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Where Can I Park My RV

When you are traveling whether that be short term or long term a big dilemma people run into is where to park. Many will say to reserve a spot in a camp ground months before, others will tell you to seek out the free parking. Where and how someone is going to park their RV is going to look different. A bulk of travelers will utilize free parking while traveling to reserved campsite or destination. Rule of thumb for everyone is to start by researching the spot you are staying, check the site rules, how long you can stay, what types of activities you want to do in the surrounding area.

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Where can I park my RV Long Term

If you are looking for an extended stay reserving a spot may be your best option to ensure you can stay for a longer period and that you are going to enjoy staying in this spot. Especially since this is going to be your home for a bit of time. Many U.S campgrounds and National parks offer long term stays, but a great route to take if you are seeking on-site

amenities and activities is private owned parks, luxury Rv parks/resorts, and KOA camps.

Most privately-owned RV parks and resorts offer some extended stay options and monthly RV rates, even if the websites don’t advertise long term parking. If you find a park that doesn’t mention long-term parking, you can give them a call prior to your trip or ask about extending your stay when you arrive.

Many luxury RV parks and resorts only offer long-term RV parking. The downside to this is that they may be heavily waitlisted. If you plan to camp at a luxury RV resort, try to book in advance.

KOAs make excellent places to set up your RV for one night or a month. Not only are KOAs situated in desirable locations, but KOA also offers RVers and campers three types of RV parks to choose from — Holiday, Journey, and Resort. The different campgrounds provide simple and resort-style amenities. Check them out HERE

Other options can include renting a piece of land or property to park on long term and camping with memberships/clubs. This may include discount clubs including Good Sam's Club, Passport America, and Thousand Trails. These clubs allow RVers to stay in member parks for the cost of a small usage fee. Depending on the level of membership, the RVer carries determines the member fee, yearly maintenance costs, and price to stay overnight in many of the clubs’ parks.

Where can I park my RV Short Term

Looking to stop at many places or just park for a short period of time? The Airbnb for RVers Campendium, offer different campsites. Filter out prices, duration of stay, and what you are looking for in the surrounding area. Just need an overnighter, check out the free parking places below. Looking for a luxurious stay, check out the RV resorts in the area you are looking to to travel to. Find a RV park or mobil home community. So many choices!!

Free Parking

You can find many free places to park your RV cross country. Just make sure to get permission from certain locations and make sure to avoid inconveniencing someone else at others. Here are the most common locations that will allow you to leave your RV parked overnight: Walmart, Casinos, truck stops, and schools. Just like any other campsite you will need to call just to make sure you have permission and any rules they may have for your stay.

Happy Travels!!

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