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Best RV Security Systems and Why You Need One

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Protect your RV from theft, vandalism, and break-ins by installing an RV security system. Here is a list of the best RV security systems in the market.

best RV security systems

RVs, or recreational vehicles, have become an increasingly popular way to travel and explore the outdoors. Whether you're embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply taking a weekend camping excursion, RVs offer a convenient and comfortable way to experience the great outdoors. However, with this increase in popularity comes an increase in security concerns. RVs can be vulnerable to theft, break-ins, and other security concerns. That is why it's important to protect your RV and its contents with a reliable security system.

If you are confused about the top RV security systems, don’t break a sweat because we have you covered. Read on to find out about some of the top security systems available for RVs. From GPS trackers to smart locks, we'll explore the various options available to help you make an informed decision on the best security system for your RV.

What is an RV Security System and Why Do You Need One

An RV security system is a security system designed to protect RVs from burglary, theft, and other security threats. These systems typically include a combination of sensors, alarms, and other security features that can detect and respond to unauthorized access or other security breaches. RV security systems typically include features like door and window sensors, alarms, GPS tracking, video surveillance, RV security locks and others.

RV Fire Safety

A security system for RV campers is important for many reasons. RVs are expensive and valuable investments. You want to make sure that no one vandalizes or attempts to steal your motorhome. Since RVs are often also used for long trips, they can be packed with personal belongings such as electronics, jewelry, and other valuables. An RV security system can help protect your belongings, deter crime, and prevent theft by sounding an alarm or notifying the owner if there is unauthorized access or movement about the RV. All in all, an RV security system that features RV entrance door lock, and digital RV locks for windows and skylights can provide peace of mind to the owners by alerting them to any potential security breaches.

Types of RV Security Systems

There are several types of RV security systems available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some common types of RV security systems you can consider:

GPS tracking systems

RV security systems with GPS use GPS technology to track the location of the RV in real time, allowing the owner to monitor the RV's location and movement. These tracking systems typically include a GPS receiver that is installed in the RV and a tracking device that transmits location data to a monitoring center or the owner's smartphone. Some systems also include features such as geofencing, which allows the owner to set virtual boundaries around the RV and receive alerts if the RV moves outside of those boundaries.

Alarm systems

RV security alarm systems include sensors and alarms that sound when unauthorized access or movement of the RV is detected. These systems typically include door and window sensors, motion sensors, and alarms that can be triggered if the RV is tampered with or moved without authorization. RV burglar alarm security systems can be installed as a standalone system or integrated with other types of security systems, such as GPS tracking or camera systems. They can also be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of the RV owner.

Camera systems

RV camera security systems have surveillance cameras that can record video footage of any security incidents that occur in or around the RV. These systems typically include one or more cameras that can be installed on the exterior or interior of the RV, which is called an RV multi-camera security system. Some high-security RV door locks come with integrated camera systems. The RV camera security system will also have a recording device or cloud storage service that stores the recorded footage. Other than that, some camera systems include features for an RV remote security system that allow the owners to view live footage of the RV from their smartphone or other devices.

Door lock systems

This type of RV security system has electronic door locks that can be remotely controlled, allowing the owner to lock and unlock the RV from a distance. The RV code lock systems typically include a control unit that is installed inside the RV, along with one or more electronic locks that are installed on the doors. Some locks for RV doors include keyless entry options, such as keypads or fingerprint scanning, which can eliminate the need for physical keys. For example, the Keyless RV Door Locks are designed with your safety and convenience in mind.

Our keyless locks for RV are made of 100% metal but are still lightweight and compact. The keypad locks for RV are waterproof and feature backlit, easy-to-press buttons, with the option of Silence Beeping. In addition to two key fobs, RV locks also come with mechanical keys that are unique to each lock for added security. If you're looking for an RV lock replacement, look no further.

Propane and smoke detectors

This system is more for personal safety in your RV than to deter crime. Propane and smoke detectors are essential safety features that should be installed in your motorhome. Propane detectors are designed to detect the presence of propane gas in the RV and sound an alarm if the gas levels reach a dangerous level. Smoke detectors, on the other hand, are designed to detect the presence of smoke or fire in the RV and sound an alarm to alert occupants to the danger.

Wi-Fi and cellular monitoring systems

This is a type of security system that uses both WiFi and cellular networks to monitor the RV's security systems remotely. These systems typically include sensors that detect motion, door and window movements, and other security breaches, as well as cameras that record video footage of any incidents that occur in or around the vehicle. One of the best things about f the RV cell phone security system is the ability to monitor the RV's security systems remotely, even when the RV owner is not on site.

RV entry door locks

Factors to Consider When Buying an RV Security System

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best RV security system for your motorhome. Your security needs, traveling habits, and budget are most important. Here is a more elaborate guide to take into account when buying an RV security system.


The coverage of an RV security system refers to the areas that the system is designed to monitor and protect. That is why when choosing a security system, consider the size of your RV and the areas you want to cover with the security system. Some security systems may be more suitable for larger RVs or provide more extensive coverage than others. For smaller RVs you may only need an RV door handle lock.


The user-friendliness of an RV security system is an important consideration when choosing a system, as it can affect how easily you can operate and manage the system. A user-friendly system can make it easier to monitor and control the security of your RV, while a difficult-to-use system can lead to errors, frustration, and even possible security mishap. The user-friendliness of a security system would depend on its interface, phone app, and easy-to-understand alerts and notifications. It also covers the mechanical aspects of using the system for example, how does an RV door lock work, how to remove RV door lock, and how easy is the RV lock keypad replacement.


Try to look for security systems that offer reliable connectivity. These could include WiFi, cellular, or satellite connections to ensure that you can stay connected to your security system and receive real-time alerts and notifications. However, connectivity can depend on where you are traveling to, so if you frequently like camping in areas with no connectivity, it is better to install and rely on RV security systems without WiFi.


It's important to find a balance between cost and features when choosing an RV security system. Consider what features you need in a security system, such as motion detection, door and window sensors, and video monitoring. Then, compare the costs of different systems that offer those features and choose the one that fits your budget. If you spend too much money on a security system that doesn't meet your needs, you may end up feeling like you wasted your money.

Ease of installation

This can affect the overall user experience and the level of protection you receive. A security system that is difficult to install may take a long time to set up, requiring professional installation or special tools. This can be inconvenient and add to the total cost of the system. A security system that is easy to install can provide flexibility and save time and money while providing a greater level of control and customization. RV door lock assembly takes minutes.

Customer support

Security systems are complex products that require some level of technical knowledge or troubleshooting in case of any issues or errors. Good customer support ensures that you have access to expert help when you need it, such as troubleshooting guides, live chat, email or phone support, or even on-site technical assistance. Customer support also helps in getting the most out of your RV security system, whether that is during set-up, customization, best practices, or maintenance.

Best RV Security Systems

With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right security system for your RV. After thorough market research of RV security system reviews, we have rounded up the best security systems for your RV. Check them out below!

Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo Pro 4 is a versatile and effective RV security system that provides advanced features and reliable protection. It is an RV broadband security system that includes a wireless security camera that can be easily installed and accessed remotely through a mobile app. It also features a 160-degree viewing angle, 2K HDR video quality, and night vision capabilities, providing clear and detailed footage of the RV's surroundings.


  • Easy to install with no complicated wiring

  • Portable cameras that can be easily moved around

  • High-quality video with detailed footage

  • Smart notifications with AI-powered image recognition technology


  • Limited coverage with few cameras that may not provide coverage for a bigger RV

  • Battery life will vary with use

  • Premium costs

  • Limited wireless range

REOLINK RV Security Systems

The REOLINK Solar WiFi Camera Security Outdoor RV is a popular choice for RV owners who want an easy-to-install and reliable security camera system for their vehicles. It is an RV eye WiFi security camera system with motion detection, high camera quality at 1080p, HD night vision, and two-way talk technology. It’s also built to withstand harsh weather conditions, so if you like traveling in stormy or snowy conditions, this outdoor RV security camera system will definitely have your back!


  • High-quality video with resolutions of up to 5MP

  • Night vision cameras with infrared night vision capabilities

  • Motion detection sensors in cameras that can trigger automatic recordings

  • Weather-resistant

  • Remote-viewing


  • High initial costs

  • Limited system storage

  • Requires a WiFi connection to operate

  • Limited field of view

Canary Pro Security Camera

The Canary Pro Indoor Home Security Camera is a popular choice for home security due to its advanced features and ease of use. The camera captures high-quality 1080p HD video, providing clear and detailed footage of your home, a 147-degree wide-angle lens, which allows you to see more of your home in a single view. The Canary Pro also monitors your home for temperature, humidity, and air quality, providing you with insights into your home's overall health. If you’re wondering if you can get a home security system for an RV, the features of the Canary Pro truly make it one of the best RV security systems.


  • High-quality video that captures high-quality 1080p HD video

  • Motion detection cameras

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Two-way audio with a built-in speaker and microphone


  • Monthly subscription

  • Limited coverage

  • Needs WiFi

  • No local storage

Wsdcam Door Alarm

The Wsdcam Door Alarm is a great option for RVs because of several reasons. It can be used on any door or window, which makes it a versatile option for RVs. It also has a loud alarm that can reach up to 110 dB, which is more than enough to alert you and nearby individuals of an intrusion. This is especially useful in an RV where the noise level can be lower than in a typical home. Here’s a recap of the Wsdcam alarm as a security system for RV trailers.


  • Easy to install and requires no complex tools

  • Loud alarm

  • Versatile and can be used on any door or window

  • Wireless system that doesn’t require electrical outlets

  • Affordable security solution


  • Battery life may be shorter than expected

  • Limited coverage

  • False alarms

  • No smartphone connectivity

XVIM Security Camera System

This security system for RV can be a good option for RV owners who are willing to invest in a higher-end security system and to navigate the challenges associated with wiring and power requirements. The system's high-definition video quality, remote access capabilities, and motion detection features can be particularly useful for RV owners who want to monitor their RV when they are away from it. We’ve covered its positives and negatives below for you.


  • Night vision capabilities

  • Easy installation

  • Remote access

  • High-definition video quality


  • High cost of purchase

  • Space-consuming set up

  • Cameras require a power source

  • Systems require installation of wires

SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe is a DIY security system for RV trailers that is designed to be easy to install and operate. It uses sensors and detectors to monitor for intruders, fires, and other potential threats, and it can be controlled using a smartphone app. The system's wireless and portable design makes it particularly well-suited for use in RVs, and its 24/7 professional monitoring services can provide peace of mind for RV owners who are concerned about the safety of their vehicles.


  • Customizable options for sensors and accessories

  • Portable security system for RVs

  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface

  • Wireless system


  • Relatively higher cost

  • Limited range of cameras

  • No outdoor cameras offered

  • Requires internet access

Eufy RV Security System

Eufy offers a range of security systems that can be used in RVs, and they are generally well-regarded for their ease of use and reliability. Eufy's security systems are wireless, which means they are easy to install and maintain in an RV. There is no need to drill holes or run wiring through the vehicle, making the installation process quick and hassle-free. Eufy features high-quality cameras that provide clear and detailed images of the exterior of the RV. Here is a better recap:


  • User-friendly interface and app

  • Customizable sensors and accessories

  • Wireless design with no extra installation

  • High-quality cameras and motion detection images


  • Cost can be high, depending on your customized accessories

  • Limited range

  • Requires stable internet connection


That’s all from us! There are a variety of security systems available for RV owners looking to protect their vehicles and belongings while on the road. Each system has its own set of features and drawbacks, and it's important for you to consider their specific needs and preferences when selecting a security system. Safe RVing!

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I've seen the Ring security system used in several RVing videos, yet your review does not mention this option; I find that odd. What criteria did you use when you "rounded up the best security systems" for RVs?


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