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How Travel With A Dog In An RV

Part 2 of the RV pets saga. We now know how to travel with our cat, but now it is time for our dogs. Check out our RV Cats in our past blog HERE. It is so nice to be able to bring our furry pals along on our trips whether that is seasonal or full time. If your dog is new to the RV scene you may want to follow the following tips so woof and humans can coexist on the road. Every dogs needs will be different, depending on personality, medical needs, and ability to adapt. This is how you can make them feel more comfortable in your RV.

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The Beginning

First things first, introducing your dog to your RV. Whether your dog is easy and outgoing or timid to change allowing them to see, smell, and experience your RV prior to taking to the road will make the transition from standing home to moving home easier. Start a routine weeks prior to leaving that includes initially introducing RV with positive reinforcement. Brining toys, beds, and familiar items into RV to show this is a safe place. Sleep and have dog slowly eat meals to get familiar to a new routine. Take them out on joy rides to see how they do while driving and reinforce with treats/praise. Some dogs will take awhile and may even be afraid, do not get discouraged, just keep trying. Think of it as you starting a new job and the unfamiliarities that come with it. It takes time, experience, and being forced out of your element to get use to new things.

Commuting & The Decision

If your dog loves car rides and just being with you, you are one step closer to taking to the road with your furry pal. If you come to the conclusion that this is not a good time or fit, finding alternatives such as a sitter, family member, or friend to stay with your dog.

If you find that your pet gets motion sickness in the car, contact your vet prior to leaving to getting something to alleviate the motion sickness.

Medical/Emergency Needs

While on the road, just like people we may need to access a doctor or ned medication and this can be hard while on the road. Be sure that if your dog is on any medication that you contact your local vet to let them know you will be away for an extended time to have medication refilled or if you can have a bigger supply. is a great place to order prescriptions and can be sent to any address you are staying at.

Dog Friendly Environment

Setting up a dog friendly space in your RV allows your dog to feel welcome and comfortable in the environment.

  1. Set up place for your dog to food/water bowl

  2. Set up a place where your dog will sleep

  3. Set up area for your dogs toys

  4. Set up area for when you will not be in RV with your dog (optional if you crate or close dog in specific area)

  5. Dog ramp for getting in and out of RV

Outdoor Activities

An RV can be a small space so providing time outside to play, get out energy, mental stimulation, and exercise. Take your doggo out to pet friendly, parks, hikes, and outings. There are lots of pet friendly activities. A side note when camping, be sure to call ahead that where you are staying is dog friendly.

Supplies Needed

  • Dog food

  • Food & Water Bowl

  • Waste Clean Up Bags

  • Medicine

  • Flea/tick prevention

  • Treats

  • Toys

  • Bed

  • Ramp

  • Collar, Leash,Harness

  • Name Tag

  • Shoes for hiking (optional)

Non Friendly Dog Activities

RVs tend to have enough space for your dog to wander, and most dogs should be fine with being left behind for a little while. When you think about it, most dog owners leave their dog alone at home whenever they are working or running errands. Draw the blinds and play some soothing music to block out extra light and sound. This will encourage your dog to spend more time snoozing and less time barking while you are away.

If you are truly uncomfortable with leaving your dog alone for a few hours, try to plan only dog-friendly activities. If this is not possible, seek out a local pet-sitter or dog-walker to spend time with your dog while you are away.


As long as you and your dog are happy and safe that is what matters. Create a proper environment to keep your dog happy and of course give lots of love!

Safe travels to you and all your fur babies!


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Jordyn Zimmerman
Jordyn Zimmerman

I'd love a recommendation for a temperature monitor for when we leave our dogs alone in the trailer! Do you have any that you like?


Hey there! Great question, we do not personally of temperature monitors but we have heard good things from for Temp Stick, which alerts your phone if there is a temperature change in your RV. It is always best to test out your temp monitor before actually using. I will attach a link for temp stock below and also a list of other recommendations. Safe travels to you and you furry friends!


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