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How to Choose the Right RV Camping Membership

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Looking to enjoy some reduced camping rates and exclusive amenities at RV campgrounds? Here’s our guide on how to choose the best rv camping memberships!

 RV Camping Membership

RV camping is a fun lifestyle, but it can also get expensive if you are not careful. Full-time RVers spend enough money on repair, maintenance, food, and on basic needs. Top this off with campground fees, and RV camping can turn into a costly lifestyle. That is where RV membership comes in.

RV camping memberships are a great way to reduce the cost of your stay at campgrounds. Boondocking is not always feasible for every camper, and campgrounds often offer wonderful amenities that RV campers like to enjoy. That is why reduced stay costs are a great way to save money when living the RV lifestyle. If this is your first time looking for camping memberships, we have compiled a guide on how you can choose the right and best camping membership for you!

Why You Should Consider an RV Camping Membership

RV Camping Memberships

While the most obvious reason to think about getting an RV camping membership is the reduced stay rate, there is one more incentive. Some RV campgrounds are member-exclusive, and that means a campground with guaranteed top-notch amenities, services, hygiene, and environment. You won’t be blindsided or disappointed with what campgrounds with cheaper rates have to offer, because membership campgrounds promise what you need.

This is also the main difference between camping memberships and camping discounts. Memberships can include discounts, rewards/vouchers with affiliate companies, and access to membership-exclusive campgrounds. On the other hand, discounts are just that - reduced rates at particular campgrounds.

RV Camping Memberships

The first step to looking into getting the right RV camping membership is to know your camping style. Whether you are a weekend tourist, a seasonal camper, or a full-time RVer, there are different camping membership options for all. Check out our breakdown to find the best choice for you!

Since 2009, Harvest Hosts has offered its members to stay overnight at wineries, breweries, farms, museums and other unique attractions. It is a fun way to have a more unique experience and support the small businesses they stay with! For a yearly membership fee, Harvest Hosts’ members are invited to stay at hundreds of interesting locations around North America, and experience new opportunities to explore and enjoy the RVing lifestyle. The company’s goal is to provide meaningful experiences for RVers and Hosts alike.

  • Annual membership fee: $99-179

  • Recommended for: weekend campers, seasonal campers, full-time campers

This is a good choice for full-time campers because of several reasons. It has a low membership fee and offers reduced rates at over 1,400 campgrounds. These campgrounds are not restricted to the United States only, but also a few locations in Mexico and Canada. The best part is, you can get up to 50% off on several nights at campgrounds. For full-time campers, this is a great deal! You can check out their free app to learn more about the lifetime membership and member benefits. The only downside is, with so many campgrounds under its umbrella, campers should do their research on the campground rules beforehand.

  • Annual membership fee: $44

  • Recommended for: weekend campers, full-time campers

The discounts, offers, and benefits from Good Sam Club are incredible. Campers with a Good Sam membership can enjoy campground and camping supplies discounts, gas, fuel, and propane savings, and free dump station usage at Camping World Super-centers. The membership fee is cheap, and over 2,400 campgrounds can enjoy discounts from 10% and over. So even if the discount you are getting is small, it covers many campgrounds across the country. The disadvantage with Good Sam is that there is no significant discount for campsite fees.

  • Annual membership fee: $25-$30

  • Recommended for: weekend campers, seasonal campers, full-time campers

One of the largest networks of RV resorts and campgrounds in the country, Thousand Trails gives its members an edge in campgrounds in 80 locations in 22 states as well as British Columbia. From Florida, to Texas, Washington, Arizona, California, and many more, campers can hop through the Thousand Trails campgrounds in line with their mood and seasons! Thousand Trails offers five zones, out of which campers can enjoy free camping in all campgrounds of one zone. You can add other zones into your membership with a fee of just $90 for the year. Online reservations are available, and campers can have the program refunded fully if it does not suit them. However, the membership fee is not as cheap as other programs and campers will have to pick one zone.

  • Annual membership fee: $516

  • Recommended for: full-time campers, some weekend campers

Escapees is one of the oldest and largest RV membership organizations in the world. From discount programs to camping benefits and information sessions for beginner RV campers, Escapees is a good option for many. With fifty-seven chapters all over the United States, campers can enjoy discounts at many campgrounds and relevant vendors. That’s not all - Escapees has a wholesome and helpful online RV community that all members have access to. But just a word for campers, Escapees is as much a social club for RVers too, so if that’s not your jam, you can reconsider with any of these other options in this list!

  • Annual membership fee: $40

  • Recommended for: full-time campers, part-time campers


These are our best choices and tips to consider for a camping membership! Memberships are a great way to live an economical RV lifestyle with all the amenities, facilities, and services any camper could want. Just be sure to weigh the options to know which one suits your camping lifestyle the best. Then you are good to go!



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