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Perfect Gifts for Different Kinds of Campers

Updated: Apr 5

Searching for the perfect gift to give an RV camper? Look no further! We’ve got you covered on what to gift your favorite RVers this season.

Perfect Gifts for Different Kinds of Campers

Christmas time is around the corner and that means gift time! Just because you live on the road with your RV does not mean you can’t enjoy all the holiday fun and festivities. Visiting different states, staying at campgrounds, and engaging in online RV communities means that RVers often build strong ties with other RV owners. Either that, or you are purchasing a gift for friend who is an RV lover!

Sometimes, though, choosing the perfect gift can be a tricky task. Finding the right fit for RV campers, that is practical, fun, and can fit in an RV isn’t the easiest criteria. Lucky for you, we have rounded up a guide on the best gifts for different kinds of campers!

1. Must-have Books for RVers

Must-have Books for RVers

RVers are always on the look-out for new ideas, tips, and guides about life on the road. From finding new places, to budgeting, setting up a home in your RV, or managing your kitchen, there is a book for every RV camping topic. Check out our list of the most resourceful and comprehensive books for RV campers here, and gift it to your camper friends for easy navigation into the RV lifestyle!

RV Sticker Map

Here is a memorable gift for your adventurous RVer friend that they will cherish for a lifetime! This sticker map is a great way to keep track of and remember all the states you have gone RV camping or visited. The stickers are of great quality, so they won’t wear off or fade away. They are also colorful and designed nicely, making for great decorative pieces in your RV, whether you want to stick the map on a wall or over your bed.

Price: $12.98

Camco RV Dinner Set

Who says dinnerware and utensils have to be boring? Campers too can have dinnerware as fun or fancy as they like! This Camco dinner set features a multi-color RV design that is great for the holiday season. It consists of 12 pieces, including bowls, side plates, and dinner plates. Its durable and unbreakable quality makes it a good option for RV families, especially if your kids like their cereal with some colorful RV print!

Price: $45

Car vacuum cleaner

RVs can get messy easily, and with such less space to work with, they can get messy in a short time. That is why having a small, portable vacuum on hand is incredibly useful. Get those dusty areas under your bed, those corners in your kitchen, and do a nice spring cleaning before hitting the road for the summer. The ThisWorx vacuum cleaner is compact, lightweight, and powerful. It also comes with a car cleaning kit with three attachments!

Price: $24.99

Kammok Swiftlet Portable Hammock Stand

No trees around? No worries! The Swiftlet portable hammock hangs on a stand, so you can enjoy a nice unwind anywhere. Whether you are boondocking, at a campground, in a forest, or at a beach, the Kammok is a convenient and comfortable facility to bring along. It is lightweight, adjustable, easy to set up, and can be used for both sitting and laying. A multi-purpose and compact relaxing gift for vacation - what else could one want?

Price: $279.95

X-Brew Coffee Dripper

Make way for the backcountry barista! Whether you wake up in a house or in an RV on the road, coffee is a constant. The only difference is, you might not be able to take along your favorite coffee machine in your RV. Either the space could restrict you, or the electrical facilities available. Enter the X-Brew Coffee Dripper, your one-stop, quick coffee fix. It is a collapsible coffee dripper with a reusable mesh filter that can make up to two cups of coffee. All you have to do is add in the coffee grounds and hot water, making the X-Brew a great addition to your RV kitchen!

Price: $19.95

Rumpl Blanket

Cozy, comfy, and perfect for cuddles! The Rumpl original puffy blankets are washable outdoor camping blankets that are lightweight and incredibly warm. You can curl up with one near a campfire, have it in your bed, or even use it for a warm sitting area when relaxing near your campsite. The blanket comes in various colors and designs, so choose a nice one to gift so your friends can stay cozy all through winter!

Price: $99

Traeger Grill

No camping is complete without a nice barbecue by the campfire - and the Traeger Grill is here to serve. This wood pellet grill is portable and compact, primed for tailgates, balconies, and campgrounds. It has all-natural hardwood pellets that give off a great wood-fired flavor, simple oven-like controls, and a grill that is suited to any type of cooking you might want to do. The grill comes in two types, the tailgater and the ranger, with functions to suit each model better. Choose the one your receiver would ike more and get grilling!

Price: $449-$529

Cell Phone Signal Booster

If your RVer friend works on the road and is a digital nomad then they would love this gift! The weBoost cell phone signal booster has multi-user functionality, catering to cell signals from all networks. The device has a long battery life, tool-free installation, and gives a stronger cell signal at a range around 33% farther than its competitors. RVers can enjoy better voice quality, calls that won’t drop, faster mobile internet, and greater hotspot capability.

Price: $449.99

RV ornaments

Every festive RVer will love this present! The Kurt S. Adler RV ornaments fit the holiday season perfectly. From decorated RVs to Christmas trees, wrapped presents, elves, and more, RV campers can choose the best ornaments to light up their motorhome. The ornaments are lightweight, sturdy, have strong hang tags, and are ideal gifts.

Price: $9-$19


Celebrate holiday season the right way this year by gifting your fellow RVers or an RV owner you know the best gifts! From practical items they can use on the road to fun items for decorative purposes, each gift is a wonderful addition to an RV. Pick a gift to give - and while you’re at it, choose one for your motorhome too!


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