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10 Must-Have Items for Your RV Bedroom

Make the most out of the limited bedroom space in your RV by using these 10 must-have RV bedroom items.

Rv bedroom

No motorhome is complete without an RV bedroom of some kind. Whether your bedroom features a sofa bed that doubles as a living area or a private bedroom with a queen-sized RV bed, you need to keep everything clean and organized so you can make the most out of a tiny space. Here is a list of 10 must-have items that will help you do just that and more.

1. RV Mattress

RV mattress

When it comes to an RV bed, your number one priority should be comfort. Most RV beds come with really uncomfortable mattresses installed, so do yourself a favor and swing for a new RV mattress. There are tons of places where you can buy an RV mattress. Just make sure to measure your bed first so that you get the right size. If you have a standard queen bed, we would recommend getting a mattress that isn't too heavy so you can easily pick it. This way you can use the space under the bed for storing clothes, bed linens, and other things.

2. Customized RV Furniture

RV furniture

Custom RV furniture can really help update the look of your RV bedroom. You can find tons of sleeper sofas on Camping World, Amazon, and even Ikea that are comfortable and stylish. RV recliners that recline all the way are also a great space-saving option. You can also replace the old RV bed with a new and improved one. If you have the space, side tables and sofas that double as storage trunks are a great addition to any RV bedroom. Take a look at our guide to buying RV furniture to pick the right pieces.

3. Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags for RV

Vacuum storage bags are a great way to store less used items in your RV. Warm blankets and clothes, bed linens, and extra pillows are just a few things you can store using vacuum bags. The bags can be stored under the bed, in the bedroom closet or anywhere else in the RV. You can find vacuum storage bags in different sizes. We recommend getting clear ones so you can easily see what's stored inside.

4. Skinny Hangers

Skinny hangars for RV closet

If you have a motorhome with a separate bedroom then you must also have a bedroom closet. Make the most out of the tiny closet space by using skinny hangers to hang your clothes and everything else. They will take less space inside the closet and help you hang more things so you have more storage space at the bottom of the closet. You can also use skinny hangers to hang shoe, clothes, and jewelry organizers.

5. Hanging Hampers

Hanging hampers for RV

Hanging hampers are a great way to organize different things in your RV bedroom from clothes to shoes and linen. You can hang the hampers inside the RV closet or use hooks to hang them on walls or doors. If you are an RV family with kids you can use the hampers to store toys as well.

6. DIY Headboards

custom headboard for RV bed

Custom headboards can do wonders for the overall aesthetic of an RV bedroom. If you don't like the headboard currently installed on your bed (or there isn't one) you can easily DIY one. The simplest way to do this is to use wallpaper and a foam board but you can get creative and use whatever materials and styles you like. We specially like this headboard that has custom shelves installed so it doubles as storage as well.

7. Command Hooks

command hooks for RV

Heavy duty command hooks are a great way to use wall and door space for storing items like backpacks, bags, coats, and more. They are sturdy enough to handle the weight without falling and they don't take much space on the wall. You can use these hooks all around the RV to store different things, we use command hooks in our RV kitchen to hang kitchen towels and other accessories.

8. Space Heater

space heater for RV

Whether you are a full-time RV family or you like to camp in the colder months, a space heater is a must-have item for your motorhome. Space heaters are lightweight, energy efficient, and keep your RV warm in the colder months. We recommend buying a model that has a fan mode so you can use it during the summer as well. Take a look our list of the safest space heaters for your RV to choose the right one.

9. Mirrors

Rv mirror headboard

RV bedrooms aren't big. To make the small space look wider use mirrors on the walls. You can place full length mirrors to make the room look higher than it really is or use smaller mirrors placed strategically so they reflect more light and make the room look wider. There isn't space for a proper dresser in an RV bedroom so a well placed mirror and some hanging shelves can really do the trick.

10. Bedside Caddy

bedside caddy

Add more storage space to your RV bedroom by using a bedside caddy. This can easily replace side tables if there is no space inside the bedroom. You can store all kinds of things in the caddy from chargers and books to night creams and water bottles. Bedside caddies are versatile and available in many different styles.

Happy Beauty Sleep!

There you have it, our ten must-have items for your RV bedroom. When shopping for your RV bedroom make sure you pick items that are lightweight and versatile so you can get the most out of your space.

Must-have items for RV bedroom


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