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Winter Camping Essentials

Winter camping can be slightly tougher than summer camping, but we’re here to make it easier for you. Prepare for your trip with our list of winter camping essentials, and you are all set!

Winter Camping Essentials

Winter RV camping may be less common than other seasons, but it has its highlights! Winter campers enjoy the best attractions with much less traffic, don’t have to deal with bugs and mosquitos, experience quieter environments, and see famous landscapes blanketed in white snow. Of course, the unique winter camping experience also demands a winter camping checklist to equip you with everything you will need on the road. With different weather conditions, your RV may need extra upkeep, and so might your body in order to stay safe from the cold.

We have gathered a complete checklist to prepare you for your winter RV camping trip. From all you will need in your RV, to camping essentials and safety equipment, we have got it covered. Take a read of our list of essentials below and start preparing!

RV Prep for Winter Camping

Winter Camping Essentials

Living in a camper in the winter can be more difficult than in the summer. It will be colder, and many campgrounds may not be operating to accommodate RVs anymore. That is why preparing your RV before hitting the roads for every situation is important. Here are our top RV prep tips for winter camping.

1. Skirt Your RV

Your RV needs to be adequately insulated to function properly in the cold climate. Skirting is a great way to warm the underbelly of your RV and keep the wires and plumbing lines safe. The skirting equipment is made of various insulating materials and wraps around your RV's lower half.

2. Seal the Windows

Make sure that all of your RV windows are closed and sealed correctly. The same goes for your roof. If your RV roof sealants need to be improved, here is a list of the best RV roof sealants. Keeping the top and windows sealed adds to the insulation and warmth of your RV.

3. Propane Refills

Your RV is your winter camp for the season, and you’ll need to keep your base heated. Propane provides heating for your rig, and the more you use it, the quicker it will finish up. Try to find accommodations where propane stations are nearby for a re-fill. If that’s unlikely, pack some extra propane cans to be on the safe side.

4. Insulate the Pipes

The efficiency and function of your RV’s water and sewer systems rely on the pipes. The pipes can freeze and burst if exposed to extremely cold temperatures. You can insulate the lines of your RV with foam pipe insulation or heat tape. Also, consider adding RV antifreeze to your black and gray water tanks.

Sleeping Essentials

Sleeping Essentials

You may be living inside your RV during winter camping, but that doesn’t mean the cold will be much kinder. That is why you need to have your winter camping sleeping essentials prepared. Our checklist below covers everything from added padding to your bed to insulated tents for winter camping.

  • Foam pad for warmth

  • 3- or 4-season tents

  • Dry bag

  • Cold-weather sleeping bags

  • Lightweight pillow

  • Insulated sleeping pad

Clothing Essentials

Clothing Winter Essentials

Winter attires are all about layering up and staying warm. If you are one of those campers who like to do fun winter camping activities, like skiing or snowboarding, it is important to take along suitable clothing that stays dry and keeps you warm. Of course, closet space is limited in RVs, so just be sure to make space for the essentials we have listed below.

  • Base layer tops

  • Base layer trousers

  • Quick-drying underwear

  • Waterproof, breathable pants

  • Waterproof, breathable jacket

  • Heavyweight down/synthetic jacket

  • Gloves

  • Toque

  • Fleece jacket or sweater

  • Liner socks

  • Waterproof winter boots

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Winter Essentials

Only some RV campers are lucky enough to find winter camping tents with stoves. The rest have to make sure our RV kitchens are stocked with the essentials to get us through the cold weather and keep us healthy. Winter kitchenware is slightly different because it has to combat wetness and keep our items insulated. Don’t fret - we have listed all essentials below for your convenience.

  • Insulated water bottles

  • Hot drinks

  • Lightweight cutlery and plates

  • Firestarter

  • Waterproof matches

  • Liquid-fuel camping stove

  • Pot set

  • Tarp

  • Lightweight dry bags

  • Thermos

  • Winter camping tents with stove

Safety Gear

Safety Gear

Whether you are traveling to a new destination or in a difficult season, it is crucial to be prepared for safety hazards. Safety gear becomes all the more important during winter camping because not all service stations and helplines may be operating in harsher weather. Here is a list of all the bases you should have covered when it comes to safety gear essentials.

  • First aid kit

  • Sunscreen

  • Disposable hand warmers

  • Headlamp

  • Flashlight

  • Knife (with a safety locking blade)

  • Duct tape

  • Repair kits for stoves, tents, and pads

  • Prescription medicine in a dry container

  • GPS device/map

  • Ice axe

  • Lighter

  • Waterproof matches

  • Rain cover


Snow-covered landscapes might be enticing, but a winter camping trip can get just as harsh if you are not appropriately prepared. From layered winter clothing to skirting your RV and packing the proper kitchen and safety gear, this list will ensure you are packed wisely for your winter camping trip. Get all the essentials you are missing, give your RV a check-over, and head out to see the white peaks!


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