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8 Best RV Washer Dryers

Updated: Jun 13

A portable washer/dryer can make your RV trips all the more convenient, time and energy efficient, and give you the chance to boondock without worry. Here are the top washer/dryer combos for your RV.

RV washer/dryer

RV life is all about the next adventure and travel. You are on the road enjoying the great outdoors and seeing some of the best sights and places out there. The one thing you won’t want to do in between your voyages is washing and drying your laundry. An even worse scenario would be piling on your dirty clothes till your RV stinks too.

That is why doing your laundry while RV traveling can be a real pain. You do not always have the energy to hand-wash your clothes, and stopping at a laundromat can cost you time you don’t have. That is why it is important to invest in a good washer and dryer combo for your RV. It can be difficult to make the right purchase with several requirements to keep in mind, so we have summarized the top candidates for your next RV washer and dryer below Happy shopping!

BestAppliance Washer Dryer Combo

This combo washer-dryer is voted one of the most user-friendly appliances. It has a fast drying technology with a cylinder that removes excess moisture and discharges water through the condensation system. The appliance’s turbine prevents any wear and tear, so you can be sure your clothes will come out good as new. It is incredibly easy to use with an LED touch screen to display all instructions clearly and an easy installation process. It also comes with energy-saving features and a child lock for RV families. However, one downside is that this model has a small washing capacity.

Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine

RV life is all about being compact, and this model gets the memo. The Giantex Washing Machine is lightweight and small in size, so it is great for campers looking to shed extra RV weight. The model comes with a twin tub washer spinner and a 7 pound spin capacity. It requires no installation, and can run without water. Different clothes have different requirements according to their fabric, and so this washing machine has several washing and drying modes. Its power wires ensure safety, and the 16-pound washing capacity is sufficient. With so many great features, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this model is pricey, so be sure to see if it meets your budget first.

Splendide WD2100XC Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

This bestseller washer dryer combo is quality-built for RVs. It has a quiet, brushless AC motor so you don’t have to worry about noise. It has fairly easy and automated controls so you can select and modify your wash cycle and dry time accordingly. If you are traveling in a group, the Splendide is a good choice because it can wash up to fifteen pounds of clothes and dry around 11 pounds. One of its impressive features is its bi-directional drum rotation that reduces fabric wrinkles and improves wash and dry results.

LG WM3998HBA Ft. Smart Wi-Fi

This model is one of the only ones in the market that enhances your Wi-Fi’s capabilities. You will first have to download the companion app, then you can control your washer dryer from anywhere and even check how much time is left before a load is up. It has a drum space of 4.5-cubic feet and is suitable for large families. Its patented 6Motion technology is such that the turbine works in 6 different ways, not just simple spinning. Another advantage is that its installation is simple and the dryer is ventless, so there won’t be a need to drill holes into your RV.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

This Giantex model is one of the most compact models at a 15″ wide length and weighs in at 29.3lbs. Its dimensions allow for a quick wash and slip back into storage. The tank of the machine is built into the washer and dryer so all you have to do is fill it up and start your load. This model may be compact, but it comes with a spin basket and wash basket built into the machine that can be used independently. That means you can get the washing and drying going at the same time. Take all these features of the Giantex Portable and combine it with its economical price, and you have a great deal for yourself.

Splendide Tvm63xna RV Vented Dryer

This Splendide model not only has a sleek Italian design but it also boasts the best vented washer dryer. It can wash and dry up to 13 pounds of laundry and its space-saving design is ideal for smaller motorhomes. There are up to 13 wash cycle options and 4 special wash options with all cycles being high-performing. Its autocycle feature is great for busy campers because it stops automatically when the load is dry. That is not the only smart feature this model has, it can also decide the right spin, water, and temperature. Add this all with its economical price, and this Splendide dryer is a great investment.

Euhomy Laundry Dryer

This model is for RV campers who do not want a full washing machine but an easy-to-install and convenient appliance. Its front-loading dryer packs a good 1,400 watts of power and can fit well in small spaces. You can customize your washing settings for each load and can wash up to nine pounds of laundry at once. It has an automatic turn-off after each load and there are different settings for different fabrics.

This premium machine has features to save both your time and your RV’s energy. Its 360-degree cleansing rotation produces tumbling water and you can wash and dry clothes at the same time. Its operation panel is simply designed and user-friendly, so you can adjust the washing and spin options, timings, and drain options to your needs. The Kuppet also has a space-saving design and its 56.3” drainage tube and built-in drain pump allow for easy drainage of dirty water.


Here we are with the best RV washer-dryer combo machines in the market in 2022! Laundry does not have to be a tiresome and tedious chore if you have an easy-to-use machine with convenient controls and settings. Choose your pick from this list and make your RV life easier!


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