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Top 10 Circuit Breakers for RVs

Save your electrical devices by installing the right circuit breaker for your RV. Here are the top 10 circuit breakers you can use in your RV.

Circuit breakers for RV

The electrical system of an RV is a delicate network. A little current overflow or faulty circuit can trip the system or in worse cases, cause a fire. That is especially dangerous in RVs considering how compact the entire set-up is.

This is where circuit breakers come in. Circuit breakers are devices that regulate the flow of faulty or high currents. It opens and closes the circuit to maintain the current flow and protect the electrical system from damage. There are several benefits of having a circuit breaker in your RV too. Not only are they cost-beneficial, they are also responsive to current faults, reliable, and convenient. Read on to find out the top 10 circuit breakers for RVs in the market today!

What kind and size of circuit breaker do I need for my RV?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a circuit breaker for your RV. To start with, know what capacity circuit breaker you should get. It can be high voltage, medium voltage, or low voltage. High voltage applies to power lines that regularly use more than 72,000 volts, medium voltage use 72,000 volts, and low voltage is for household appliances ranging up to 1000 amps. To see what amp your circuit breaker should be, be sure to check the wire gauge. Here is some information on voltage to review:

  • 8 guage = 40 amp

  • 10 gauge = 30 amp

  • 12 gauge = 20 amp

  • 14 gauge = 15 amp

Top 10 Circuit Breakers for RVs

Ampper DC 12V - 24V Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker with Cover Stud Bolt (30A, 2Pcs)

The Ampper circuit breaker is a great choice to prevent fuse burn-outs. Its thermal automatic reset feature and power protecting characteristic is useful for circuits that overload frequently. It comes with stud bolt terminals, heavy-duty plastic rustproof housing, and a red cover to avoid corrosion. You can choose your voltage comfortably as well because this model comes with several current ratings.

Price: $13

Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breakers

This circuit breaker is a trip-free design and also features an accessible reset lever. This comes in handy when you are using high amperage electronic devices and your system gets overloaded. Blue Sea breakers can also be used as great shutoff devices in RVs, as it can trip early to avert the breach of an amp rating. This works well in preserving your RV’s appliances and devices in the long-term.

Price: $41

T Tocas Circuit Breaker

The T Tocas breaker is a compact and lightweight model, and also carries a camper’s considerable load well. It has a protective stud insulator, manual reset switch and ignition protection design. Its UL 94-rated thermoplastic structure also meets the Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials. The breaker can also run a trolling motor well with no overload damages. However, its one downside is that its waterproofing is inconsistent.

Price: $16

Stetion Circuit Breaker

If you are looking for an auxiliary and accessory circuit breaker for your RV, the Stetion circuit breaker is for you. Its wire lugs and copper washers improve conductivity, especially when your RV is in motion. The breakers are strong and don’t break down easily, making them good on/off switches for a battery upgrade. To preserve your motorhome’s appliances, the Stetion breaker trips below its rated voltage. Its feature of preventing excessive power surges makes it ideal for RVs.

Price: $37.80

Fastronix Type 1 Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker

The Fastronix breaker is the end to all your blown fuse worries. With its thermal automatic reset feature and plastic rustproof housing, the breaker is durable and effective. It is covered in a flexible red vinyl cover that reduces electrical shorts and prevents corrosion. It can also be mounted in any orientation in your RV.

Price: $16

Connecticut Electric UBIP120 Circuit Breaker

Looking for circuit breakers for your home appliances? Check out the Connecticut Electric breaker! It has a maximum capacity of 2200 watts and has a high AIC rating of 10,000. A higher AIC rating is an indicator of a strong interruption against damaging currents and a longer lifespan of your devices. It can be used well for air conditioners, kitchen circuits, heaters, dishwashers and refrigerators. It is safe to use and makes for an ideal replacement for Pushmatic breakers.

Price: $28.40

Siemens Q2100 Circuit Breaker

For all those RV campers whose automobiles face electrical surges and overcurrents, invest in the Siemens circuit breaker. This model works against current fluctuations better than other electrical breaker brands by nuetralizing electrical imbalances and protecting appliances. It is also easy to install with an insta-wire feature. Another great feature is the busbars’ consistent electric power distribution regardless of which load center you use it on, whether it is the Siemens PL series or ES.

Price: $55

Murray MP115 Circuit Breaker

The Murray breaker is a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker. It is great for overloading and short circuiting outlets, providing effective protection against severe electric shocks. This reduces chances of electrical fires and damage to appliances too. Not only are the Murray breakers economical in price, but also come with durable breakers and load centers. Add to these features a quick and easy installation process, and you have a great device for your RV!

Price: $18

Xenjum 300 Amp Circuit Breaker Kit

The Xenjum model is made to protect high-current electrical equipment. It is made of premium phenolic plastic housing, stainless steel studs, and a protective stud insulator. It has advanced safety features, with the amp breaker having good resistance to the cold, heat, dust, and splash. The manual reset system is easy to operate, consists of a manual control reset button, and can be used as an on or off switch for the battery.

Price: $19

ZOOKOTO Circuit Breaker

The ZOOKOTO breaker comes with two screws and wide flanges for an easy installation. Its 10-32 stud terminals can be used for both 12 and 24 volt systems. For RV campers with bigger RVs, this breaker is widely used in heavy duty applications and off-loading vehicles. The manual reset breaker is high quality too, and comes with its own cover.

Price: $11


Circuit breakers are an important device to regulate and maintain the electrical system of your RV. Whether your RV has faulty circuits, power surges, or blowing fuses, a circuit breaker is your solution. Consider the requirements of your RV and choose from our list ASAP because safety comes first!


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