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5 Most Scenic Winter Drives for RVers

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Are you suffering from cabin fever this winter? Fear not! Hit the roads this winter for a memorable trip through any of the scenic drives listed below.

 5 Most Scenic Winter Drives for RVers

Most RVers set out during the summer to enjoy sunny road trips and warm beaches. We are here to convince you that winter RV drives are just as scenic, if not more. After all, when else can you see snow-capped peaks, glittering snow plains, frosty green trees, and more, if not during winter?

Don’t let dipping temperatures stop you from having the road trip of a lifetime this winter. Enjoy scenic drives, snow activities, chilly nights, winter sports, and lots more on your winter trip. Find out the most scenic winter drives for RVers on this list, and get going!

1. Northeast


Northeastern USA - also known as the East Coast - gets its fair share of solid winters each year. While there are many popular places to camp in the American Northeast, the region also hosts incredibly scenic roads for RVers to enjoy. Take a drive through Maine, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio for a good dose of snow, beaches, and lakes. New England, especially, is spectacular during the winters. You can explore Portland’s lighthouses and stormy winter seas, the snow-capped Basin in Franconia Notch State Park, or the icy lake at Newfound Lake. Because of the snow and ice, there are plenty of skiing, tubing, and skating opportunities to enjoy throughout the Northeast. You can check out the best RV campgrounds in Northeastern states here!

2. South


Southern USA is a good option for RVers and snowbirds who want to enjoy a winter road trip without the extreme temperatures. You might not find a white Christmas everywhere in the South, but instead, enjoy the white beaches of the region this winter! Dixie’s Land offers you winter wonderland weekends in Virginia, warm beaches in Florida, snow-capped peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia, and moonshine after a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. It may be one region, but RV campers can do anything from hiking, skiing, sledding, and kayaking in clear springs in the South. The weather is warmer, and so is the hospitality! Find your next RV campground in Southern USA right here.

3. Northwest


There’s nothing like an RV drive through the Pacific Northwest during winter. The view of the season’s empty roads, lush green forests at the sides, and snow-capped mountains in the distance are unmatched. The states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon boast some of the most glorious sceneries in the country - with tall big leaf maples, thick woodlands, crisp air, and green mountains. You can’t miss a visit to the glittering resort town of Whitefish, Montana, to partake in some skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Not far off is the beauty of the rocky cliffs of Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, and the winter skating and skiing playgrounds in North Idaho. The views are breathtaking, but so is the cold - so definitely pack warm!

4. Through the Desert


Want to explore the deserts of the United States without the scorching temperatures? What better way than to do it during the winter! Take a drive through the golden deserts and rock formations of Nevada, California, Arizona, and Colorado. The most iconic ones are the Great Basin Desert, the Red Desert, the Atacama Desert, the Sonoran Desert, the Patagonian Desert, and the Mojave Desert. Visiting during wintertime means witnessing the famous slopes and plains sprinkled with white! Campers can also visit the stunning national parks near them, especially Big Bend, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and Grand Canyon National Parks. Whether you want to explore them or stay the night, these national parks will not disappoint. Temperatures will fluctuate in the desert, so keep your weather apps and jackets in hand!

5. California


Any time is a good time to visit the Golden State, but winter is a tale in itself! During the coldest months of the year, California is a good balance of sun and snow. Campers can’t miss the chance for a scenic RV drive through the vibrant city of Modesto, California, for some of the town’s famous wines to keep you warm. That’s not all - everyone’s favorite Sacramento is a sight to behold, with rare white snow next to blue lakes. If you are in the mood for some activity, check out the river rafting trips in Knight’s Ferry and try your hand at winter hiking in Yosemite’s famous El Capitan and Half Dome. If you are worried about accommodations, here are the best RV campgrounds in California to make you feel at home.


Just because winter is here doesn’t mean your RV adventures have to take a break! Take advantage of the off-season and travel through the most scenic winter drives you will have seen. Prep your RV, pack your warm clothes, and get going to see the sights of a lifetime!

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