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RV Mattress Buying Guide: 5 Best RV Mattresses

Updated: Feb 29

Quality sleep can make or break your RV trip. Take a look at our RV mattress buying guide to get the best RV mattress for your needs.

RV mattress

It comes as a given that RV owners are big on travel. From inter-city to inter-state, around national parks and lakes and mountains, RV campers can now enjoy the luxury of their home on wheels anywhere. Of course, when you are on the road always between travels, getting the right amount of sleep is very important.

Quality sleep can make or break any trip. Returning to your RV after a day of adventures demands a good rest and if you are one of those people who are very particular about their sleep, mattress shopping can be a tough hill to climb. Lucky for you, we have scoured the wide web to bring you the best mattresses to enhance your RV experience. Read on to begin your journey of a lifetime of comfortable RV nights because we’re confident that by the end, you will have found the RV mattress perfect for you!

Types of RV Mattresses

RV bedroom

RV mattresses come in various sizes and materials. Now that we have shortlisted the properties you should look for when purchasing your RV mattress, let’s see what types of mattresses fit your bill of requirements and suit your preferences.


Foam mattresses can be made of memory foam or polyfoam. Foam mattresses are usually the most used because they prevent heat retention and are durable because of a high-density core. The unique selling point of foam mattresses is their cushion that relieves pressure, soothes aches, and contours the body shape to reduce tension.


Hybrid mattresses combine elements of foam, innerspring, and latex mattresses. Their comfort layers are breathable because of increased airflow, helping to regulate temperatures. This makes hybrid mattresses a great choice for RVers who are hot sleepers and traveling in warmer climates.


A latex mattress is an eco-friendly option. It can be made of natural, synthetic, or blended latex. Natural latex is durable and long-lasting and is available in two forms. Dunlop is the high density, heavy form, while Talalay is lighter. Latex is recommended for RVers exposed to more elements because it can withstand different climates well.


Innerspring mattresses have a coil support base and are thinner in profile than hybrid mattresses. Their selling point is their affordability, so if you are a value-minded RVer looking to invest in a comfortable, economical mattress, this one is for you.


Airbeds are air mattresses that have to be pumped by users. They are great for campers who like customizing the firmness levels of their mattress. Since their air can be inflated and deflated at will, the profile of the mattress can be adjusted and the mattress packed easily too.

RV Mattress Size Chart

RV mattresses come in many different sizes and dimensions. Check out the list below to see which one fits your RV space perfectly!

RV Bunk

Available dimensions:

28 inches x 75 inches

30 inches x 75 inches

30 inches x 80 inches

34 inches x 75 inches

35 inches x 79 inches

RV Twin

Available dimensions:

38 inches x 75 inches

38 inches x 80 inches

39 inches x 75 inches

40 inches x 80 inches

RV Full Mattress

Width: 53-55 inches

Length: 75 inches

RV King Size Mattress

Width: 72 inches

Length: 80 inches

RV Short King Mattress

Width: 72 inches

Length: 75 inches

RV California King

Width: 72 inches

Length: 84 inches

RV Standard Queen Size Mattress

Width: 60 inches

Length: 80 inches

RV Three Quarter Queen Size Mattress

Width: 48 inches

Length: 75 inches

What to Look for in an RV Mattress

rv bunk mattress

RV mattresses are not the same as regular mattresses. Buyers have to consider several aspects before finding the perfect match. Will it fit in your motorhome or occupy more space than you have? Will it fit in your budget? Will it be too hefty to move around? Will you wake up feeling fully rested for the day ahead, or grouchy? You may consider a hundred other questions if you want to feel overwhelmed, but panicking is for the weak. So keep your cool and check out the list below, because it’s got all the factors you need to consider when mattress shopping:


RVs are all about the size. Most motorhomes have bunk beds, pop-up trailers, or folding beds. A wide selection of RV mattress sizes exist, like RV bunk mattress, RV queen mattress, RV king mattress, and the RV full mattress, so make sure to take your bed space’s measurements with you when you go RV shopping. Your mattress should be sized to fit the allotted perfectly because remember, you don’t need to feel like Goldilocks in your own RV.


Invest in your mattress keeping in mind its usage. If you are not a frequent or full-time RV camper, then you may want to consider economical options. Generally, RV mattresses are available in flexible price ranges - from luxurious to low-maintenance, budgeted options, and everything in between. It will be easier for you to buy a mattress that meets your needs and pocket if you set a budget beforehand and have a clear idea of your RV travel plans.


As with all things in life, RV mattresses too are no strangers to weight critique. That’s because our motorhomes operate best on the road if they are as light as they can be. But that’s not the only reason. RV living is all about flexibility, so when the time comes for an RV mattress replacement, you might have to flex a muscle or two lifting mattresses and moving them around. Better to go with a lighter mattress that can easily be moved around rather than ending up in a Pivot! situation.


RV living is a true test of grit for many - not only because of the minimal lifestyle, but also the aspect of living with your travel partners in close quarters on the road. You won’t be able to help it if your partner is a restless sleeper who tosses and turns all night, but what you can do is choose an RV mattress that does not groan every time they do so. Go for a foam or latex mattress for minimal noise - because you deserve a restful sleep too!

Pressure relief:

If you are an RV camper out to explore, chances are you’ll return to your motorhome after a day of exertion and exhaustion. You will need an RV mattress topper, one that cushions your aching back, hips, and legs and provides relief. Consider buying a mattress that reduces body tension and relieves pressure points. Memory foam and latex mattresses are suitable investments because they are known for their pressure-relieving properties.

Temperature regulation:

This is for the RV campers who are hot sleepers. Summertime is common for RV travels, but a good day ahead should not have to be compromised because of sleep. RV owners should consider buying RV mattresses with breathable properties. These can be found in mattress models that have latex or cooling gel foam for comfort layers.


This is optional yet a smart addition to your RV mattress. Removable covers are a great way to protect your RV mattress from rain, mud, unfavorable environments, or the elements. They are a big bonus for RV owners who like camping because the covers can be washed and re-used. Stain-resistant and waterproof options are also available, so be sure to take a look at those too!

5 Best RV Mattresses

Mattress type: foam

Sizes: Short Queen, Short King

Firmness: medium firm

Price range: $785-$965

Recommended for:

  • Sleepers who experience pressure build-up

  • Back and side sleepers

  • RVers who require a durable mattress

Mattress type: foam

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Firmness: medium soft, medium, medium firm, firm

Price range: $350

Recommended for:

  • RV families and couples

  • RVers who require a body conforming memory foam mattress

  • RVers who require multiple thickness and firmness options

Mattress type: hybrid

Size: RV Queen, 60 other sizes

Firmness: medium firm

Price range: $1,049

Recommended for:

  • Hot sleepers

  • RVers who are prone to aches and pains

  • RVers who require flexible, compatible sizes

Mattress type: foam

Size: RV Bunk, RV Queen, RV King

Firmness: firm

Price range: $450-$700

Recommended for:

  • Hot sleepers

  • RVers with an active lifestyle

  • RV couples who require motion isolation mattresses

Mattress type: hybrid

Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, RV Queen, King, RV King, RV Short King, California King

Firmness: medium soft, medium firm, firm

Price range: $1,410 - $2,300


  • Frequent RV campers

  • Couples

  • RV campers who like glamping

Happy Sleeping!

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference for RV campers and that’s why the choice for your RV mattress is so important. With so many options in the market, it can be hard for you to choose a mattress that strikes the right balance between comfort, travel needs, price, and quality. Go through this list to pick the RV mattress perfect for you, and see the difference it will bring to your RV life!


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