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Best Ikea Furniture for Your RV

Updated: Apr 21

Looking for some nice, space-friendly RV furniture? Redecorate your place with the best Ikea furniture for your RV below!

Ikea furniture RV

RVs may be smaller than your average house, but that does not mean you can’t set and decorate them. People have generally adopted more minimalistic lifestyles in recent years, with more convenient furniture pieces, smaller spaces, and fewer possessions. This is right up the alley of RVers, who are used to minimalistic motorhomes.

But the question is, where can you find sustainable, contemporary, and innovative furniture that fits in an RV? We have scoured the market for the best options and found the best collection at the Swedish powerhouse Ikea. Check out our list below of the best Ikea furniture for your RV!

Holmsund sectional sofa

The HOLMSUND sectional sofa is firm, comfortable, and easily converted into a spacious bed. You can place it in your lounging area for a relaxing time, and if you have a guest staying over, it is the perfect backup for an extra bed. There is storage space under the sectional seats where you can store pillows, blankets, bedding, and your favorite reads too! Another great feature is that you can adjust the back support and seat depth to your liking. The chaise section is also removable, so you can shift it to the left or right as you see fit.

Price: $1,199

Whether you are a party of two or that of ten, the EKEDALEN extendable table will serve you well. It is constructed sturdily with a solid wood underframe, and the smart design allows for a seamless table design whether you extend it or not. The table extension is smooth and convenient, and RVers can easily extend it before their party increases. Each table style is unique, with natural color shifts and grain patterns to compliment the wood. The EKEDALEN extendable table is stable, durable, secure, and stylish, matched for smaller parties or bigger families.

Price: $299

Trones shoe and storage cabinet

RVs are all about utilizing your space wisely, and this storage cabinet does just that. It is small, practical, and will easily fit in any RV corner or corridor. The stacks are adjustable, so you can add or remove them to fit your needs. The shallow cabinets take up little space but can fit your shoes, scarves, gloves, and other outdoor gear well. You can also use the recessed area at the top to place your keys, wallets, loose items, or chargers. The doors of the cabinet are easy to remove when you are in the mood to clean. The TRONES cabinet is an innovative, practical, and contemporary solution to RV storage issues.

Price: $39.99/2 pack

Kyrre Stool

Have some friends joining you for an RV trip? Hosting a tailgating party? The KYRRE stool is the ideal solution for hosting more guests! The round-surface three-legged stool is sturdy, with no wobble situations or uneven footing. The stools also stack together, so you can pile them neatly in a corner until the occasion calls for it. The best part is that even if the stools aren’t being used as seats, you can use them as surfaces to place a glass or even vases for added decoration of your space.

Price: $24.99

Tussoy Mattress Topper

RV mattresses can generally be far from comfortable. However, Ikea’s TUSSOY mattress topper is here to change your sleep game! It is made up of memory foam that molds to your body, allowing you to relax more fully with a softer sleep surface. The top side of the mattress is lined with stretch fabric on top, so it moves with you to maximize comfort. That’s not all - the mattress topper is roll-packed nice and tight, so it is easy to bring home to your RV. Since it is easily removable, you can throw it in the laundry every once in a while to keep your bedding neat and clean too!

Price: $189

Applaro reclining chair

RV traveling often takes you to spectacular places with breathtaking views. And what good is the view if you can’t take a moment to sit outside your RV and enjoy it without a care in the world? Allow the APPLARO reclining chairs to help you do just that! This Ikea furniture item is easy to fold in and put away in your small motorhome, but that does not take away from its features. The chair’s back can recline to five different positions depending on whether you want to eat, lounge, read, or do all of the above. It is durably made from natural wood, yet the rustic look adds a beautiful feel to outdoor coffee time with friends. The layers of semi-transparent wood stain will ensure that it stays just so!

Price: $75

Who says the RV life isn’t feasible for children? If you search well enough (or just follow our blogs), you will find that there is plenty to accommodate the needs and comfort of children. Ikea’s SNIGLAR bed does just that. It is a durable piece of furniture made with solid wood and with smart construction. The bed base is slatted, making it good for air circulation, and the guard rails are just what every parent would want for their children to be secure at night. The bed is small-sized and will fit well in any RV corner.

Price: $89


The space in RVs may be limited, but with the right piece of furniture, any corner or space can be utilized well and smartly. Ikea provides furniture with just the right balance of size, functionality, style, and price that an RVer could want! Fill up your space with the furniture of your dreams - because your RV deserves so!



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