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10 Best RV and Camping Podcasts You Must Follow

Learn all about RV living from fellow RV enthusiasts by listening to these 10 best RV podcasts that cover every aspect of living on the road.

RV podcasts

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the years because they offer a hands-off way to learn about things that interest you. Most podcasts are free to listen to and you can find ones that cover niche topics so you can get the information you need while still being entertained. Here is a list of the best RV podcasts that you can listen to while on the road (or otherwise). These podcasts cover everything from the nuances of living on the road to the latest news in the RV world. Read on to learn more.

The RV Atlas Podcast

There is a reason why this podcast is insanely popular with RVers of all shapes and sizes. Hosted by the Puglisi family, this weekly podcast covers all aspects of RV living from RV reviews to tips on living on the road full-time. The best thing about this podcast is that it has something for everyone; new and experienced RVers can find all the information they need for full-time RVing and then some.

Tune in For: 200+ episodes featuring tips for traveling with kids, RV park and campground reviews, in-depth information for new and seasoned RVers

Average Episode Duration: 30 min

RV Lifestyle Podcast

Hosted by Mike and Jennifer Wendland, the RV Podcast gives you a peek inside part-time RVing. Mike and Jennifer have a sticks-and-bricks home in Michigan but they RV in their Class C motorhome most of the year which makes them an expert on all things RV. This radio-format RV podcast is full of amazing tips and tricks of living on the road as well as travel ideas, RV news, and some great interviews.

Tune in For: Boondocking ideas and tips, In-depth RV news, Interviews of fellow RVers and RV enthusiasts

Average Episode Duration: 45 min

The RV Miles Podcast

Jason and Abby Epperson along with their three sons embarked on their full-time RV journey in 2016 and have much to share about their experiences. The podcast gives you an insight into full-time RVing with kids and makes for some very entertaining listening.

Tune in For: 200+ episodes of all things RV lifestyle, RV news, Brainteasers that win you some swag

Average Episode Duration: 34 min

RV Navigator Podcast

The RV Navigator is one of the first RV podcasts that was started back in 2005 by Ken and Martha. The couple has more than 50 years of camping experience and they spend a good part of the year RVing around the US (and sometimes outside the US as well). The nearly 200 episodes of the podcast feature everything from camping tips to campground reviews and more.

Tune in For: Bi-monthly episodes featuring RV news, RV camping tips and tricks, and much more

Average Episode Duration: 53 min

RV small talk podcast

Learn about the nuances of the RV lifestyle from the perspective of an RV manufacturer. RV Small Talk Podcast is hosted by Princess Craft, an RV dealership in Texas. They talk about everything you need to know about small campers and travel trailers plus explore other aspects of RV living.

Tune in For: New releases from RV manufacturers, RV buying tips and tricks, RV reviews, and much more

Average Episode Duration: 40 min

Rootless living podcast

Demian Ross hosts this weekly podcast that caters to all aspects of living on the road. Along with the monthly Rootless Living Magazine, the podcast explores what it means to RV full-time and what resources you need to lead a successful one.

Tune in For: Stories from RVers, tools and resources for new RVers, Insights and interviews with digital nomads and companies

Average Episode Duration: 40 min

Girl camper podcast

What do you do when you're a camper at heart but your husband isn't? You head out camping on your own of course. Host Janine Petit endeavors to be an ambassador for girl campers everywhere. Her podcast features tips on how to RV alone, with girlfriends, or kids plus encouragement on joining the RV lifestyle no matter how green you are.

Tune in For: Tips and tricks of how to buy, drive, and live in an RV, Encouragement to hit the road solo, Suggestions on how to deal with obstacles specific to girl campers

Average Episode Duration: 40 min

Happy camper radio

Skip Huber has been hosting the Happy Camper Radio since 2015 and covers all topics related to camping and RV living. His audience includes a mix of RVers and camping enthusiasts that can even call in with their questions and queries.

Tune in For: Weekly episodes that cover all things related to camping

Average Episode Duration: 30 min

the rv entrepreneur podcast

Heath and Alyssa Padgett discovered an untapped podcasting niche when they started The RV Entrepreneur Podcast. Even though this podcast was wrapped up last year, it is still a great resource for learning about starting a business while on the road. Exploring areas like how to protect your identity and business when on the road and how to set up your business and handle taxes as an RV entrepreneur, this RV podcast has a lot to offer.

Tune in For: Tips and Tricks on how to start and run a successful business on the road, Interviews with some amazing entrepreneurs and fellow nomads

Average Episode Duration: 41 min

Parklandia/Hello Ranger

Join Brad and Matt Kirouac on their adventures as they explore every national park in the US. The podcast is perfect for nature lovers as it focuses on what each location has to offer in terms of views, amenities, and adventures. Parklandia transitioned into the Hello Ranger Podcast in 2020 and now focuses on diverse communities within national parks.

Tune in For: Some great national park recommendations, interesting interviews with different kinds of RVers

Average Episode Duration: 45 min

Happy Listening!

There you have it, 10 amazing RV podcasts that cover all aspects of RV living. Download and listen to them on your RV adventures or tune in every week to follow along on the adventures of your fellow RVers.

Best RV Podcasts



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