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Camping with Infants: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Nervous about going RV camping with your baby? Don’t sweat - our best tips and tricks will make camping a memorable experience for you and your baby!

Camping with Infants

The RV lifestyle is exciting, and it is natural for RVers to want to share it with their children. However, the idea of RV camping with infants can be as daunting as exciting for the parents. Infants are young, sensitive, and have lots of things they need. Everything would need a little adjusting, from their medical needs to the physical environment and your RV’s setup.

But that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are prepared! We’ve covered everything from snacks to trip itineraries below. Follow our top 10 tips and tricks and make RV camping with infants a breeze for you and them!

1. Choose the Right Sleeping Arrangements

Choose the right sleeping arrangement

Sleeping is not much of an issue when you are alone or with a partner - you both can pitch a tent or enjoy your RV mattress. But with a baby, you need to consider proper sleeping arrangements. A Pack ‘n Play bassinet is an excellent option for infants. It is portable, lightweight, and easy to bring outdoors if you want to keep an eye on your baby. Another good idea would be to give dry camping a run, where you can try camping in your backyard for a night to see how your baby would fare.

2. Make Sure Your Campsite is Clean

Make sure your campsite is clean

Babies are quick to put anything and everything in their mouths. That is why it is crucial that you are careful about your camping surroundings. Before you park, look around the campsite to ensure there aren’t any water bodies close by. Once you are parked, have a look at the campsite to check if there are any sharp objects, rocks, dirty litter, or debris that your infant could come into contact with. Of course, cleaning everything or finding the perfect space might not be possible, but it is just about doing what you can!

3. Plan a Short Trip

Plan a short trip

You might love longer trips on the road, but it is better to take baby steps when you have grown as a family. Try to plan a weekend trip to a location close by and see how your infant reacts to the trip. Keep an eye on their sleep schedule, what is disturbing them during the drive, if their eating habits have changed, and if they are experiencing any allergies. If the trip isn’t working out, you can always head back home!

4. Pack Plenty of Diapers

 Pack Plenty of Diapers

Having a sufficient supply of diapers ensures that you will stay supplied when you need them, especially if you're traveling to an area where it may be challenging to find the specific brand or type of diapers that your baby uses. Remember, if you run out of diapers while traveling, you may end up paying more for diapers at a local convenience store or travel center, which can add unexpected expenses to your trip.

5. Prepare a First Aid Kit

Prepare a First Aid Kit

Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, and having a first aid kit readily available can help ensure that you have the necessary supplies to handle any emergencies that may arise while traveling with your baby. You can find a list of things to pack in your first aid kit here, but a kit for infants might need a few extra items. These include infant ibuprofen, a digital thermometer, saline nose drops, a nasal aspirator, sunscreen, lip balm, a diaper cream, and tweezers.

6. Bring Along Your Baby’s Favorite Toys

Bring Along Your Baby’s Favorite Toys

Bringing familiar toys can help your baby feel more comfortable in a new environment and provide a sense of security and familiarity while camping. RV drives can be long, and babies can get restless easily. Bringing along toys is a great way to help stimulate your baby's mind and provide entertainment, especially during downtime or when they are cooped up in a tent or RV.

7. Pack Enough Snacks

Pack Enough Snacks

Babies can get hungry at any time, especially during long RV rides or outdoor activities, and having snacks on hand can provide quick and convenient relief. Remember to pack your infant’s favorite eatables to provide a burst of energy and help sustain their mood and energy levels throughout the day. Traveling also means you might not always find the cleanest or most nutritious food on the food, so packing healthy snacks in advance is always a good idea when you’ve got your own RV kitchen!

8. Pick a Campground That’s Fun

Pick a Campground That’s Fun

It is easy to find campgrounds with fun activities for adults, but children need some entertainment too! You and your partner might enjoy the big activities, but your infant needs to expend energy as well. That is why your choice of campground is important. Try to find an RV campground with a swimming pool, sand pit, playground, or educational workshops. If nothing else, a baby center or playpen would work to give the parents a nice break!

9. Get a Baby Carrier

Get a Baby Carrier

Bringing along a baby while RV camping doesn’t mean your activities need to stop! A baby carrier allows hands-free mobility and close physical contact with you. Your baby will feel safe and secure while taking in the views with you during a long hike. A baby carrier also means that your hands will be free to climb or carry a hiking stick if you want.

9. Make Sleep Easy for the Baby

Make Sleep Easy for the Baby

A baby’s sleep is usually the first thing to take a hit during travel. That’s why you should try your best to make them as comfortable as possible. Bring along a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or pacifier to provide comfort and familiarity for the baby. If the baby is used to white noise during sleep, bring along your machine or download an app to create a calming and consistent background sound for the baby to fall asleep to. You can also try covering your RV windows to create a dark environment.


RV camping is an incredible experience, and most campers want to share their love for it with their children. If you are hesitant to take your infant camping with you, don’t worry! These tips and tricks will make camping easier for you and your baby. Just stay calm, prepare your RV for a new resident, and enjoy!



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