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10 Storage Ideas for RV Closets: Organize Your RV Closet

Organize your RV closet the right way. Here are 10 RV closet storage hacks that can help you make the most of the tiny space.

RV closet organization

Just like in all other parts of your RV, space is scarce in an RV closet. RV closets are much smaller than the ones you find in even a very small apartment. This means you have to be very careful about how you utilize the scant space you have. Here are some storage tips and tricks we have picked up over the years to help you organize your RV closet efficiently.

Hanging Storage Solutions

Hanging clothes organizer in RV closet

Hanging organizers are the best way to utilize the small space inside your RV closet. You can use cubed hanging organizers available in different sizes to store everything from clothes to shoes and accessories. The sheer variety of sizes and shapes of these organizers in the market means you can easily find one that will fit your closet and match your needs. Hanging organizers on the RV closet rod frees up storage space both at the top and bottom of the closet. Collapsible or flexible hanging organizers are lightweight and don't take much space.

DIY RV Closet Shelves

DIY rv closet shelves

You won't find many RV closets with pre-installed shelves. But if you need them, here is a video explaining how to install RV closet shelves yourself. You can buy pre-made RV shelves from hardware stores around the US and follow the instructions provided to install them. This project does need some handiwork proficiency though. Another way to add shelf-like storage to your closet is to use plastic or wire closet dividers. These are pre-made stackable shelves that you can place inside your RV closet to mimic real shelving.

RV Closet Door Storage

RV closet door organization

When it comes to RV closet organization, the closet door should not be dismissed. You can attach suction hooks or command hooks to the door to hang everything from clothes to lightweight organizers like jewelry and tie hangers. You can also attach wire, fabric, or plastic baskets to the doors for added storage. Attaching a mesh sheet inside the RV door can give you a multi-purpose storage solution.

Layered Hangers

Layered hangers for RV closet

Another way to make the most of the limited RV closet space is to use layered hangers to hang clothing items like jeans, pants, skirts, and more. By utilizing the verticle storage space more efficiently you can free up more space inside the closet. Layered hangers are also great for hanging accessories like ties. Opt for slim closet hangers so you can use more hangers in a small space.

Foldable Closet Organizers

foldable closet organizer for RV closet

Foldable closet and door organizers are a great way to use the storage space inside your closet. You can use stackable closet organizers to store everything from clothes to shoes and even linen. The organizers are available in different sizes and sets so you have a lot of variety to choose from. They are lightweight and don't take much space when not filled. They are multi-purpose so the ones you aren't using in your closet can be used for storage elsewhere in your RV.

Vacuum Bags

vacuum bags for RV closet

If you are a full-time RV family then you must travel with seasonal clothes and accessories that need to be packed away at the end of every season. Vacuum bags are a great way to pack everything you don't need immediately. You can stack vacuum bags at the bottom of your closet or even at the bottom of your RV bed. Vacuum bags are perfect for packing bulky items like coats, sweaters, and bed linens.

Slim Dirty Clothes Hamper

dirty clothes hangar for rv closet

Where do you put your dirty clothes in an RV? Well, they go inside a dirty clothes hamper that you can hang in your RV closet. A slim dirty clothes hamper helps you keep the dirty laundry in one place instead of lying about everywhere. A hanging hamper will save the most space and you can hang it on the RV closet door as well. If you don't want to store your dirty clothes inside your closet you can also hang the hamper inside your RV bathroom.

Shelf Separators

plastic shelf separators for RV closet

Plastic shelf separators are a fuss-free way of organizing your RV closet. You can use the separators to delineate separate sections to your clothes and accessories on every closet shelf. Shelf separators take very little space but make your closet look neat, tidy, and organized. They can be easily moved to change the width and depth of each section.

Wire Cubbies

wire cubbies for RV closet

Closet organizers you buy for your motorhome have to be sturdy to handle all the moving about. Nothing says sturdy like wire cubbies that can fit inside your closet and give you more storage space. Wire cubbies are strong yet lightweight. They are available in different sizes so you can find ones that fit your closet space easily.

Tension Rod Shoe Organizer

If you'd rather store your shoes at the bottom of the RV closet than in a shoe hanger then you can use this simple DIY storage hack for shoe organization. You can use shower tension rods inside your closet to organize your shoes easily. There are many ways you can do this, here are some images for reference.

Happy Organizing!

Organizing your RV closet is a continuous process but getting the right closet organizers can make the process much smoother. For more RV organization inspo check out our guide to:

RV closet organization hacks


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