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RV Tailgating Guide: Setting up a Tailgating Campsite

Want to throw an RV tailgating party but not sure where to start? This RV tailgating guide will tell you all you need to know!

RV Tailgating Guide

Fall is here and that means one thing - time to enjoy the outdoors. Camping season may be slowing down, but tailgating season has no end date. Tailgating is a great way to socialize in the RV community, enjoy sports season, and have an outdoor barbecue. But that’s not all that RV tailgating can be used for - RV campers can enjoy concerts, rallies, and shows the same way.

RV tailgating is a fun experience, but it requires work by the campers. You have to find the perfect venue, arrange the food, set up the entertainment, and prep your RV. It can be an overwhelming task to get everything in order to get the party ready on time, but don’t you worry. We have compiled just the right RV tailgating guide for you below that covers everything from the basics to the add-ons.

What is RV Tailgating?

 RV Tailgating

RV tailgating combines the best of both worlds. You have the comfort of your home on one hand, and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on your way back from an event. Tailgating is when you arrange an informal gathering at a parked vehicle and serve food too. It is harder when you are tailgating with a car or truck, but an RV is ideal for it.

That is because you are close to your RV kitchen, camping equipment, and your room quarters at the end of a busy day. Being close to your RV kitchen is great because you can whip up more recipes, have more cooking options, be close to your kitchen equipment, and enjoy an outdoor kitchen. Having your living quarters next door is useful for guests who may want to take a little break in your rooms and more importantly - no restroom lines!

Tailgating Tips To Remember

RV Tailgating
  • Plan the Party Menu

Most RV tailgaters prepare the food once they reach the venue, so it is good to have a cookout plan and menu in mind. Be sure to get an idea of the facilities you will have at the venue, like charcoal, a propane grill, electrical hookups, and fire pits. Once you know what will be available to you, you can get started on planning your menu. Hot dogs, burgers, and barbecue are common items that are served.

  • Prepare Your RV

Food and drinks are important at a tailgate party, but so is RV prep. If you are boon-docking, make sure your RV batteries and generator are fully charged. Have a look at the tanks. Your grey and black water tanks should be emptied and the freshwater tank should be full. Since you will be dealing with fire and heat, your RV needs to be equipped for fire safety, so make sure you have an extinguisher on hand!

  • Be a Mindful RV Neighbor

RV tailgating parties can be fun, but don’t forget to regard the campground etiquettes and your neighbors. Stick to your RV site and be certain that your equipment and set up is not infringing on your neighbors’ RV site. Dispose of your RV tanks properly and use the designated dump stations. Check beforehand if RV generators are allowed at the campground. Most importantly, don’t leave your trash lying around after the party. Recycle all the plastic, paper plates, and tin cans, and dispose of the rest accordingly.

  • Items to Avoid at Your Tailgating Site

Packing for a tailgate RV party can be extensive. While there is no end to things you can bring, there are a select few you should be mindful to avoid having in the party vicinity. These include projectiles, like tennis balls and frisbees, inflammable materials, pets, and delicate or sharp objects. Projectiles can easily come flying into your food area or at people, and breakable items like glasses should be avoided. Everyone’s safety and convenience is the priority, always!

  • Don’t Use Up All Your RV Supplies

Remember, RV camping is a long journey. If your tailgating party is at a stadium, in a parking, or at a boon-docking site, it means that you are most probably not close to RV stations or campgrounds. You will have to ration your freshwater usage, because no one wants to run out of water to wash the dishes or use in the toilet. You may also need to keep an eye on your propane use so that you can still have hot water, running appliances, and stoves.

How To Set Up An RV Tailgating Campsite

RV Tailgating

1. Reserve an RV site:

No surprise this is the first step! Start with finding sites that can accommodate your RV length, because stadium and venue parking lots often have length restrictions. Do your research beforehand to see if the venue has any alcohol, generators, music, or fire restrictions. Also try to book your spot as soon as the event dates are announced, so that sites don’t run out!

2. Let your campground hosts know:

Informing them of the tailgate party beforehand will make things easier for you. You can avoid any conflict later and keep in mind any reservations they may have. Not to mention, they could even help you arrange the party! If you have forgotten any items or need help setting up, the owners might lend a helping hand to speed things up.

3. See if cable hookups are available:

If you plan on watching a game or concert on TV, you should check in with the owners or see the campground website to see if cable TV is available. In the case it’s not, you can also sign up for mobile satellite TV services and arrange it in time. Nobody likes to miss the game at the last minute!

4. Set up the area:

Make sure you have everything in order before your guests start arriving! Stock up your site with folding chairs, stools, rocking chairs, and club camping chairs. Have bug spray and sunscreen on hand for unprepared guests. Lastly, do keep a few tables around for the guests to have food on or place their drinks.

5. Get out your fan gear:

No event party is complete without fandom merchandise. Whether you are gathering for a sports screening during tailgating or for a music event, get your fandom caps, t-shirts, and face paint ready. You can also decorate your camper and RV site with streamers, balloons, buntings and more to match the merch.

The Best RVs for Tailgating

Lance 2075

The Lance 2075 Travel Trailer is made for tailgating parties and outdoor socializing. It is 25 feet in length, weighs around 4,930 lbs, and can room up to 4 people. It has a rear pull-out outdoor kitchen, solar panels, and lateral arm overhead awnings in the exterior, and a wine rack, u-shaped dinette, and a portable speaker inside the camper.

Thor A.C.E

The Thor model RVs are great for tailgating with families. They are 30+ feet in length, have a tow capacity of 8,000 lbs, and can accommodate up to 6 people. The A.C.E. 30.3 model is ideal for tailgating with its ample interior and exterior storage, exterior kitchen and 32-inches TV, and a built-in sound-bar and multimedia system.

Coachmen Mirada

The Coachmen Mirada 29FW is a top tailgating choice, with its 30.7 feet body length and a GVWR of 18,000 lbs. It can sleep up to 8 people, has a slide-out outdoor RV kitchen, plenty of storage, and even a refrigerator inside. Its spacious interior means that you can even have a party inside during colder weather!

Jayco Jay Feather

The Jayco Jay Feather 24BH is 30.2 feet long with a UVW of 6,220 lbs and GVWR of 7,250 lbs, and several features perfect for tailgating. It has a u-shaped dinette, full-size bunks, L-shaped kitchen, and a pantry for storage. The exterior has an outdoor kitchen, a rear cargo load for easy gear loading, and a propane quick-connect for grilling.


RV tailgating is a fun part of the RV lifestyle where you can host gathering at your own place during football season or for any event. As long as you have everything ready on time and organized, you will be good to go. So use this guide to throw the perfect RV tailgate party and make friends while on the road!



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