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7 Tips for Cooking at your RV Campsite

Cooking your own meals on the road is one of the best ways to save money and stick to a healthy diet. Read on to learn how.

Cooking at RV Campsite

With summer almost at its end, it is a good time to get on that last RV trip of the season. Stay by the beach, explore a city, bask in the sun, and enjoy a great cookout by the lake! While exploring is the fun part, cooking while on the road is just as important. Understandably, it can be a challenging task while RV camping for many. Between limited space, living on a budget, constant traveling, and stopping for groceries, it can seem like a tiring chore. Not to mention, it can be even more difficult if you have limited food options, allergies, or plant-based choices to be mindful of.

It does not have to be challenging, though. With a little bit of planning, the right tools, and enough practice, cooking at your RV campsite can be plenty enjoyable. The more you get used to it, the more creative you can get with your meals too! Check out our guide below for 7 tips to remember before you start cooking on your RV journey.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Meal planning is an important task to do before you start your RV journey. RV campers who plan on cooking their meals should chalk out a meal plan for the week, if not the trip so that you have a better idea of what ingredients you need on hand. This will help you save both time and money, as shopping last minute at grocery stores on the road can be pricey. Not to mention, your meal plan will ensure that your food will be tasty and something you like, not a quick whip-up that might be wasted. Be sure to buy packaged snacks, canned items, and frozen foods as well for lazy days!

Bring Along the Basic Equipment

Some RV kitchen supplies are essential if you want to make your own meals. Without them, your cooking plans may get disrupted. Yes, we know there is a lack of space on RVs, but trust us this once: bring along these kitchen supplies, and you will be ready to whip up a meal indoors, outdoors, in nature, or out in the desert. Basic kitchen items you should pack are pans, pots, utensils, spatulas, a cooking board, knives, plates, glasses, silverware, a toaster oven, and a skillet. Of course, they can vary according to your needs and your RV size. If you are looking for more guidance on what basic kitchen essentials to pack, definitely give this list a read.

Save Some Easy-to-Make Recipes

Cooking can be stressful after a busy day of exploring and driving. You might be too exhausted to fix yourself a meal and you may be tight on budget to divulge in fast food frequently. That’s why it is a good idea to search for some easy-to-make recipes that will require little energy and time. You can even prep the ingredients before time and keep them stored for these days, like chopped veggies, marinated meat, etc. Saving or printing recipes beforehand is also a good idea because wifi may not be available everywhere, especially if you are boondocking. Going for meals with basic ingredients that require minimal work will definitely ease your time in the kitchen, rather than dreading it.

Invest in Kitchen Equipment

Having the right kitchen equipment can make RV cooking a breeze. You never know where you might be staying or what facilities will be available to you, so having your own equipment is best. Invest in reliable and portable items that are lightweight and easy to store in your RV. Consider a portable camp stove, grill, instant pot, pie iron, cast iron skillet, induction cooktop, and pressure cookers. Be sure to check out your equipment properly before purchasing to make sure that setting up, packing away, and storage are quick and convenient. You can also check out the cooking amenities at your choice campgrounds to have a better idea of what will be available to you.

Clean As You Go

Whether you are a big rig owner or have a smaller motorhome, space in an RV will always seem limited. That is why it is important to clean up your counter space and cooking area as you go along. Maintaining your kitchen workspace means it will be easier to locate ingredients, find the right utensils, and stay organized to get things done quicker. Keep a trash bag nearby so that your drains don’t get blocked and the scraps don’t fall through the spaces. Cleaning regularly also means your workload will not pile up later. If you are unsure about what cleaning supplies you might need, check out this article for the must-haves!

Store Your Food Properly

Food storage is one of the most important parts of cooking. As RV campers, you can cook good portions once and keep them stored for seconds on lazy days or even store meal-prepped ingredients. Storage is important because you don’t want your food to go bad, nor do you want your RV to start smelling because of open containers. Invest in a good refrigerator that is suitable for your RV space and meets the voltage capacity too. You can also try to use vertical sealed containers to make more space in your fridge, as well as airtight Ziploc bags.

Go For an Outdoor RV Kitchen

Some motorhomes come with built-in kitchens, but you can also build or buy an outdoor RV kitchen. Outdoor RV kitchens allow smaller motorhomes and campers to enjoy their own kitchen on the road without it taking up space inside their RV. Cooking outdoors will also keep your camper free of food smells, condensation, heat, smoke, and moisture. You can enjoy cooking with a view, clean up with space around you, pack it up nicely, and pack it away in your RV. For ideas on outdoor kitchens, give this piece a read.

RV Camping Recipes Inspo

Looking for some easy-to-cook RV camping recipes you can whip up on the go? Here is some inspiration to get those creative (and culinary) juices flowing.


There you are with the best tips to make your RV cooking an easy and enjoyable experience! Cooking for yourself on the road has lots of benefits, like a healthy meal plan, saving money, and not worrying about meals. RV cooking can sound tiresome, but our tips will make your RV kitchen life easy as pie!


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