors, often featuring high-end materials and finishes.

  • Customization: Buyers often have the option to customize certain aspects of their Tiffin RV for a personalized touch.


  • Price Point: Tiffin's luxury comes with a higher price, making them an investment for serious RV enthusiasts.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Larger models might be less fuel-efficient compared to smaller counterparts.

keystone RV

Keystone RV has been a prominent player in the RV industry, producing a diverse range of travel trailers and fifth wheels. Recognized for innovation and quality, Keystone offers various models catering to different lifestyles and preferences.


  • Wide Range: Keystone provides a broad spectrum of RVs, from lightweight towables to spacious fifth wheels.

  • Innovative Features: Many Keystone models feature innovative amenities and designs.


  • Quality Control: Some users have reported inconsistencies in build quality, emphasizing the importance of thorough inspection.


With a legacy dating back to 1968, Jayco has become synonymous with quality RVs. Offering everything from pop-up campers to luxurious Class A motorhomes, Jayco focuses on craftsmanship and innovation to meet the diverse needs of RV enthusiasts.


  • Family-Friendly: Jayco produces family-oriented RVs with floor plans that prioritize comfort and convenience.

  • Warranty: The brand is known for offering one of the best warranties in the industry, providing peace of mind to buyers.


  • Price: While providing value, Jayco's premium features can result in a relatively higher price point.


As one of the largest manufacturers of RVs in North America, Thor Motor Coach produces a variety of motorhomes, from compact Class B vans to spacious Class A models. Known for innovation and a wide model range, Thor appeals to a broad audience.


  • Innovation: Thor often integrates cutting-edge technologies and designs into its motorhomes.

  • Diverse Options: With a wide range of models, buyers can find a Thor RV that suits their specific needs.


  • Quality Control: Like many large manufacturers, there have been occasional reports of inconsistencies in build quality.


Winnebago is a household name in the RV industry, offering a wide range of motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. With a history dating back to the 1950s, Winnebago combines a legacy of experience with innovation, providing options for RVers of all preferences.


  • Versatility: Winnebago caters to various preferences, from compact campervans to spacious Class A motorhomes.

  • Innovative Features: The brand integrates innovative technologies and designs across its diverse lineup.


  • Entry-Level Models: While there are affordable options, some entry-level models might lack certain features found in higher-end RVs.

  • Build Quality: In some models, especially at the lower price range, the build quality might not match the higher-priced competitors.

forest river

Forest River is a giant in the RV industry, offering an extensive lineup of travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes. With numerous brands under its umbrella, Forest River caters to various preferences and budgets.


  • Diverse Brands: Forest River's diverse brand portfolio provides options for different tastes and requirements.

  • Affordable Options: The brand offers a range of affordable RVs without compromising on features.


  • Build Quality: While there are high-quality options, some entry-level models might have variations in build quality.

What are the Best RV Brands per RV Category?

We gave you a roundup of the best brands of RV in general, but what is the best RV brand as per RV category? Read on as we break it down.

Best Fifth-Wheel RV Brand

Gand Design

Grand Design has earned a reputation as one of the best RV trailers brands, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their fifth wheels often feature spacious and well-designed interiors, along with innovative amenities that cater to the needs of both full-time RVers and vacationers.

Best Class C RV Brand


Winnebago is a stalwart in the RV industry, and its Class C motorhomes are celebrated for their blend of comfort, innovation, and reliability. With a focus on delivering a smooth driving experience and versatile floor plans, Winnebago Class C RVs are popular among a wide range of RV enthusiasts.

Best Class A RV Brand

Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes stands out as a premier Class A RV brand, renowned for its luxurious and high-end motorhomes. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Tiffin's Class A models often feature spacious interiors, upscale amenities, and top-notch construction, making them a choice for those seeking a deluxe RV lifestyle.

Best Camper RV Brand


Airstream is an iconic brand in the camper RV category, recognized for its distinctive silver bullet design. Airstream campers blend timeless aesthetics with modern functionality, offering a cozy and efficient living space. Renowned for durability, Airstream campers are a symbol of the nomadic lifestyle.


We have rounded up the best RV brands of the year for you, now it’s up to you to find the one that suits your needs! From unique designs to luxury RVs, this list is diverse in its selection. Get all the required information you need, take virtual RV tours, read up on reviews, and visit your vehicle if possible before making the big decision. With the right RV, there is nothing better than the RV lifestyle!



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