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7 Best Portable Fire Pits for RV Camping

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

RV camping trips are incomplete without a campfire. Make sure you are always prepared for a night around a campfire with these portable fire pits for RV camping.

Portable fire pit for RV camping

A camping experience is incomplete without a night ‘round the campfire. There is little else that compares to a cozy campfire gathering with your family or friends roasting marshmallows and exchanging your RV travel stories. While many RV campgrounds may offer fire pits, not all have them. Not only that, RV campers who are boondocking or parked for the night may also not have access to fire pits.

That is when campers require a fire pit of their own. It can be a tricky decision to choose a portable fire pit for RV camping. There are several factors to consider, like size, portability, storage ease, and other features. With summer here in full swing, there should be no delay in your camping trip. Check out our guide below on the best portable fire pits for RV camping and purchase your own!

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up

This fire pit model is best for big fires. When packed, it is about the size of a folded camp chair, but set it up and you have yourself a nice big fire pit. The Pop-Up is a lightweight, 4-square foot, stainless steel mesh surface model that can accommodate up to 125 pounds of logs. Its walls are 3.5 inches high and serve well to protect the campfire from wind, but does not stifle the heat from reaching campers during cold nights. The mesh surface allows for good airflow and cuts back on smoke production. The only downside of this fire pit is that it is slightly complicated to set up. There are several parts to keep track of, so you have to take your time setting it up properly before enjoying a roaring blaze at your campsite.

Price: $119.95

BioLite FirePit+

Technology meets the outdoors in BioLite’s portable FirePit Plus. The model uses Bluetooth, a lithium-ion battery, a fan, and an app to create the perfect combustion conditions for a smokeless fire. The battery does not drain quickly and can light up to three fires before needing a re-charge. The body of the pit also has mesh sides so that heat radiates through to warm the campers around. It also includes a removable grill grate for barbecue nights, and the fan inside has four speeds. While the rest are quiet, putting the fan at the highest speed can be noisy. You don’t have to worry about logistical issues, though, because the FirePit Plus’s make is such that its size, weight, and folding legs are easy to transport, store, and carry in your RV.

Price: $299.95

Inno Stage Smokeless Fire Pit

Talk about an innovative look! This sturdy fire pit is made of metal, has anti-rust properties, and is resistant to high temperatures. With only two parts to the model, it is very easy to set up. The fire pit bowl on the top provides sufficient heat, and its double walls maximize the airflow while producing minimal smoke. There are portable handles on the side of the fire pit for easy lifting and disposal of ash. However, the Inno Stage also requires maintenance. After each use, be sure to clean it up and dry it to avoid iron oxidation. After usage, wait for the ash to cool down instead of pouring water. Because of its small size and convenience, the Innostage is a great choice for smaller RVs.

Price: $99.99

Winnerwell Large Flatfold

Minimal, compact, and convenient - that is what Winnerwell is all about. Its setup is fairly simple with a two-piece fire pit and will take no more than two minutes to erect. There are no locks or latches - all you have to do is unfold the body and nestle the bowl in the stand. Because it is compact, Winnerwell requires smaller oaks to light a medium-sized fire. However, the fire pit is available in several sizes, from small to extra large. It can also be converted into a grill using its accessory grate. Its versatility and ease of storage make it a valuable purchase that can be used for RV camping trips or even a small backyard barbecue at home.

Price: $99.95

Pyroad Smokeless Fire Pit

Marketed as the World’s Most Portable Fire Pit, Pyroad will build you a smokeless and safe fire within minutes. The fire pit comes with four pieces that can be set up easily and without any tools, owing to its flash connect design. It lights easily, so you can burn less wood to keep the fuel consumption at a minimum. Pyroad also has Omni-heat radiating properties that disperse heat well in all directions. It comes in two models, the gauge black iron and the premium stainless steel. Both may be a bit pricey for RV campers on a budget, but their features and smokeless fire are worth it!

Price: $107, $189

UCO Flatpack

If you are tight on storage space and an economically priced fire pit, check out the UCO Flatpack. It is constructed with stainless steel for durability and requires simple maintenance. The steel also has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. The Flatpack is also quite convenient to set up; all that needs to be done is unfold the stand and place the grates on top. Its base is stable for grilling, and vents in the sides allow for windbreaks if you are grilling in windy conditions. It comes in two sizes: one is suitable for smaller groups of campers, and the other for camping families.

Price: $50

 Primus Kamoto OpenFire Large

Looking for a portable fire pit that lights a big fire but is easy to set up? Yes, that is a tough combo, but no need to look further because the Primus Kamoto has it all. It has a sleek and modern design with a convenient setup. All you need to do is lift the pit legs to form a stable X shape, settle the steel platform in the structure, and light your fire. The windshields on the stainless steel allow heat radiation and impede gusts from blowing out the fire. It is an overall great option with useful features and easy storage. However, a word of caution, be careful when handling the steel platform because its edges are sharp and can cause an injury.

Price: $179.95


Whether you want to cook outdoors next to your RV, keep warm camping at night, or just want a decorative add-on to your patio, fire pits are great and useful additions. This guide will help you purchase the best portable fire pit that meets all your requirements for RV camping. Pick your favorite, and give it a go on your next trip!


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