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7 RV Travel Destinations & RV Parks For Fall

Pumpkin Spice season is among us and that means fall is just around the corner. Fall is the perfect time to plan a fun-filled RV trip. Between the crisp autumn weather, stunning scenery that comes to life, and an abundance of fun outdoor activities, there is certainly no shortage of ways to spend your time. In fact, there are so many options, you may have trouble deciding what to do! Here are some places to visit and tips for RVing in the fall time.

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RV Tips For Fall

1. Reduced Fee Campsites: One great advantage to Fall camping is that campsites typically lower their camping fees during the Fall.

2. Watch the weather: Fall weather can fluctuate quickly, so always check the forecasts ahead of time specific to the parks or campgrounds you plan to visit. Remember in the Fall warm weather can quickly turn. Depending on where you’re going, you should always be prepared for the chance of snow, rain, or other severe weather during your camping trip.

4. Pack a cold-weather sleeping bag or blanket: Night temperatures will be drastically different than Summer camping nights. And nothing ruins a camping trip faster than a cold, miserable night of not sleeping because you were freezing!

6. Pack a variety of clothes: Choosing the right clothes will make your Fall camping much more enjoyable. You will want to bring a mixture of clothes because the Fall weather can change in an instant.

1) Portland, Oregon

The rangers, biologists and leaf geeks around the state start looking in early September. Fall color peaks throughout much of the state in mid- to late October. Colors pop in Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley in mid-October, followed by Southern Oregon and the Mt. Hood/Columbia River Gorge area in late October.

2) Yosemite National Park, California

When you go to Yosemite National Park in the fall, you're likely to have mild weather, making autumn one of the nicest times to visit. Cooler temperatures make hiking and rock-climbing more comfortable than in mid-summer, and bikers will not only find it cooler, but there's less traffic on the roads

3) Aspen, Colorado

Fall is unforgettable in aspen. Days can be warm and deceptively summer-like, followed by a sudden dusting of snow overnight. The abrupt temperature changes can set off a tidal wave of color among the aspen trees, willows and tundra plants, creating one of the most colorful displays of autumn in North America. Favorite fall activities range from mountain biking through the trees, hiking into the Maroon Bells Snow-mass Wilderness, visiting historic sites (which take on a mystical mood in the silence of autumn), or just cruising around town. Unlike many mountain towns in the "off season," Aspen continues to thrive with several restaurants, shops and attractions staying open through October.

4) Glacier National Park, Montana

Fall is a wonderful time to visit the park to see a variety of foliage change their colors dramatically. On the west side of the park, the trees begin changing color mid-September. On the east side, fall colors appear toward the end of September and beginning of October. The last color change is when the larch trees turn a brilliant gold color in mid-October. These trees are mainly on the west side of the park, but the southern boundary of the park is also a great place to view larch trees from along the road on Highway 2.

5) Carson National Forest, New Mexico

The leaves start changing color in September and reach their peak by mid-October. Of course, the fall colors in New Mexico will continue into November, and the lower elevations won't peak until later this month. The best place to see fall colors in New Mexico is in The Carson National Forest. This breathtaking place is home to the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway. This 80-mile loop takes you to Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico. From here, a sea of vibrant colors will greet you.

6) New England Region

New England is a northeastern region of the United States comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It's known for its Colonial past, Atlantic coastline, changing autumn foliage and forested mountains. Peak foliage, when the leaves are at their best and brightest of the season, typically hits in October. The foliage develops from north to south, with northern spots like Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire generally experiencing “peak” before Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

7) Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina

The fall is a fantastic time to be outdoors among the Smokies as the weather conditions are delightful! The heat of the summer starts to drop off in late September, which has an average monthly high of 74 degrees. October has an average monthly high of 65 degrees, and by November it is downright cool with an average monthly high of just 55 degrees. This is the perfect time to explore the hiking trails of the Great Smokey Mountains, breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures without even breaking a sweat!



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