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RV Spring Cleaning Checklist; Get Your RV Ready for the Road

Updated: Mar 16

It is that time of the year! Clean your RV from top to bottom, clear out the junk, and get ready to hit the road. Downloadable RV spring cleaning checklist inside.

Cleaning the RV

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to prep your RV for new adventures ahead. Whether you had stored your RV for the winter or winterized it for winter travel, it is now time to dust, clean, maintain, and ready your motorhome for the summer months ahead. While cleaning RV from head to toe may seem like a daunting task but don't worry, we'll walk you through the basics here.

Step 1: Inspect and Analyze Your RV

The first step to a clean RV is to check which areas of the motorhome need the most attention.

Check the RV Exterior

If your RV was in storage, start by removing the RV cover and inspecting the outside of the RV. Inspect the shell for any scratches or faded color, check the tires for any damage, and take a look at the roof for any drips or leaks. Next, open up the bumper and check the RV engine. Inspect the RV underbelly and see if all connections, wires, and pipes are secure. If you have a Class A or Class C motorhome, open up the exterior storage cabins and inspect for damage. If you have an outdoor RV kitchen, make sure to thoroughly check each nook and cranny including all gas connections.

Check the RV Interior

Open all the windows, slide outs, and other moveable parts of the RV so you can get a better look. If you had covered all the RV furniture while the RV was in storage, remove the covers. Open all cabinets and drawers and check if whatever was packed in there is in good shape. Check all electronic items including your TVs, refrigerator, ovens, and more. Look for cracks in the wall or floor. Inspect for any rodent droppings. Check if there were any leakages in your RV. Give the RV a once-over and mark down all the things that will need some extra care.

Step 2: Clean the RV Exterior

Start your RV spring cleaning by washing and prepping the RV exterior. You can do this yourself by getting some RV safe cleaning products or looking for an RV cleaning service to wash, wax, and maintain your RV.

  • Check the seams and seals on the RV roof and apply a sealant to close up the ones you find. Clean the RV roof thoroughly

  • Clean the RV shell. You can use any commercial RV exterior cleaner for this

  • Clean the awnings, side toppers, and pop-up tents

  • Check the tire pressure and rotate or replace your RV tires. Thoroughly wash the tires

  • Clean out and organize the RV basement compartments. Give them a good wash before packing stuff in them

  • Wash all outdoor RV furniture you have including camping chairs, tables, outdoor RV rug, and more

  • Check and top-up the engine oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering, brake fluids, and engine coolants

  • Check the RV generator, clean it with a dry washcloth and add new generator oil

  • Check and replace the coach batteries

  • Lubricate all moving parts of the RV including slide rails and hinges

  • Dewinterize the RV holding tank system

  • Wax the RV shell

Step 3: Prep the RV Interior

Get your RV road-ready by thoroughly cleaning, overhauling, and organizing the RV interior. You can easily do this by getting your RV cleaning supplies in order and scrub, scrub, scrub.

  • Sort through all drawers and cabinets in your RV. Re-evaluate all the items you own and only keep the ones you need. Giveaway the rest

  • Clean out the kitchen pantry. Through away expired, melted, or busted up food. Organize the pantry to make the best use of the space

  • Clean all electronic devices you use in the kitchen including the refrigerator. Take out all the food inside the refrigerator before cleaning the shelves and wall

  • Clean the RV bathroom shower curtain and door. Take the curtain down and wash it in a washing machine. Dry it before re-hanging

  • Clean the shower drain with baking soda or vinegar. Clean the toilet bowl thoroughly

  • Organize all cabinets inside the RV bathroom

  • Remove all the linens from the RV mattress and wash them in the washing machine

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the RV mattress. Remove any stains by using water and Dawn. Flip the mattress

  • Wash the pillows and pillow covers in the washing machine

  • Vacuum all RV furniture and rugs

  • Remove all curtains and wash them before re-hanging

  • Dust all pillows and cushions

  • Use a multi-purpose surface cleaner to clean the floor, roof, and other surfaces inside the RV including kitchen islands and tables

  • Use a glass cleaner to clean all the windows

  • Apply lube to all the hinges including those on the door, windows, and slides

  • Reorganize your RV dash, clean it with disinfectant wipes, and then condition it to safeguard against the sun (do the same for your leather furniture)

  • Light a scented candle or use your favorite scented spray inside the RV once you're done to make your RV smell fresh

Here is an RV cleaning list from the RVGeeks to help you out.

Step 4: Give the RV Time to Get Settled

Once your RV has been scrubbed, washed, cleaned, and organized, give it a day before you move in. The idea is to let all wet surfaces dry and all odors dissipate before you start using the RV. It is a good idea to spring clean your RV over a few days like the weekend so you can wash it first and while it dries you can work on the engine and holding tanks. This way you don't get frazzled by all the work you have to do while giving your RV ample time to be dry and ready.

Step 5: Hit the Road!

Now that your RV is all clean and set, it is time to take it out for a drive. We have a huge collection of resources to help you plan an amazing RV trip, check them out here.

Download the Latch.It RV Spring Cleaning Checklist here

RV Spring Cleaning Checklist
Download • 1.62MB



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